Ametrine Spiritual Healing Properties

Ametrine combines the serenity of Amethyst with the enthusiasm of Citrine, creating a unique energy that encourages wise action. It grants us access to spiritual insights that lead to joy. Ametrine is particularly good for anyone exploring Incan shamanism or other forms of South American spirituality. When used in meditation, it guides us to a feeling of being peacefully expansive and clear. Ametrine releases prejudices, particularly those related to race, religion or nationality. It shatters any negative programming that makes us see “others” as “lesser” and instead helps us to truly appreciate people different than ourselves. Ametrine is attuned to the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras and linked to Gemini and Libra. It is connected to the elements of Wind and Fire and vibrates to the number 4.

Ametrine Emotional Healing Properties

Ametrine is a joyful stone as well as a peaceful one. It encourages us to release our worries and to enjoy life more. It asks us to see uncertainty as an adventure, and to be open to the idea that it all will work out, rather than being doomed to failure before it even starts. Ametrine reminds us that we are capable and worthy of living happily ever after. Ametrine lends us its cheerful energy. It enhances a pleasant attitude, making it easier for us to work well with others, as well as to accept and be true to ourselves. If there are parts of us that don’t feel compatible, Ametrine teaches self-integration. Ametrine also champions healthy relationships and good boundaries. Anyone who has ever been asked to choose between two loves will benefit from working closely with Ametrine. It encourages us to say “and” rather than “or” whenever possible and desirable.

Ametrine Mental Healing Properties

Ametrine stimulates incredible creativity and enables us to make extraordinary mental leaps. The sensible energy of Amethyst is combined with the enthusiasm of Citrine, and together they help us to take control of our lives and make better choices. Ametrine also helps us to understand different points of view and to find win-win solutions. It is a fantastic talisman for anyone who wants to improve the world, and needs to be both realistic and inspirational. If we are in a position to take charge, Ametrine gives us the courage and the wisdom to lead well. If we need to be an ally and supporter, Ametrine helps us to know when to speak up or take action, and when to encourage other voices or to bring other people to the table. It is a stone of balance, reminding us that sometimes we need to be active and other times we need to rest, and that both energies are equally important.

Ametrine Physical Healing Properties

Ametrine is recommended if we need to stop struggling against something we can’t change and accept reality. It is also recommended if we have become foolishly resigned about something we have the power to change and need to be shaken out of our inertia. In both cases, Ametrine helps us to see reality clearly and to take swift action for our own inner peace and happiness. Ametrine is a sensible talisman for both age-related problems and stress-related problems. If we have trouble finding the right doctor or treatment plan, Ametrine helps us to be patient yet determined while we navigate the healthcare system. It is a comforting talisman for anyone undergoing an organ transplant who is concerned about the body accepting this lifesaving gift.