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Angelite is a rare blue Andradite found only in Peru.  It is a fragile stone that chips easily and can only be mined by hand.  Like all Andradites, it grows in a dry desert environment and so water will damage it.  Angelite’s sweet energy was first explored at in the late 1980s during a global meditation event for world peace.  Participants gathered at special places around the world, including Manchu Pichu in Peru.  It continues to be a favorite stone for anyone seeking peace, whether on a personal level or on a world level.  It reminds us that there is a big difference between creating real peace and merely “keeping the peace” while allowing problems to go unchecked.  Angelite connects us to our guardian angels and to become the best version of ourselves.


Angelite Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Angelite has an exceptionally high vibration and is one of the best stones for compassion. It sings of peace and helps us to see every person as a dear friend who deserves the very best. Angelite encourages us to be involved in community-building, both accepting newcomers and strengthening existing bonds of affection. It asks us to believe that community and world peace is possible and that each individual has a role to play. Angelite heightens our communication skills and perception levels, both spiritually and in normal conversations. In the spiritual realm, Angelite helps us to sense our guardian angels and to consciously communicate with the angelic realm. It improves all forms of channeling and telepathic communication. It also helps us to better understand astrology, numerology, tarot, and other spiritual tools. Angelite is highly recommended for reiki practitioners and other spiritual healers who seek to be an instrument of peace.

Metaphysical Properties Stone
Chakra Throat, Third Eye and Crown
Element Wind
Numerology 1
Zodiac Aquarius

Emotional Healing Properties

Angelite has a gentle yet strong vibration that brings immense tranquility. It reduces anger and fear and increases our emotional intelligence. It alleviates pain and confusion, especially when caused by acts of cruelty. Angelite helps us to understand why cruel behavior happens and to have compassion for the person acting cruelly. However, Angelite also helps us to understand the affect cruelty has on ourselves and others, and to protect the innocent and hold the right people accountable for their actions. It encourages us to forgive, but not to be blind. Angelite teaches us to cultivate true peace, rather than “keeping the peace” while allowing bad behavior to continue. It is extremely helpful when dealing with narcissists or their enablers. Angelite helps us to accept what can’t be changed, while also making sure that we are setting ourselves up for peace and success. If we have been badly hurt, Angelite helps us to recognize those good people and healing activities that will restore our heart to peace.

Mental Healing Properties

Angelite helps us to communicate in a clear and concise manner. It is particularly good for diplomacy or when working in diverse groups. It helps us to discuss issues calmly and rationally, while also taking into account the emotional needs of each person. It is an exceptionally excellent stone to bring to peace talks and for problem-solving issues in our community. Angelite is also a sweet stone for dream work. It can help us remember and understand the hidden messages in our dreams, as well as to encourage lucid dreaming. Angelite is a wonderful talisman for mathematicians and math students. It helps us to understand symbols and abstract thoughts in a logical and consistent manner.

Physical Healing Properties

Angelite is a very soothing stone when we feel anxious or depressed because of a serious injury or illness. Angelite helps us to communicate about our feelings and to seek comfort in healthy ways. It is especially good for people who tend to emotionally-eat and then struggle with weight-gain as a result. Angelite validates our feelings and validates our need for appropriate comfort. Angelite is recommended after chemotherapy or other major healthcare events, to help us trust in the healing processes meant to restore us to health. It is also recommended when we have lost, temporarily or permanently, sensory perceptions such as sight or hearing and feel understandably scared or demoralized. Angelite is a lovely talisman when we have broken bones or our joints are rigid from arthritis. It encourages us to gently move and to slowly regain a greater range of motion. Angelite asks us to trust in miracles and in modern medicine. Most of all, Angelite asks us to trust in our own ability to adapt and find peace no matter what happens.

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Angelite Mineralogy

Where does Angelite come from?

Angelite is the tradename for a blue Andradite found in Peru.  Blue Andradite is also found in Egypt, Germany, Libya, Mexico, Poland and the UK.

Mining and Treatments

Angelite is a fragile mineral that must be mined by hand.  Most Anhydrite is mined on an industrial scale where it is ground into dust.  It is widely used for fertilizers and as a drying agent in paints.

Angelite is a natural mineral enhanced only through cutting and polishing.  But the blue coloring is only a thin shell, rather than extending throughout the stone.  If Angelite is handled too roughly, the blue will chip away expose the white Anhydrite underneath.

Angelite Placeholder

Mineral Family

Angelite is soft blue Anhydrite, which is a Sulfate mineral. Sulfates are a group of minerals whose crystal structure has four Oxygen atoms forming a square with a Sulfur atom in the center. There are approximately 200 types of Sulfates, with Gypsum and Barite being very common and the rest being quite rare. One of these rare varieties is Anhydrite, which is essentially, Gypsum which has had all of the water leeched out of it. Anhydrite may be colorless, white, pink, blue, violet, brown, red, or grey. The pale blue variety is called Angelite.

Angelite’s energy works well with its family – other Sulfate minerals.  Try it in combination with Barite, Celestine, and Selenite

Angelite Formation and Crystal Associates

Angelite is blue Anhydrite, a type of mineral which is created when Gypsum loses water. Anhydrite is commonly found in evaporate deposits, especially salt deposits, where it forms in coarse crystalline blocks. Individual crystals are rare, and when found are typically tabular. While colorless and brown Anhydrite is fairly common, blue Anhydrite (Angelite) is much more rare.

Angelite’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Celestine and Magnesite.

Angelite & Water

All forms of Anhydrite should be kept out of water.  If left to soak it will absorb the water and transform into Gypsum!

Mineralogy Angelite
Chemical Formula Ca[SO4].
Cleavage Perfect
Color Blue
Crystal System Monoclinic
Form/Habit Prismatic to tabular
Fracture Very brittle
Hardness – Mohs Scale 3.5
Luminescence Yellowish-white (long wave) / Blueish-white (short wave)
Luster Waxy
Mineral Family Sulfates
Specific Gravity 2.9-2.98
Streak White
Transparency Opaque

History of Angelite

Angelite is a relatively “new” healing stone whose healing properties have only recently been explored.  It was first recorded in 1987 and its metaphysical properties were explored later that year during the Harmonic Convergence, the world’s first globally synchronized meditation event. Harmonic Convergence was a earth-centered ceremonial event tied to the Mayan calendar.  The event took place exactly 25 years before the Mayan Calendar ended and was intended to usher in a new era of peace.  Participants meditated in holy places around the world, including Uluru (Australia), Stonehenge (UK), the Pyramid of the Sun (Mexico), Mount Shasta (USA), Stoney Medicine Wheel (Canada), and Machu Pichu (Peru).  The participants s in Peru brought Angelite to Manchu Pichu and used them in the meditation ceremony.  They felt a celestial energy coming from the stone and named it Angelite.

Haromonic Convergence, Angelite

Harmonic Conversion, Medicine Wheel, Stoney Indian Reservation, Canada