Aquamarine Spiritual Healing Properties

Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth and greater awareness. It invites us to value deep and clear thinking in our spiritual life and to take the lessons of the spiritual world and put them into good action here on earth. If we find ourselves casually believing something that we don’t really understand, Aquamarine pushes us to learn more and to stay curious, especially about the deep mysteries. It asks us to keep learning, rather than pretending we already have everything figured out. Aquamarine inspires us to step into our power and to use our knowledge in service of Goodness and Light. Aquamarine reminds us to remain upright in all of our dealings and to always behave honorably. As a communication stone, it can help us to speak our truth calmly and accurately, as well as to clearly understand other people’s positions and beliefs. It is an excellent scrying stone and increases the accuracy of our intuition and clairvoyant gifts. Aquamarine is attuned to the Throat Chakra and linked to the astrological sign of Aries, Gemini, Pisces. It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the number 1.

Aquamarine Emotional Healing Properties

Aquamarine reminds us why we love the people we love, and to be more consciously aware and kind towards them. It brings a lighthearted energy and helps us cultivate a happy and peaceful disposition. Aquamarine encourages moderation and can help judgmental people become more tolerant and compassionate. It can also teach us to own our actions and to take responsibility for the situations we create for ourselves and others. Aquamarine can help us discard old “baggage” and move forward into a better future. It also encourages us to speak diplomatically, so that our own truth gets heard and so we can truly understand other people’s perspective and needs. Aquamarine helps us to navigate through tricky conversations and create win-win solutions.

Aquamarine Mental Healing Properties

Aquamarine encourages a love of learning and an insatiable intellectual curiosity. It assists us in rapidly digesting information and in finding the words to explain our understanding to others. When we are faced with complexity, Aquamarine helps us to calmly study the situation so that we can see the big picture, notice the little details and discover how it all interconnects. Aquamarine unites logic with intuition so that we can use all parts of our brain to better understand the world. Aquamarine encourages us to always be prepared so that we can confidently face whatever comes our way. It clears up confusion and encourages us to be more organized, both in thought and in practice. It helps us to stay focused, be honest, and remain persistent in the face of difficulties. It is a fantastic talisman for students and researchers.

Aquamarine Physical Healing Properties

Aquamarine is recommended when we are dealing with complex physical issues that require deep thinking. It reminds us to stay calm and not allow fear to jump to conclusions or to dictate our course of action. Aquamarine encourages us to talk to experts and to carefully consider our options. It helps us to be open to new ideas and treatments and to stay patient while we figure things out. It is an excellent talisman when we are dealing with issues affecting the pituitary or thyroid glands, as well as the eyes and throat in general. Aquamarine is also a good talisman for anyone suffering from autoimmune diseases, especially if triggered in part by stress.