Blue Apatite Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue Apatite is a merry stone that promotes a generous love of people and a desire to be of service to others. It is a stone for happy inspiration and manifestation, and gives us both strength and hope to pursue our dreams, even when times are difficult and the path forward seems daunting. Blue Apatite helps us to laugh more and dispel the darkness. Blue Apatite can also help us to develop our natural psychic gifts including clairvoyance, clairaudiance, and clairsentience, and to communicate with other realms including the Fairy Kingdom and extraterrestrials. Blue Apatite can also be used to help us become more aware of past lives and their effects on us today. Blue Apatite actively encourages us to break any karmic ties that hold us back from living happily in this lifetime. Blue Apatite is attuned to the Third Eye Chakra and links to the astrological sign of Gemini. It is connected to the Elements of Wind, and vibrates to the number 9.

Blue Apatite Emotional Healing Properties

Blue Apatite is one of the best stones to carry to encourage a love of life, easy friendships, and extroverted behavior. It gives us merry permission to pursue our passions in all forms, and to ignore any socially proscribed guilt for doing so. It is especially good for busy parents who might feel like they don’t deserve to have outside hobbies or interests. Blue Apatite reminds us that a happy parent is a better parent, and that having our own life is good modeling for our children’s future. It is also an excellent stone for workaholics who struggle to relax and enjoy leisure time. Blue Apatite gently teases us until we stop taking ourselves so seriously and start enjoying life more. If we are feeling apathetic or irritable, due to depression or overwork, Blue Apatite helps us to shift the balance. In pushes us to do fun things and socialize, even if we don’t want to, because having a habit of pleasurable activities is obviously good for us! Blue Apatite encourages us to live outside of the box, to try new things and to be open to variety and spontaneity. It invites us to be more adventurous in our relationships, both romantic and friendly.

Blue Apatite Mental Healing Properties

Blue Apatite helps us to concentrate on happy thoughts and not to dwell on past hardships. It stimulates creativity and the intellect, helping us to find and understand Truth in all its forms. Blue Apatite makes a wonderful dream stone, encouraging lucid dreaming and dream recall. It also aids in group communication and assists us in accurate self-expression. Blue Apatite is particularly supportive for anyone who is involved in social work, charity work, or has dedicated their life to public service. Blue Apatite instills in us a hope for a better future and a willingness to work hard and be part of the solution, rather than complaining about the problems. Blue Apatite clears away mental confusion so we can focus on whatever is most important. It encourages us to seek out people different than ourselves – good people who can help us grow and become more interesting in our own right.

Blue Apatite Physical Healing Properties

Blue Apatite is recommended whenever we need to examine and change our physical habits. It is especially useful for anyone contemplating a diet in order to lose weight. Blue Apatite reminds us that we don’t need to obsessively track every little thing, but we do need to think about our choices in general and whether or not they support our goals. If the goal is to lose weight and keep it off, then we need to make reasonable lifestyle changes, rather than following a diet for a little while and then returning to our old habits. Blue Apatite helps us to compassionately examine the emotional reasoning that leads to self-sabotage and supports us in creating a happier future. Blue Apatite is also a great talisman for anything to do with the skeletal system or cartilage. It encourages us to improve our posture and to take good care of our joints. It is also a excellent talisman for anyone who works on a computer all day and needs a reminder to give our eyes a break from staring at screens and to get up and move around regularly.