Blue Calcite Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue Calcite brings a calm confidence and integrity to our spiritual life.  It helps us to articulate our beliefs to ourselves and others and to engage in behaviors that supports our faith.  It is particularly good for spiritual practices that involve deep or rhythmic breathing, such as yoga, meditation, chanting and singing.  Blue Calcite enhances clairvoyance, telepathy, visions and spiritual dreaming.  It brings clarity and focus to the visual aspect of internal spiritual journeys and helps us to put new insights into words and practical action.  If we feel frightened or overwhelmed by a spiritual experience, Blue Calcite gently sooths our nerves.  Blue Calcite is attuned to the energy of Mother Mary and other mother goddess figures.  It is attuned to the Throat (5th) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Cancer. It is connected to elements of Wind and Fire and vibrates to the number 8. Serenity.

Blue Calcite Emotional Healing Properties

Blue Calcite has a very calming effect on the emotional body and helps us to see reality clearly.  For empaths, Blue Calcite can help us differentiate between our own thoughts and emotions, as opposed to other people’s vibrations.  This clarity helps us to accept what is, better regulate our emotional reactions, and seize opportunities to create positive and lasting change.  Blue Calcite encourages us to be happy and at peace, knowing that we will choose actions that serve the Highest Good.  Blue Calcite is particularly helpful for anyone who tends towards a fatalistic outlook or victim mentality.  It gently shakes us out of our emotional lethargy and/or anxiety and reminds us that while we can’t control other people, we do get to control our response to the world around us.  Blue Calcite is a wonderful stone for communication, especially for tense situations that need careful management.  Blue Calcite gives us confidence and hope that everything will work out for the best.

Blue Calcite Mental Healing Properties

Blue Calcite is a fabulous stone for anyone who is actively “re-wiring” the brain.  It helps us to stop obsessive and negative thinking and to focus instead on thoughts which bring peace and prosperity.  Blue Calcite is particularly good for helping us create clear, beautiful and honest affirmations.  Blue Calcite remind us to repeat our affirmations regularly until they become a part of our psyche and replaced unhealthy thoughts.  Blue Calcite is also a wonderful muse for inspiring creativity and thinking “outside of the box.”  It helps us to take our creative imaginings and put them into words.  It also eases the creative process, helping us quickly settle into “the flow.”  Blue Calcite is a particularly good talisman for writers, musicians and abstract artists.  Blue Calcite enhances memory and helps us recognize the good habits which set us up for success.

Blue Calcite Physical Healing Properties

Blue Calcite is recommended for anyone who needs to conscious relax and sooth the physical body.  Blue Calcite has a sweet and comforting energy that helps us to calm down. It gently focuses our attention on deep breathing, which in turn relaxes muscles, reduces blood pressure and brings pain relief.  If we have been stressed for a long time or suffer from chronic pain, Blue Calcite reminds us how to relax and helps us practice until it becomes part of our natural rhythm again.  Blue Calcite is especially helpful for managing chronic headaches, since relaxation techniques can reduce the frequency of attacks and help with pain management during an attack.  As a talisman, Blue Calcite encourages us to calmly address problems associated with the lungs, throat and eyes.  Blue Calcite is also recommended for yoga, meditation and any healing modality that focuses on breath.