Blue Jade Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue Jade is a rare stone that is both grounding and uplifting at the same time, helping us to explore polarities in our own selves and in our belief systems. It is a stone that sings of serenity and harmony, showing us how to live in balance both within ourselves and with the greater world. Blue Jade is a wonderful tool for helping us to hear our Highest Self and our Spirit Guides, and to follow their wisdom, even when it goes against tradition. Blue Jade encourages us to let go of life’s petty dramas and instead focus on the more important quests for personal and universal Peace. Blue Jade is attuned to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra. It is connected to the elements of Earth and Wind and vibrates to the number 5 and 11.

Blue Jade Emotional Healing Properties

Blue Jade has a calm, soothing energy that is particularly helpful during periods of long-term stress or sudden crisis. It helps us to keep an objective stance and to not allow our emotions to run away with us. Blue Jade instead encourages us to stay calm, to look for practical solutions, and to find good people who can help us restore peace to our lives. In regards to long-term stress, Blue Jade can also help us to recognize that constant stress is in large part a choice and we can make different choices that over time lead to serenity. These changes do not happen overnight, and require a great deal of patience to achieve. Blue Jade promises to help us every step of the way if we earnestly desire true peace.

Blue Jade Mental Healing Properties

Blue Jade has a thoughtful energy, helping us to see situations clearly and not jump to false conclusions. It is known as a “philosopher’s stone” because it encourages us to look at life from a logical point of view, to see systems and patterns, and discover their greater meaning. It encourages tolerance, inclusiveness, and practicality. It is an excellent tool for those who use their words to guide others, including parents, teachers, politicians, and media personalities.

Blue Jade Physical Healing Properties

Blue Jade is used by metaphysical healers to reduce inflammations, especially in the lower body. It is also believed to reduce asthma and bronchial conditions. It is also said to soothe arthritis and other joint pain.