Bornite Spiritual Healing Properties

Bornite brings a practical breath of fresh energy into our life. It helps us to stay grounded and to think clearly especially when dealing with complicated issues around morality. Bornite encourages us to integrate old beliefs with new information and to be guided by both our head and our heart. It helps us to find a steady moral center and from that place to make decisions that are logical and just. Bornite asks us to gently set aside anything that is no longer useful or true and to spiritually grow up. Bornite can also act as a midwife stone to ease a rebirth of the spirit. Bornite is attuned to the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Cancer. It is connected to the element of Earth and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 4.

Bornite Emotional Healing Properties

Bornite has a sensible and happy energy. It protects us from negativity and encourages us to concentrate on taking action in ways that will directly improve our present and future. Bornite can also help us to make peace with grief and to accept what cannot be changed. When we are struggling to accept something that feels unacceptable, Bornite offers comfort and compassion. It reminds us that life is still good, even though some parts of it are extremely hard. It asks us to choose to focus on the good, rather than getting mired down in the muck. Bornite promises us that we can be reborn into happiness and peace, and that the power to do so is in our own hands.

Bornite Mental Healing Properties

Bornite is an excellent stone to work with when we are feeling small and unworthy. It helps us to trust that who we are right now is enough. That from this present moment, we can take a step forward, we can grow and learn. We can eventually become the person we’ve always wanted to be. When we are struggling to reach a goal, Bornite offers insights into the obstacles that are standing in our way so that we can work around them or find clever solutions. Bornite helps us to think clearly and to be focused on problem-solving, rather then bemoaning the presence of the problem.

Bornite Physical Healing Properties

Bornite is said to be an excellent healing stone for physical ailments, especially anything related to the lower body. It is used by metaphysical healers to strength the body and to healthy growth in children. It is believed that whenever our body becomes out-of-balance in some way, Bornite can help us return to a state of perfection. Bornite is also said to help with fevers, muscle spasms, and circulation.