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Why Moonrise Crystals Chose This Project To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Protecting a severely threatened and unique forest

Moonrise Crystals has partnered with Native for our carbon credit investing.  Many of our healing crystals come from Madagascar and so it is always a country of great interest.  Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot that is severely threatened due to deforestation and has already lost 90% of its forests.  The forests have mainly been cut down by small farmers and herdsman, with the wood burned for firewood and the land used for agriculture.  Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world and most of the Malagasy people earn less than $2 a day.  Moonrise Crystals financially supports an elementary school and gives microloans to women-owned small businesses in this country.  These efficient and solar cookstoves are being distributed throughout Madagascar and will likely impact someone who mines or polishes our crystals.

This project meets 10 of the United Nations Sustainability Goals:

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Sustainable Development Goal Goodhealth Svg
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Sustainable Development Goal Genderequality Svg
Sustainable Development Goal Cleanenergy Svg
Sustainable Development Goal Decentwork Svg
Sustainable Development Goal
Sustainable Development Goal Climate Svg
Sustainable Development Goal Lifeonland Svg
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About this Project

This project, developed by the nonprofit organization myclimate, builds and distributes efficient charcoal and solar cookstoves to families and small businesses.  These stoves replace open fire burning that relies on firewood or less efficient charcoal made from local firewood, thereby reducing deforestation and air pollution.  For every stove that is distributed, two seedlings are planted to encourage reforestation. The trees are not included in the project emissions accounting and are purely an additional benefit.


Verified using the Gold Standard for effectively removing carbon dioxide (CO2).  The Gold Standard is a non-profit, third-party certification that evaluates international emission reduction projects to ensure they have the highest levels of environmental integrity.   They must also make a net positive contribution to the economic and social welfare of the local population, by meeting at least 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Impact

This project reduces deforestation by offering a cost-efficient energy alternative to open fire burning of firewood or charcoal.  The loss of habitat due to deforestation is the biggest single threat to Madagascar’s unique wildlife and vegetation.  This project additionally helps to promote clean water because standing trees prevent erosion and promote healthy soil.

Social Impact

Collecting firewood and making charcoal requires significant time and labor that is mostly performed by women and children. For those who can’t collect and must buy, the firewood is a financial burden. Open fires are also a source of local and indoor air pollution. The cookstoves are produced locally, with local Malagasy people holding high positions, including director, manager, and CO2 monitoring.

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