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Why Moonrise Crystals Chose This Project To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Cleaning up one of the world’s dirtiest grids

Moonrise Crystals has partnered with Native for our carbon credit investing.  Many of our healing crystals come from India and so it is always a country of great interest.  This project supports India’s transition from highly-polluting fossil fuels to renewable energy, as well as cleaning up one of the world’s most polluting grids.  This wind farm is located in the state of Maharashtra, home to many of our miners as well as all of our Indian polishers.

This project meets 4 of the United Nations Sustainability Goals:

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About this Project

This project produces clean, renewable energy in one of the dirtiest grids in the world.  The Beed Maharashtra Wind Project is located in eastern Maharashtra, about 235 miles / 378 kilometers from Mumbai.  It feeds into the Maharashtra power grid, which is interconnected to all other grids in India.  It was built in 2014 and will hopefully be financially self-sufficient in the near future.


Verified using the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program, the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas (GHG) crediting program.  Deforestation projects account for 40% of their carbon credits and are questionable at times, but wind farms have a measurable positive impact, especially in grids that are considered “dirty.”

Environmental Impact

This project helps India move away from highly-polluting sources of energy to clean, renewable energy.  Over 80% of India’s energy comes from fossil fuels, particularly coal, making it the third-largest global emitter of CO2.  Cleaning up India’s energy grid is of global importance in the fight against Climate Change.  Wind has the lowest carbon footprint of all energy sources and is an abundant and inexhaustible resource.

Social Impact

Air pollution and particulate matter from burning coal and other dangerous emissions accounts for almost 1 million deaths per year in India.  Support for this project directly enhances the health and well-being of India’s citizens and for the planet as a whole.  Wind energy also removes the need for coal mining.  Coal mining is more dangerous than other forms of mining because methane gas accumulates in coalbeds and can explode with catastrophic results.

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