Cat’s Eye Spiritual Healing Properties

Cat’s Eye is a stone of confidence and balance, and its energy is at once grounding and uplifting.  It helps us to trust ourselves, our natural gifts and our life experiences. Cat’s Eye encourages us to stand proudly in our power and to trust that everything will unfold as it should.  Cat’s Eye gives us patience and strength when life is challenging.  It reminds us to view ourselves as survivors and champions, rather than victims, and to always remember that we contain true greatness within us.  Cat’s Eye helps us to understand that our true spiritual life is not separated from any other part of our life.  Instead they are one and the same, and a wise person acts accordingly.  Cat’s Eye is attuned to the Base and Crown Chakras and Aries, Taurus and Capricorn and the element of wind, and vibrates to the number 6.

Cat’s Eye Emotional Healing Properties

Cat’s Eye strengthens our confidence and self-awareness.  It asks us to be more honest with ourselves and others and to calmly communicate our wants and needs.  If someone is treating us badly, Cat’s Eye can help us to walk away from that person without regret.  Cat’s Eye is a wonderful crystal ally for anyone who needs to work on having better emotional boundaries due to the presence of manipulative and/or negative people.  Cat’s Eye will push us to be more protective of ourselves and teaches us that protecting ourselves is one of the ways that we demonstrate self-love and self-care.  Cat’s Eye gently growls in our ear that we deserve to be treated well and that having personal boundaries is both healthy and wise.  However, Cat’s Eye isn’t always so serious.  When we are with a lover, Cat’s Eye can help us to relax and express our sensual side more fully.  Cat’s Eye shows us that we can be sensual and loving, without having to put ourselves in danger.

Cat’s Eye Mental Healing Properties

Cat’s Eye energy is exceptionally practical and can be used to help us manage our daily life with more ease.  It helps us to actively deal with problems as they arise and to solve them swiftly and fully. It helps us to be more responsible, at home, at work, and in our relationships.  In particular, Cat’s Eye encourages good business and financial sense.  It helps us to budget, save, and make wise financial decisions which take into account both our present needs and our future desires. Cat’s Eye helps us to to plan for the life we want, and then act correctly so that our dreams come true.

Cat’s Eye Physical Healing Properties

Cat’s Eye is used by metaphysical healers for general vitality and healing.  It is said to be useful for balancing the body’s biochemistry, and is often used to treat diabetes as well as hormonal and reproductive issues.  Cat’s Eye is also used by yogis to increase flexibility in the spine.