Heart Chakra Healing Crystals

4th Chakra – Anahata – The Right to Love and Be Loved

Our Heart Chakra governs the energies of love, kindness and expansion. It is our social identity; the way we perceive ourselves and our relationship with the rest of the world. When our Heart Chakra is healthy, we feel compassionate, peaceful and balanced.  We are generous towards others as well as to ourselves. Our Heart Chakra may get injured if we are rejected, shamed or abused by people who are suppose to love us. It may also be injured if we hide away from grief and other uncomfortable emotions. A weak Heart Chakra leaves us feeling misunderstood, unlovable or incapable of loving others. It may manifest as a cycle of dysfunctional relationships, depression, narcissism, or loneliness. Every healing crystal is a “love crystal”. Some teach us about loving other people, some help us to value ourselves more. Others encourage us to love higher ideals and to behave in ways that would make our Highest Self proud. All of the healing crystals found below are particularly good for healing and nurturing Heart Chakra.

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