Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystals

6th Chakra – Ayna – The Right To See Truth

Our Third Eye Chakra governs our intuition, imagination, and psychic abilities. It is our archetypal identity; the way we perceive ourselves symbolically. For example, we may see ourselves as a Mother, Healer, Warrior, Pirate, Victim, Hero, etc. When our Third Eye Chakra is healthy, we feel perceptive, have a good memory, and can think in increasingly complex ways. We have big dreams and goals, and are capable of honest self-reflection. Our Third Eye Chakra may get injured if our intuitive gifts are invalidated or we find ourselves in a frightening environment. We can injure this Chakra ourselves if we choose to reject an uncomfortable reality, simply because it doesn’t validate our beliefs. A weak Third Eye Chakra may leaves us feeling insensitive or overly-sensitive to other people’s pain. It may manifest as rigid religious beliefs, poor imagination or illogical thinking/behavior. The healing crystals listed below heal and expand our Third Eye Chakra.

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