Choosing Crystals With You In Mind

Every stone shipped by Moonrise Crystals is of the highest quality currently available,

individually selected with a specific customer in mind.


Tumbled stones are natural items and no two are perfectly alike.

What Julie Looks For

The crystal's color should be vivid and its markings pleasing to the eye. The transparency, shimmer, and other desirable visual traits pertinent to that type of stone are all weighed and considered.


The size and shape of a crystal is also a factor. Most stones are approximately 1 inch in diameter or a little larger.  That size feels good when it's held in your hand or kept in your pocket. This size is also ideal for medicine bags, crystal grids, and other magical mystical purposes. Crystals may have been polished by hand or tumbled in a drum.  Some minerals reliably tumble perfectly smooth.  Others will have pockmarks and strange shapes because of the matrix rock in which they were found.  Whenever possible, smooth and symmetrical shapes are chosen.


When multiple crystals are purchased, they are treated as a collection. Care is taken to make sure that each stone compliments the others, and that they look and feel good together.


After the physical traits have been considered - the crystals themselves may choose to "speak up." Sometimes a stone just doesn't want to go and another will "ask" to go home. I honor that.

I try to pick the best stone available.

My goal is treat every customer like I would a dear friend.

When making a purchase, always feel free to include a message letting me know what prompted your stone choices or what is going on in your life right now. Your message will help to guide my intuition while I chose a beautiful stone for you.