Chrome Chalcedony Spiritual Healing Properties

Chrome Chalcedony has a sweet nurturing energy that encourages us to get along and help each other. It gently reveals our Highest Purpose and shows us how we to make the biggest and most positive difference in the world. Chrome Chalcedony nudges us into alignment with our gifts and priorities. It helps us to root deeply there and to grow up strong and vibrant. Chrome Chalcedony dissolves negative energy and calms disturbances in our auric field. It also increases our powers of telepathy, including communication between humans and non-human entities, such as animals and fairy spirits. Chrome Chalcedony is attuned to the Heart Chakra and linked to the astrological signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. It is connected to the Element of Earth and vibrates to the number 9.

Chrome Chalcedony Emotional Healing Properties

Chrome Chalcedony encourages balance and harmony within groups. It reduces feelings of hostility and irritability. It helps us remember that when other people are acting thoughtlessly, that doesn’t mean they are consciously trying to annoy or endanger us. Chrome Chalcedony helps us to calmly respond to stressful situations and not get overwhelmed or over-react. It helps us find the right words and actions to teach and/or remind others to be more thoughtful. Chrome Chalcedony inspires feelings of generosity and benevolence. It encourages us to give more to others, but also to be generously receptive to receiving love and kindness.

Chrome Chalcedony Mental Healing Properties

Chrome Chalcedony encourages logical and compassionate thinking. It inspires us to find win-win solutions and to use healthy coping mechanisms when we need support. Chrome Chalcedony encourages positive and constructive self-reflection. It dissolves negativing thoughts and reduces nightmares.

Chrome Chalcedony Physical Healing Properties

Chrome Chalcedony is used by metaphysical healers to keep open sores and wounds clean from infection and to speed up the healing process. It is also believed to help the body better assimilate minerals and keep the circulatory system clean and clear. Chrome Chalcedony is said to be good for healing conditions related to the gallbladder.