Orange Healing Crystals

The Color Orange

Orange healing crystals evoke a joyful and sensual energy! They invite us to be a little bit outrageous, to let loose our creativity, and to think outside of any box. The color orange represents happiness and friendship, as well as that innate sense of intuition we often feel in our gut. Orange minerals are uplifting, protective, and encourage us to be true to ourselves. They remind us to smile more and to be hero of our own story, to let negativity go and be open to spontaneity. Orange healing crystals help us to tune into our own deepest longings and desires, and then show us the way forward to healing and joy. Colors are perceived on a very deep level which goes far beyond the simple mechanics of seeing. Colors are not simply constructs of mere physics, but are also capable of making us feel emotions. Color theorists and marketing executives have long known that some colors energize, while others radiate a sense of serenity. The colors we surround ourselves with can dramatically affect our thoughts, choices, and general mood. When selecting healing crystals the color itself should be consciously and carefully considered in addition to all the other aspects of the stone.

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