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Featured Article: Greenlandite

Greenlandite is a Fuchsite mined in southwestern Greenland.  This region has been continually inhabited for 4000 years by a variety of very different cultures who somehow managed to co-exist peacefully.  Likewise, Greenlandite can teach us how to coexist peacefully.  It reminds us that we can’t control other people and we shouldn’t pretend to be someone else in order to fit in.  Greenlandite encourages us to “live and let live.”   It’s a calming stone to hold during times of political tension when it’s so incredibly easy to villainize the other side.

Greenland is experiencing an international mining rush as its ice caps melt as a result of climate change.  Greenland has a largely indigenous population and a fragile environment.  From an ethical sourcing perspective, this is a country to keep a close eye on.

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