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Want to know more about crystals?  Browse a selection of beginner friendly articles about general topics like safe handling and how to cleanse a crystal.  Or deepen your practice by exploring how to use crystals for chakras and zodiac signs.  For anyone with a skeptical mind, there is a honest discussion about pseudoscience as well as an academic research paper on the history of crystals.  Wherever you are in your crystal journey, take this as invitation to take one step further.

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Clear Calcite

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that has become wildly popular in the modern age. If you’re new to crystal healing or if you’re bemused by all the hype, you may be wondering: Is this real? How does it work?

Some people will try to convince you that there is a scientific explanation.  They will wave their hands and speak of vibrations and quantum physics.  Depending on the speaker, it may even sound “truthy” because the vast majority of us don’t want to admit how little we understand about the more esoteric realms of science. Others will dismiss the science and say it’s all a matter of personal belief.  They will wave their hands and speak about vibrations and spirituality.  Depending on the speaker, it may feel relaxing because it doesn’t require us to think very deeply.

But I say again, that crystal healing is an ancient practice that has become wildly popular in a modern age.

Your Crystal Questions Answered

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Have you ever wondered how to cleanse your crystals? This thoughtful guide explores the topic both physically and energetically.

EMF Protection & Crystals

You may have heard of EMFs and been told that crystals can protect you.  But what are EMFs and should we be worried about them? The owner of Moonrise Crystals helps separate fact from fiction for energy sensitives.

Handling Radioactive Crystals

Eudialyte is a naturally radioactive stone because it contains traces amounts of the radioactive element Uranium. A radioactive crystal sounds dangerous, is this stone safe to handle? The short answer is - Yes. Read this article to find out why.

Safe Handling of Stones

The safe handling of stones requires a healthy dose of common sense and a basic understanding of scientific principles.

Crystal Quality

Have you ever wondered how crystal quality is determined? You may have seen crystals listed as “A” or “A+” or even “AAA.” It seems official, but crystal quality is actually quite subjective! Learn more about how crystal quality is determined from the most precious diamonds to common tumbled stones.

Pseudoscience & Energy Healing

The Day of Reckoning

I knew this day would come eventually.  Sooner or later I knew I would have to address the directly address the problem of pseudoscience in the healing crystal industry.

Scholarly Articles

Ancient Origin of Healing Crystals

If we wish to explore the origins of crystal healing then we must also explore the history of medicine and religion. Because all three are intimately entwined. In the beginning, the line between science and magic hadn’t yet been drawn. One was not considered “real” while the other was “imaginary.” Modern medicine is only 200 years old. By contrast, human history is 5000 years old and human prehistory stretches back another 300,000+ years. Somewhere in that long stretch of prehistory, special stones began to be perceived as objects of power.

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