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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Agatized Coral was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She’s following her bliss and studying her passion.  She’s diving into marine biology in one of the top graduate program in the world.  She’s in beautiful Hawaii surrounded by crystal-clear tropical waters.  The ocean is teaming with marine wildlife from the smallest plankton to giant whales.  She’s going to learn so much and it’s going to open countless career opportunities.  She’s determined to make the most of it.

But it’s harder than she expected.  The schoolwork is demanding and she misses her loved ones back on the mainland.  She’s trying to settle in and find her place.  Now everything is disrupted.  A pandemic has shut down the island and suddenly all of her classes are online.  Even the beaches are off-limits and instead of warm sunshine there’s frequent rain.  Okay… so this isn’t exactly what she expected.  But she’s trying to make it work.

Her girlfriend is cheering her on from the mainland.  She know’s her sweetie will figure it out and do well in school.  After all, that water-loving-girl sparkles like sunshine on the ocean.  She’s bright and talented.  She deserves to be in that program and to learn from the best.  She is worthy and she is loved.

Their Stone

Agatized Coral is a crystal-talisman for marine scientists.  It encourages us to learn about the ocean and its remarkable wildlife.  It helps us to see how each individual life fits into the greater ecosystem, and how any change can have a far-reaching rippling affect.  Agatized Coral offers insights into complex connections.  This may manifest as a purely analytical thought process, worthy of any good scientist.  It can also be a flash of spiritual insight, helping us to see our own interconnectedness.  We are linked to all beings, from our dearest loved ones to the strangers we have never met.  We are linked within our own species as well as to every living and inanimate thing on the planet.  We are connected on the Earthly plane as well as the Divine realms.  Agatized Coral helps us to find our place and teaches us how to thrive there.  Agatized Coral soothes turbulent emotions and helps us to better weather stressful times of life.  It reminds us that we can be true to ourselves while also constantly evolving.  It is a strange paradox, but one that a clever mind can ponder and figure out the practical application.

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