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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Astrophyllite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Her name means “Bright Light” and she knows how to love unconditionally.  She’s patient and sweet, but also strong and unconquerable.  She’s a survivor and a fighter, who won’t go quietly into the dark night.  But she’s carrying a strange secret that no one quite understands.

She calls it “wave length” and it’s been a part of her life for many years.  It started 30 years ago, but for no apparent reason became significantly worse 5 years ago.  She see shadow-people and they project pictures at her, and their presence makes her skin feel likes it’s on fire.  Sometimes they walk through her and it’s torture.  Her family has had her tested for schizophrenia.  They’ve wondered if she’s a medium who can channel the dead.  They’ve theorized that’s maybe its a bi-polar hallucination or maybe an energetic possession.  None of the these concepts adequately describe wave length.  Sometimes, the line is fuzzy between the physical, mental and spiritual realms.  All anyone knows for sure is that wave length hurts and she wishes it would go away.

Her daughter is getting help for her own mental illnesses.  Sometimes the darkness of depression threatens to overwhelm and drown her.  But she can always count on her Mother to be a Shining Beacon of Light, guiding her back with with love.  No matter how bad it gets, her Mother is strong enough to break through and find her.  She’s a hero to her daughter.  If only that awful wave length could be destroyed and cast away.  The daughter wants so much for her Mother to know that she is loved and to be free of the mysterious wave length pain.

Their Stone

Astrophyllite is a dark stone that flashes with a brilliant bright light.  It supports us during journeys into that thin boundary line between the body/brain and the astral realm.  It helps us see very clearly, identifying what is real in each realm and what is not and to take appropriate action.  Astrophyllite can be used for exorcisms to remove negative entities that have invaded our personal space.  It protects against their hurtful energies and wraps us in a strong fortress of Light.  This Light shines bright in every color of the rainbow, both the visible colors and the invisible, and is woven so tightly together than no outside force can break through.  Astrophyllite also helps us to explore the intimidating world of mental-illness and helps us to be more curious about the brain and nervous system.  It gives us courage to accept our own shadow-sides in whatever form they take so that we can be free and whole again.  It releases fear of being judged or dismissed.  Astrophyllite helps us to know that we are multi-dimensional beings, and that we are worthy of loving-attention and healthy-integration.

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