Charoite Gem Crystal

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Charoite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

They’re in couples counseling right now.  They have a lot of battle scars that need to be healed.  She wants to save her marriage, so she gave him an ultimatum.  The drinking and smoking, the countless hours in front of a screen, and most of all, the disrespect in front of the children – all of that has to go.  It’s a lot to demand, but it’s not unreasonable.  She’s also evaluating the areas where she needs to change and get better.  She’s spent months making her physical and mental health a priority.  It’s been a rough road, but she’s getting better.  They are getting better.

Another woman sees the battle and the scars.  She sees how hard the woman is trying.  She prays they find their way back to happily ever after.

Their Stone

Charoite is a powerful stone of love and transformation.  It supports us when we are doing huge work and making big changes.  It gives us courage, strength and resiliency.  It encourages us to be hopeful and practical.  Charoite urges us to relax and to trust that everything is working out for our greater good – even if it seems scary right now.  It motivates us to be proactive about making positive changes.  It helps us to take charge of whatever is in our control, and to make peace with whatever is out of our control.  It swiftly removes negative energies that are trapped inside us, and invites pure, unconditional love to take its place.  Charoite has a very romantic energy that can help couples find their way back to love and mutual-support.  If a relationship cannot be mended, Charoite can also help us to let go.  It helps us to be brave enough to leave, rather than stay and do more damage.  Above all, Charoite wants to help us be happy and to thrive on all levels.  It is a good friend to keep nearby whenever we need to be know that we are seen and loved.

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