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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Chrysocolla was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She’s remarkably resilient.  She can handle stress longer and more gracefully than most people can.  When she was growing up, they told her that the secret to success is to focus on her education, work hard and follow her passion.  So she went to college and got a job in the public school system.  For 7 years, she enjoyed making a positive difference in children’s lives.  Unfortunately, a nasty recession led to budget cuts and one day her job just disappeared.  She did everything right and it didn’t work out.

She has a warrior’s heart and she was undaunted! For the next 7 years, she clobbered together a variety of jobs at private schools and learning centers, taking any job remotely related to education.  She also went back to school and earned a PhD in school psychology.  During those 7 years, the pay was low, the stress was high and the benefits nonexistent.  Still she persisted and still she persists.  She’s got a brand-new job at a charter school.  It seems like steady work and she’s feeling hopeful for the future.  But she’s got two new complications to manage – she just found out she has Type 1 diabetes and she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Her own mom has watched the journey unfold.  She is so fiercely proud of her! But she also knows how dangerous chronic, long-term stress can be.  She can’t take away her daughter’s stress or make the journey easier.  But she can give a gift of crystal magic – something special to protect her physically and mentally.

Their Stone

Chrysocolla is a wonderful crystal ally when we are bruised and weary from chronic stress and long-term worries.  It helps us to feel grounded and safe, serene and balanced.  It calls upon Higher Powers to lend us strength and wisdom so we can continue on.  It reminds us that we are valuable and have important gifts to offer the world.  Chrysocolla is an excellent talisman for teachers and psychologists who need to be able to communicate clearly and help other people navigate difficult topics.  It helps us know when to speak and when to stay silent and just listen.  Chrysocolla is a sweet stone for parents and works with us to create a cozy sanctuary at home.  As an added bonus – metaphysical healers use Chrysocolla to treat diabetes and regulate insulin levels.

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