Chrysoprase Feel Loved

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She is trying to start her own intuitive healing business, because she know how much the world needs healing right now.  But it’s not easy to build a business under the best of circumstances and a pandemic is hardly that.  Nevertheless, she’s trying.  She’s doing everything she can and hoping for the best.

She’s kept a kind heart, in a world that is often unkind.  These past few years, she’s really focused on her personal work.  Among other things, she’s been healing her inner child and connecting more deeply to her spiritual side.  She’s been trying to prioritize her physical health too, despite financial pressures and emotional upheavals.  It’s frustrating to make a good plan and have every intention of following through, only to have something unpredictable come along and knock it all down.  Unpredictable like a pandemic, like a lost job, like a loved one in the hospital.  She’s doing the best she can to keep the light of hope burning on the inside, even when things haven’t seemed hopeful on the outside.

Her daughter admires her mom’s strength and accomplishments.  She knows about the barriers and the traumas, and still her mom shines bright! She wonders if her mom can’t fully appreciate the beautiful journey she’s been on.  Watching her from the outside, her mom is actually quite impressive!   She wants her mom to know she deserves a world of happiness.

Their Stone:

Chrysoprase is a heart-centered stone that is perfect for kind-hearted people.  It sings of love, healing and support.  It teaches us to give, as well as to receive.  Chrysoprase is a sweet friend during stressful times, it reminds us that we are love-able and worthy of all good things.  It helps us to keep hope and faith alive, and to be a flexible survivor whatever comes our way.  Chrysoprase helps us view our journey more compassionately.  It asks us to see the steady progress overtime, rather than just the challenges of the current moment.  For people who are called to a healing path, Chrysoprase encourages us to be of service and to channel healing energy for anyone who needs it.  Chrysoprase invites us to connect deeply to the earth for grounding and strength.  It assures us that we are on a good path and to take it just one step at a time.

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