Green Opal is a playful stone that helps us love ourselves

Green Opal Feel Loved Moonrise Crystals

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Green Opal was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Sometimes you have to change your environment in order to find yourself.  It’s easy to get stuck somewhere upholstering a rut, not sure who you are or what you’re suppose to be doing.  So she packed her bags and literally relocated.  That’s one way to shake things up!

Perhaps in this new place, it will be easier to see what parts of herself she wants to grow and what parts are just perfect the way they already are.  She has a drive to find something real and permanent.  She wants to be confident and independent.  She wants to love herself dearly and to love the life she’s created.  Hopefully, relocating will be just the change she needed to help her become the woman she’d like to be.

Her sister sees the struggle and the desire.  She’s sending confidence, hope and lots of love.  She’s optimistic that her sister is going to find what she’s looking for.  Keep the faith and keep going!

Their Stone

Green Opal is a playful stone that helps us love ourselves and find our calling.  It offers fresh perspectives and brand-new insights.  It shows us the beauty in our present life and reminds that all the answers we are seeking, can be found within.  Green Opal encourages us to be our true self and to let the world see how marvelous we are! It soothes away our doubts, fear, shame and guilt.   It gently guides us as we explore self-love, not just as a vague concept, but as a practical lifestyle in which we treat our body, heart and mind very kindly.  Green Opal whispers to us that we deserve good things and that we are worthy of happiness and peace.  It gives us strength and confidence so that we feel capable of taking on whatever adventures life gives to us.  Green Opal also offers discernment, so that we can make wise choices. It attracts good friends, sweet lovers, and exciting career opportunities.  Green Opal helps to make our life more pleasant, filled with little delights and wonderful surprises.

Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published September 2014  •  Updated February 2024  •  Read Time: 7 minutes
Green Opal is a wonderful common Opal with an uncommonly good energy.  Each deposit produces its own unique hue, ranging from pastel mint green to vivid lime green, and from Caribbean blue-green to pure emerald green.  All of them have a happy and restorative vibe.  These Opals helps us to shake the dust off our mind and get out of our ruts.  Green Opals brings a fresh perspective that can help us to find our true calling in life.  They are also a wonderful choice for romance and self-love.  Green Opals encourage us to nurture what is good, celebrate what is beautiful and be gentler with ourselves and with others. […]

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