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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Green Turquoise was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

The Story Behind Today’s Gift

She’s the best kind of grandma!  She’s sweet and supportive, and always ready for fun.  She loves being in the great outdoors and taking her grand-kids hiking and camping.  When they can’t go roaming outside, she’ll invite the the kids over for a slumber party.  She’ll bring them into the kitchen to help her bake sweets and talk about whatever’s on their minds.  Other times, she’ll take them shopping for useful and frivolous things.  She’s always fun and so nice to be with!  If one of the grand-kids is feeling sad, she’s the rock they can lean on.

Recently her doctor told her to settle her affairs because the cancer keeps spreading.  She’s feeling more tired these days and doesn’t have the same pep that she used to.  She’s going to miss her family and this beautiful, complicated world.  But she’s also ready to see her husband again and she trusts that he’s waiting for her on the other side.

Her granddaughter loves her more than words can say.  They’ve shared so many good times! The idea that it might end soon is just awful.  Healing crystals are a part of their special bond.  In fact, the grandma gave her granddaughter one of her first stones.  This Feel Loved Crystal is meant to help them both in the months ahead.

Their Stone

Green Turquoise is a powerful crystal of wisdom and love.  It carries the essence of Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine.  It sings of the mysteries and beauty of womanhood and the bonds that link grandmothers, mothers and daughters together.  Turquoise helps us to pass more easily between this world and the next, and to build bonds of love so strong that not even death itself can break them.  Turquoise has a soothing and serene energy that helps us to understand the big picture and to make peace with all the little details.  It helps us to live from the heart and to move forward with courage and dignity.  It brings a soft feeling of kindness and compassion to our heart and mind.  Turquoise releases any feelings of regret or doubt, and replaces them with absolute love and trust.  It gives us wings to fly and the sure knowledge that all will be well and that love lasts forever.  Metaphysical healers use Green Turquoise to treat a wide-variety of physical problems and also to provide comfort care.

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