Kyanite Feel Loved Moonrise Crystals

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Kyanite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She’s got the spirit of a phoenix. Or maybe it’s a cat with nine lives? She’s not like the rest of us, that’s for sure. She’s the DIY Queen, a strong, independent, intuitive woman. A truth enthusiast with vast wisdom to share. One minute she’s focused on being a mother, helping her kids get launched into happiness. The next minute the government is asking her to solve their latest emergency. She keeps busy and she keeps it real. But lately, she’s been forced to focus on her health. Mini-strokes assault her everyday. The doctors said she only had two years to live. But, that was eight years ago. Who wants to bet she’s got a least a good decade still to go? She’s defied the odds so many times, it’s only natural that she’s doing it again. She’s just doing her thing, a New York bird retired to Florida. The original classic living legend.


Her daughter admires her, obviously. How could she not? Her mom never gave up on her. She always gave her daughter the benefit of the doubt and chance to redeem herself. Even when it was messy and stressful, the love never wavered. Mom led by example. Try not to mess up. Survive if you do. Learn the lessons and don’t forget them. Go forward with grace. They’re living far away right now, one in New York, the other in Florida. They’re where they need to be and they’re both doing okay. Good days and bad days, they’re only a phone call away.

Their Stone


Kyanite is a powerful stone for the mind. It helps us to see truth with piercing clarity, combining the knowledge of a lifetime with the intuition of countless lives lived before. It shares its serene and wise energy with us, reminding us to always walk in our power and to never forget who we are. Kyanite is a comforting stone for anyone who suffers from strokes and has had neural pathways damaged. It reminds us that who we are today, is who we once were. The mind may be altered. The body may grow older. But the spirit remains as pure and perfect as it was on the first day. Kyanite encourages us to let go of any past pain or negative habits, reminding us that we can always redeem ourselves and the past does not necessarily dictate the future. We can always start anew, rising up from the ashes like a phoenix. Life is an adventure and when the whole story is told, it’s nothing less than legendary.

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