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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Moss Agate was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She is starting over and this time she’s going to get it right. Step 1 was to escape her abuser and heal her battered body. Step 2 was a stint in rehab, because sometimes it’s necessary to unlearn the patterns of the past. Step 3 is where she’s at right now. She’s got a new job and is finding steady ground once again. She wants to make a new life for herself! At 29 years old, she’s being born again.

A good friend, who lives far away in another country, is cheering her on from a distance. She’s proud of her and the progress she’s made! But she also knows that sometimes starting over is a depressing and lonely business. She wants to send a gift of support to lift her brave one’s spirits and keep her moving forward on the right path.

Their Stone

Moss Agate is nicknamed “the midwife stone” because it helps us transform ourselves and give birth to a new beginning. It gives us strength and stability so that we can release anything that ties us to a negative past. It helps us to see our own beauty and gifts and to gently bring our spirit back to life and into good health. Moss Agate encourages us to believe in ourselves and to grow up, grow wise, and become our Highest Self. It brings a very optimistic energy into our everyday life and helps us to manifest wonderful things that will bring us joy and peace.

If you’ve read this far – please send some love, strength and encouragement to this woman in New Zealand who is starting again.

Healing, Mineralogy, and History

Published May 2014  •  Updated September 2022  •  Read Time: 7 minutes
Moss Agate is a beautiful Agate with delicate green dendrites enclosed in colorless translucent silica.  Scientifically, this is actually a Chalcedony, but the name Moss Agate is widely recognized.  Most of the specimens on the market are from India, but it can also be found in central Europe, Uruguay and in the United States.  Moss Agate has a very sensible and practical energy, making it ideal for healers.  It is particularly recommended for pregnancy and labor & delivery to ensure a safe journey for mother and baby.  Moss Agate is also a wonderful addition to gardens, kitchens, and anywhere a witch might cultivate magic. […]

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