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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Orange Calcite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She’s a genuinely lovely woman to be around!  She’s soft and caring, with an angelic presence.   She’s also silly and creative, always quick with a smile.  She takes pride in making other people laugh.  She’ll stretch herself thin, just to help somebody out.  She brightens the day and people want to bask in her light.

But lately, she’s been quiet and withdrawn.  It’s not easy to raise two little kids, even under ideal circumstances.  It’s certainly not easy to do that, when her husband is fighting his own battles.  He’s a police officer, trying his best to be supportive, but often struggling to know how to do that.  Everyday, she’s picking up the pieces, doing her best to take care of everyone.  Her life right now simply isn’t easy.  But she doesn’t want to bother anyone.  She doesn’t want to be a burden or dim anyone’s light.

Her sister is also raising two little kids.  She understands how demanding motherhood and marriage can be.  She wishes she was there to help, but she lives far away.  The sister understand that when a “village raises a child”, that also means the mom gets lots of good support and a chance to recharge.  Perhaps a Feel Loved Crystal can remind her sister that she doesn’t have to do everything alone.  Even if it’s just a quick phone call, her sister loves her and always has her back.

Their Stone

Orange Calcite has an outrageously bright and goofy energy.  It constantly teases us and jokes with us and shows the humor in everyday life.  It asks us to take ourselves a little less seriously and to know that we are doing better than we give ourselves credit for.  During periods of long-term stress, Orange Calcite loudly and relentlessly encourages us to make self-care a priority and also to tap into our emotional support system of friends, allies and loved ones.  Orange Calcite reminds us that we can’t take care of others effectively, if we are ourselves are stretched too thin and feeling sad.  One of the best way to get our strength and shine back, is to reach out to others who can laugh and cry with us, advise and sympathize, and help us recharge our energy reserves.  Orange Calcite also reminds us that self-care and support doesn’t have to mean a specific thing or look a certain way.  Instead, it’s whatever works, for the time and season.  Orange Calcite invites us to be very good to ourselves and to allow other people to care for us too.

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