Petalite Crystal

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Petalite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She chose “compassion” as her 2019 word of the year.  It’s an interesting choice for someone who already gives so much compassion to others.  She’s the emotional rock for her extended family.  She’s got kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews, all looking to her for guidance and love.  She’s works as a middle school librarian.  So it’s her job to know the answer, or find the answer, to a million different questions.  Sometimes she even has to help someone figure out the right questions to ask, before they can even start to find the answers.  She’s very helpful and wise like that.  But she wants to be more compassionate, not just in her actions and words, but in her thoughts as well.  She doesn’t want to even THINK someone is annoying.  She knows that everyone is fighting their own private battle  – so compassion, compassion, compassion.  She holds herself to a very high standard.

Her buddy and weight-loss partner recognizes that both of them are carrying more than just physical weight.  They’ve got a lot of emotional weight to shed as well.  She wants her friend to remember that compassion goes both directions.  She hopes her friend will generously give herself lots of that sweet yummy compassion and grace.

Their Stone

Petalite teaches us how to cultivate a rich inner tranquility so that we aren’t irritated by minor inconveniences and annoyances.  It does this, in part, by showing us how we can love and accept ourselves at a much deeper level.  It invites us to be proud of the person we already are and to give ourselves proper credit for all the good that we do in the world.  It helps us to enjoy our own unique journey and to stop demanding perfection from ourselves.  Petalite promises us that we don’t have to struggle and try so hard.  We can relax and allow ourselves to evolve with more ease.  Petalite also helps us to examine our conscious and subconscious habits, and determine whether or not they are serving our Highest Good.   If we choose to alter our habits, Petalite helps us to make those changes in a way that is gentle, kind and realistic.  Petalite is a wonderful crystal ally for anyone who is an emotional eater and wants to change their habits and lose some weight.  It empowers us to find alternative ways to ground and comfort ourselves and to seek out healthy ways to release stress.

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