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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Pietersite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

For 20 years she’s been a professional artist and a helpmate.  She created decorative and functional art, while raising the kids, taking care of the home and supporting her husband while he ran their glass-blowing business.  But now the kids are grown and she’s taken over the helm of the business this past year.  She’s now the boss and the business is flourishing under her care.  Her gifts as an organized visionary are shining bright.

She believes it’s their duty as artists to document the times they are living in, to bring beauty and attention to the moments that shape culture.  This year they’ve been producing Covid-19 inspired art and using the profits of those sales to support other small businesses who’ve been hurt by the pandemic.  They’ve also been giving beautiful gifts to essential heroes like healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, first responders – all the essential workers who deserve our gratitude and appreciation for keeping the rest of us going.

She knows what it’s like to do vitally important work and feel under-appreciated.  Sometimes we don’t know how much other people admire us.  Sometimes we think no one notices or cares at all.

But her daughter notices.  She admires her mother tremendously!  Her mother is so STRONG.  She’s so capable, talented and good.  Her daughter wants her Mom to know that she is seen and respected.  Dear mom – you are so loved and admired!

Their Stone

Pietersite has a dramatic energy fitting for a powerful artist.  It sings of new beginnings and realizing our potential.  It helps us to live peacefully centered in the middle of the storm, capable of rising to any challenge and emerging victorious every time.  Pietersite invites us to become more than what we once were.  To move past the old ways of thinking and to be engaged in the truth of the present moment.  It helps us to see the connections between all people and to treat others with the respect and love that we truly deserve.  Pietersite gives us self-confidence and deepens our emotional awareness.  It helps us distinguish between our thoughts and reality, and to put our faith in reality. Pietersite inspires us to be fearless and open to new information.  It reminds us to continually adjust, because that is the way of living balance.  It activates our imagination and creativity, asking us to create and become something beautiful and bold.  But it also pushes us to be practical, precise and dedicated to doing good work.  Above all, Pietersite celebrates our full glory.

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