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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Petrified Wood was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She takes her children into the forest everyday so they can play in the dappled sunlight.  Nature is their teacher, she is their guide and protector.  They get dirty and wet, they climb trees and look at bugs.  Every day they ponder questions and search for answers.  What a beautiful childhood they are having!  She decided right from the start that she would approach parenting with a strong, clear philosophy.  Her duty to her children, to raise them into outstanding people, is too important to leave to chance.  So they hold hands, they hug, and cuddle.  She gives them affection and empathy and does her best to be responsive to all their needs and questions.  She makes sure that her family doesn’t isolate themselves, hiding behind a screen, lost in the latest technology.  They are engaged with each other, learning, laughing and loving.  They are becoming outstanding people.

Her friend thinks she’s an amazing mom – the very best!  But this type of dedicated, focused parenting, doesn’t leave much room for private self-care.  As a friend, she’d like to gift her with some supportive energy.  This Forest Mom deserve to be singled out too for nurturing and love.

Their Stone

Petrified Wood is a talisman for anyone who has a deep connection to the natural world.  It vibrates with earth magic and teaches earth medicine.  It gives us strength and grounding, asking us to keep life simple and let go of trifling worries.  Petrified Wood reminds us that we need strong roots and a firm foundation, so that we can grow tall, fruitful and be mighty.  It shows us how to follow our natural strengths and inclinations, and to live in balance with our environment – neither giving nor taking, more than is needed.  Petrified Wood encourages us to honor our ancestors and to show our children their own glittering potential.  It helps us to be patient, to enjoy the moment and to feel a steady sense of peace.  Petrified Wood is also a stone for personal transformation.  It teaches us that self-care and growth, doesn’t have to be an elaborate, expensive, time-consuming affair.  It can be found in the simple things and the little moments.  A moment to breath in the beauty we see before us.  A moment to drink in the love that surrounds us.  A moment to thank ourselves and recognize ourselves, for all the little and big ways we make our own life more meaningful.  Pink Petrified Wood, in particular, sings that when we love and are loved in return, we have everything we need.

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