Red Jasper Crystal

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Red Jasper was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

He was in the hospital for bypass heart surgery when his Dad came to see him.  Dad died back in the 80s, so it was a surprise to have him standing in the hospital room, wearing scrubs and smiling at his son.  He’s never visited before.  But it wasn’t a dream.  It wasn’t a near-death experience.  His Dad was just there.  They smiled at each other, no words were spoken, no hand reached out.  There was simply a smile of love and encourage between a father and his son.

His wife never met her father-in-law, but she’s heard all about him.  Her husband always speaks with pride and admiration whenever stories about Dad comes up in conversation.  They were very close and they’re a lot alike.  His Dad modeled the kind of care and commitment that a good man brings to every relationship.  His Dad showed him how to treat a woman, a child, a friend, and even strangers with kindness and respect.  He grew up following his Dad’s example and so grew up into a good man.

Their Stone

Red Jasper is a nurturing stone with a masculine energy.  It’s essence is like a protective and loving father, guiding his child through the twists and turns of life.  Red Jasper gives us courage and strength so that we walk tall and speak truly.  It supports and encourages us each step of the way, through good times and hard challenges.  Red Jasper inspires us to live honorably and to finish whatever tasks are set before us.  It gives us patience and persistence.  It takes away any fear of failure, and replaces it with curiosity and goodwill.  When we are scared, Red Jasper softly reassures us that all will be well.  It helps us trust that we are doing a marvelous job and to know without any doubt that we are loved.  Metaphysical healers use Red Jasper to heal the circulatory system, particularly arteries, and to improve blood flow.