Rhodonite Quatz Feel Loved Crystals Moonrise Crystals

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Rhodonite Quartz was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She’s a Mom for life, not just for 18 years.  She loves deeply and intensely, she’s the type of woman who always tries so hard and gives so much of herself.  In the past, she was used and abused by life, but those old experiences simply motivate her to do everything in her power to give her daughter a different life.  Her daughter’s happiness means the world to her.  Her daughter is all grown-up and living her own life now.  Sometimes it’s lonely having an empty nest, but she’s proud to see her daughter strong and independent.   And, if by chance, her daughter ever needs her, mom will be there in an instant.  No questions asked, only fierce love freely given.

When her daughter got badly injured and needed surgery, this mom did anything she could to make her daughter’s life easier.  She chipped in some money, ran errands, and offered unconditional emotional support.  It doesn’t matter how old her daughter is, she’ll love her forever and always.

The daughter knows how lucky she is to have a mom like that. She wants her mom to know that she is loved too.   ♥

Their Stone

Rhodonite Quartz is a powerful love stone.  It has all the healing power of Rhodonite, magnified by the Quartz to the tenth degree!  It soothes old pain from the past and helps us to heal any lingering scars and wounds.  It encourages us to receive love and believe we deserve love, just as much as we give love to others.  Rhodonite Quartz reduces feelings of loneliness and helps us to feel more connected to our loved ones and the greater world around us.  It encourages positive thoughts and helps us to stay in good balance.  Rhodonite Quartz celebrates family bonds, particularly the unique bond between mothers and their children.  It gently shows us how to evolve within our relationships so that they are always healthy and vibrant.  Rhodonite Quartz brings joy and peace to our hearts.  It reminds us that our love is wanted and we are loved deeply in return.

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