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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Rhodonite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

He was already in mourning.  Yet another brother murdered, a nation enraged.  The people take to the streets chanting “No Justice, No Peace”.  Telling the world, “I can’t breathe” and hoping that this time, finally this time, the world will hear the anguished cry of a people’s heart.

It arrived as a death threat in the mail.  It was an ugly promise and a commitment to intimidation.  The threat arrived to punish him for the crime of just being black.  No other reason.  His skin color alone made him a target for hate.

He is a black man living in a society founded on racial injustice.  Racism so deeply institutionalized and internalized, that the slogan “Black Lives Matter” makes the majority of society uncomfortable.

Pause for a moment.  The idea that “someone matters” is viewed by many with alarm and disgust.  It triggers egos and offends sensibilities.  People get lost arguing minor details, acting as though the topic of systematic racism is up for debate, just a matter of perspective rather than an undeniable fact. The practical solutions to systematic problems are obvious and well-supported by data; ranging from restructuring public school funding to voting out racist prosecutors.  The solutions are known and within reach.

But the first step, the hardest step of all, is just to realize, “someone matters”.  If they matter, then they’re important.  If they matter, they are worth fighting for and alongside.

The friend of a friend of his girlfriend, heard about the death threat.  She’s a white ally fighting for his rights.  She’s taking direct action and taking risks.  She’s marching, making phone calls, making donations and having the hard conversations.  She doesn’t even know him.  He’s the boyfriend of a friend of a friend.  But he is her brother.  His Life Matters.  She will yell at the top of her lungs BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Their Stone

Rhodonite sings of the brotherhood of mankind.  It proclaims that we are all family and what happens to one of us, affects the rest of us.  It invites us to be kinder and more gentle with each other.  To see each other’s pain and feel it as if it were in our own hearts.  It asks us to be moved by compassion and to take direct action.  Rhodonite helps us to heal our community and each individual within it.  It gives us strength and courage when we need it most.  It gives us hope and confidence that there is a positive way forward.  Rhodonite attracts allies, people who will work with us to heal the scars of the past as well as the wounds of the present moment.  Rhodonite is also a powerful crystal for exploring questions of self-worth.  It tells us, unequivocally and in no uncertain terms, that we matter.

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