Scolecite Feel Loved Crystals Moonrise Crystals

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Scolecite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She knows how to love.  She loves as generously and as kindly as the sun, shining down on all beings without exception.  She doesn’t do it for praise or out of duty, she loves because that is who she is.  She is someone who cares and does good in the world.  If someone is hungry, she feeds them.  If someone needs comfort, she’s ready to hold them.  If someone needs council, she speaks without arrogance.  If someone needs love, why that’s the easiest thing of all.  She is a phenomenal woman when it comes to love.

She loved a wonderful man for thirty years and nothing, not even death itself, can stop their love story.  It remains a part of her and it will continue on.  She loves her children, both the little babies they once were and the fine adults they have become.  She loves her community too, all the countless people whose paths have touched hers along the way.

He is close to her daughter.  He has watched the mother for over 20 years now.  He sees the way the mother shines.  The way she gives, despite hardships and sorrows.  It is good to know that such a phenomenal woman exists.  What a blessing she is, a mother to all!  He wants her to know that she is seen, she is honored and she is loved.

Their Stone

Scolecite radiates love and kindness.  It encourages us to see all the world as part of our own extended family and to do what we can to help everyone enjoy a good life.  It heightens our sense of compassion and our ability to sit in non-judgement.  It helps us to see people and situations, very clearly and to know what words to speak and actions to take.  Scolecite also teaches us the fine art of “holding space” for others, so that they can heal, grow, and find their own way forward.  Scolecite has an exceptionally high vibration.  It evokes the essence of all the Great Ones; those people throughout history, both known and unknown, who have left the world a better place then they found it.  The Great Ones are the Light that shines in the darkness.  Scolecite reminds us that we too have the opportunity for Greatness.  We only need to open our hearts and let love be our guide.

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