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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Shungite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

She works the night shift and she loves bats and crows, astrology and magic.  Her favorite color is black and she loves a good fantasy novel.  She’s such a fun coworker to have around! She’s got a bright sparkle in her eyes and bounce in her step.  But lately, she hasn’t been feeling like herself.  Her back is aching, she can’t sleep, and early-onset menopause symptoms are making her life hell.  Those physical discomforts might be manageable under better circumstances, but right now her heart is aching too.  She’s lost several family members in the past year and that grief is a sharp pain that aches and throbs.  The combination of physical and emotional distress, is a heavy load to bear.

Her coworker adores her and sympathizes greatly.  She wants to give her a gift of peace and magic.  Something special and unexpected to bring out a smile and reminder her that she’s loved.

Their Stone

Shungite helps us to return us to our natural balance so that we feel at peace in our heart-of-hearts.  It has a soothing and grounding presence that washes over us, cleaning out any negative energies that have gotten trapped inside us.  Shungite helps us to patiently and realistically endure real hardship when it happens.  But it gently reminds us to take care so the the hardship doesn’t dictate our future happiness.  Shungite strongly encourages us to make self-care a top priority.  It teaches us that our self-care needs may be different at various points in our life and to be open to anything that feels good and helps us to thrive.  Shungite encourages us to surround ourselves with wonderful people who raise our vibration.  It helps us to trust the timing in our lives and to have faith in our own strength and personal magic.  Shungite is additionally used by metaphysical healers to bring about a better night’s sleep.

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