Snowflake Obsidian Crystal

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Snowflake Obsidian was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

They are in transition right now.  They had a life and love.  They knew their purpose and what they were suppose to do every day.  But, now it’s all in flux.  It’s hard to create a new life or believe in love, when everything’s been lost.  It’s a lonely and scary place to be.  But it’s having that “purpose” that they miss the most.  They miss having a positive reason to get out of bed everyday.  They miss having that sure knowledge that the daily chores are meaningful and serve a greater purpose.  That purpose gave them clarity, passion and focus.  It brought grace and flow to everything.  Now they feel like they are drifting and it doesn’t feel pleasant or safe.

A friend is watching the transition and hopes they find a new purpose soon.  She knows that finding a purpose in life is not really about an outside-identity defined by places, people and things.  The real “why”, the real purpose of life, is something that comes from within.  She know their true quality and the beauty of their heart.  She has every confidence they’ll soon find their place again and all will be well.

Their Stone

Snowflake Obsidian is a gentle stone during times of difficult transition.  It helps us to do what needs to be done, while remembering to be kind to ourselves during the process.  It doesn’t make demands or offer judgement.  Instead it is a quiet, loyal friend who wants to help lift us up.  Snowflake Obsidian is a crystal ally during the lonely days and nights when life is bleak and we feel lost.  It reminds us that we are resilient and that we have the ability to reshape our life into something that brings us pleasure and peace.  Snowflake Obsidian helps us survive shock and trauma and to endure the slow trudge back to healing and happiness.  Snowflake Obsidian gives us clarity and sharpens our intellect.  It helps us to be open to new ideas and to find a life purpose that fits our unique strengths, gifts, and circumstances.  Snowflake Obsidian shows us that life is beautiful and that transition, while painful, has is own beauty.  Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining. Even the darkest days crackle with potential for powerful new beginnings.

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