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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Sunset Sodalite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

The nice thing about rocks, is that you know where you stand with them. They’re not confusing or ambiguous. Even when you can’t tell which type of rock it is, you still know it’s a rock and there are logical, visual details that can help you identify it. Also – rocks are fun to collect! They come in every shape and color. But there’s no sensory overload. You can just look at a rock or hold a rock and feel happy.

These two rocks are going to two boys with autism. One loves rocks and the other loves dinosaurs. They both love getting mail. Their friend nominated them and mom said it was okay!

Their Stone

Sunset Sodalite enhances both logic and intuition, helping us to better navigate the world around us. It help us to work well in groups and to better understand the odd behaviors and unspoken rules of other people. Sunset Sodalite also brings gifts of self-confidence and self-acceptance. It encourages us to stay interested in whatever makes us happy and to let our true selves shine bright!

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