Topaz Crystal

At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Topaz was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Every night she meditates, trying to center herself more solidly and hoping to dissolve the stress that lurks inside her mind.  She spends her days tending to a demanding 4 year old boy.  He’s a handful, but such a joy!  She wants to be a very good mother to him, a good partner and a good person too.  She holds herself to a very high standard.  But her body simply can’t give her as much energy as her spirit desires.  She’s got hypothyroidism and so she gets tired easily and she can’t always keep up with everyday activities.  She worries that she’s not doing enough and that she’ll never catch up to the mother and person she wants to embody.  So she meditates each night, centering herself, hoping tomorrow will be better.

Her husband adores her.  He thinks she’s wonderful!  He thinks she’s an excellent mother and partner.

Wouldn’t it be nice if she saw herself through his eyes?

Their Stone

Topaz is a joyful love stone.  It laughingly reminds us that we are fabulous, just the way we are!  It shines our own brilliant Light back into us, showing us our own delightful perfection and true worth.   Topaz sweetly teaches us to not sweat the small stuff or allow everyday life (or other people’s everyday life and abilities) to define our happiness and sense of success.  Topaz gives us strength and energy for when we really need it, and the wisdom to know when to conserve our energy and allow ourselves time to rest.   It soothes away stress, worries and frustrations that bog down our mind and make us feel out-of-balance.  Topaz sparks hope and and helps us to relax and trust that we are doing better than we give ourselves credit for.  Metaphysical healers also use Topaz to treat hypothyroidism, increase the flow of energy throughout the body and to encourage good mental health.

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