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At Moonrise Crystals we believe that there’s a crystal for every person and every situation. This Unakite was gifted to a very special person. They were nominated by someone who loves them very much.

He’s a nursing assistant working his way through college. He doesn’t want to get in much debt so he’s carefully weighing out the pros and cons of each possible career path. He has a kind bedside manner, so maybe he would be a good nurse. But, in all honesty, he wonders if he has the critical thinking skills and attention span necessary for a good RN? Lives are at stake and the job can be very stressful. Maybe he’d be happier in something more straightforward like radiology? Or perhaps there’s something else in the medical field that he might be uniquely suited for. It’s a difficult question to ponder – how can he successful help others while also taking good care of himself?

His mother also works in the medical field and she is proud of him. He’s smart, has a sweet heart and has always been able to overcome challenges. No matter which path he takes, she knows he’ll do well.

Their Stone

Unakite is a wonderful talisman for the practical side of healing. It helps us to honestly assess our own skills, beliefs, and inclinations and to be patient with our own process. It gently leads us towards our Higher Calling and helps us to navigate when we aren’t quite sure what to do first or what comes next. Unakite gives us confidence in our own abilities and promises us that we will figure it out all in good time. Unakite is one of the best stones for anyone working in the medical field as it encourages healers to swiftly treat painful symptoms while also looking beyond them to find the root cause of the injury or disease.

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