Crystals to Heal the Heart & Mind

Crystals can encourage positive thoughts and feelings.

But they do not replace professional mental healthcare.

You deserve to be happy and peaceful.

Please use wisdom when considering crystal therapies.



Abandonment: DioptaseSmithsoniteSunstone

Ability to take things in: PeridotPietersitePrehniteSardonyxTourmalineVariscite

            Listen Closely: Lapis Lazuli

            See Reality Clearly: Calcite (Blue)

            Sees Situations Clearly: Emerald, Sodalite,  Variscite

            Speak Clearly: Lapis Lazuli,  Variscite

Abundance:  Calcite (Gold),  Coral (Red),  EudialyteRuby Iolite,  Sand Dollar Fossil

Abuse (General): Aragonite (Brown)Carnelian, Obsidian (Black and Mahogany), Petalite, RhodoniteSmithsonite

            Emotional: Calcite (Honey),  DioptaseRhodoniteSmithsonite

            Feeling Trapped: Idocrase

            For Physical or Sexual Abuse, please see the Physical Healing Index

Abuse of Power: Obsidian (Golden Sheen)

Acceptance: Agate (Apricot), AmetrineAventurine, Aragonite (Brown), Calcite (Mangano), CarnelianChalcedonyCradle of Humankind, Lapis LazuliObsidianPrasiolite,  Rutilated Quartz

            Change: ChrysocollaRose Quartz

            Love: AngeliteRose Quartz

            Mistakes: Hematite

            Others: AmetrineCharoiteChrysoprase, Kunzite (Green)

            Past:  Cavansite,

            Physical Body: Apophyllite, Aragonite (Red), Cinabrite, Obsidian (MahoganyRed SheenRainbow ,and  Silver Sheen),  Smoky Quartz,  Vanadinite

            Present Moment: ChalcedonyCharoiteChrysanthemum StoneDioptaseFluorite, Garnet (Andradite), Jasper (LeopardskinOcean, and Rainforest), LabradoritePrehnite, Petrified Palm Wood, Shattuckite-Dioptase,  Zoisite

            Rationality: Tourmaline (Black)

            Self: Calcite (Mangano), Chrysoprase, Jasper (LeopardskinOcean, and Rainforest), Sodalite

            Support: Kunzite (Green),  Quartz (Snow)

            Truth: Amethyst, Aragonite (Red), Lapis LazuliSodalite

Action, Taking: Agate (Tree), AmethystAmetrine, Aventurine (Green and Yellow),  Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Calcite (Orange), Carnelian, CharoiteChrysoberylCopper, Garnet (Almandine and Spessartine), Jade (Brecciated) and (Green)OnyxPrehnite,  Quartz (Girasol), RhodoniteRubyShattuckite-DioptaseSodalite, Sodalite (Sunset)SunstoneTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Green and Red), Turquoise,  Vanadinite

            After Criticism: Citrine, Kunzite (Green)

            Graceful: Agate (Blue Lace  and Tree),  Calcite (Clear)PeridotRutilated Quartz,

            Positive: Agate (Turritella), Emerald,

            Productive:  Agate (Tree), Charoite, Jasper (Red)Pyrite, Quartz (Clear)

            Rational: Agate (Apricot and Tree), Azurite-MalachiteTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Black)

Adapting: Fossilized ShellZoisite

ADD/ADHD: Calcite (Blue)LepidolitePetaliteStilbite

Addictions (General): Agate (Fire), AmethystDioptaseHematiteIoliteLapis LazuliLepidoliteTiger Iron

            Anorexia: Obsidian (Mahogany)

            Eating Disorder: AtlantasiteIoliteLepidolitePrasioliteStichtiteTopaz

            Toxic Co-dependency: MagnesiteRhodochrosite

            For physical addictions, please see the Physical Healing Index

Admiration: Tourmaline (Green)

Adventure, urge for: Aventurine (Green and Yellow), Jasper (Bumblebee and Mookaite) MalachiteRubySunstoneThulite, Tourmaline (Green)Vanadinite

Affectionate: Tanzanite (Prairie)

Aggression, Reducing: Apatite, Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Jade (Green)Moonstone, Tourmaline (Red)

Aging: Aventurine (Blue)

Alienation: Charoite, Garnet (Almandine), Tourmaline (Green)

Alignment:  Ganesha Diamond, Quartz (Clear),  Quartz (Snow),  Variscite

Altruism: Calcite (Green)ChrysopraseKunziteRhodonite

            Enhance: Amber, Tourmaline (Black and Green)

Ambition: Chrysoberyl, DioptaseMorganitePyrite

Analytical Abilities: Agate (Gray and Turritella), Carnelian, Celestite, Charoite, Chiastolite, Chrysoberyl, Citrine, Garnet (Almandine)Lepidolite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Vesuvianite

            Balancing with Creativity: Agate (Turritella), Pyrite

            Teaching: Calcite

Ancestry/Roots: Preseli

Anger (General): Agate (Apricot), AquamarineAzuriteCarnelian, Chalcedony (Blue), Danburite (White), EpidoteKyaniteMuscoviteOnyxPeridot, Quartz (Girasol), RubyRuby-Zoisite, SmithsoniteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)Zoisite

            Accessing: Jade (Black)Rhodonite

            Controlling: AngeliteChrysoprase, Danburite (Yellow), Garnet (Spessartine and Uvarovite), Muscovite, Smithsonite, Tourmaline (Pink)

            Fury/Rage, controlling: Amethyst, Aventurine (Yellow), Carnelian, Muscovite, Peridot, Rhodonite, Ruby

            Relieving: Agate (Apricot, Blue Lace  and Gray), ApatiteApophyllite, Aragonite (Brown)Aventurine, Calcite (Blue and Mangano), Citrine, Garnet (Almandine), IdocraseKunziteKyaniteLapis Lazuli, Lodestone, MuscovitePeridotPyriteSmithsonite

Annoyance: ApatiteAventurineLapis LazuliPeridotRhodonite

Anxiety (General): Agate, Amber, AngeliteApophyllite, Aventurine (BlueGreen and Pink), Calcite (Blue and Green), Chalcedony (Blue)ChrysopraseCitrine, Citrine (Burnt)Copper, Coral, Garnet (Andradite and Grossularite), Kunzite (Green and Pink/Purple), Kyanite, Labradorite, Larimar, Moonstone (Black and White), Muscovite,  Nuummite, Obsidian (Red Sheen), Onyx, Peridot, Pyrite, Quartz (Girasol), and Whiskey), Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite (Peru and Russia), Quartz (Lavender)Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Blue)Sodalite, Sodalite (Sunset)StilbiteSugiliteTiger Iron, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline (Black and Green)

Anxious Thoughts: Chrysoberyl

            Feeling like a misfit: Sugilite

            See also Fear 

             See also Adrenal Glands and Brain Chemistry in the Physical Healing Index

Apathy: ApatiteTurquoise

Aphrodisiacs: Agate (Fire), Calcite (Orange), Fluorite, Garnet (Almandine)RubyThulite, Tourmaline (PinkRed, and  Watermelon)

Argumentativeness: Onyx

Arrogance: Agate (Tree)

Assertiveness:  Jasper (Red), OnyxPeridotRuby, Vesuvianite

Astuteness: Topaz

Attention, Focus:  BuddstoneChrysoberylChrysocollaIolite, Onyx, Opal (Blue), Petalite, Preseli, Quartz (Whiskey)Ruby, Shungite (Noble), Stilbite, Tanzanite, Tourmaline (Red)Turquoise

Attentiveness: ChalcedonyChrysoprase, CopperVariscite

Attraction: Epidote, Garnet (Spessartine)

Auric Field:

            Activate:  Aragonite

Authority: ChrysoberylTopaz

Authenticity: Jasper (Picasso)

Autism: ApatiteCharoiteSugilite

Avoidance mechanisms: Prehnite


Baggage, Releasing: Aquamarine, Aragonite (Red)GalenaInfiniteMorganitePeridot

Balance (Emotional/Mental):  Agate (Gray), AmberAmethystAmetrine, Aragonite (Brown)Celestite, Chalcedony (Blue)ChiastoliteChrysocolla-MalachiteCitron Chrysoprase, Coral (Blue and Red), DiopsideGalenaHawks EyeJade, Jasper (Mookaite, Ocean and Picture), Lapis LazuliLepidolite, Moonstone (Black and White), MorganiteMuscovitePeacock OrePreseliRuby-Iolite,  Sapphire (Blue), Smithsonite, StilbiteTigers Eye,  Tigers Eye (Red), Tourmaline (Green and Pink) , Turquoise, Unakite

            Life: Moonstone & Tourmaline

            Maintaining long term: Agate (Gray), ChrysocollaEmeraldRuby-Iolite

            Work: Moonstone & Tourmaline

Behavior, Negative:  Amethyst Chevron

Beliefs (Non-spiritual): ChalcopyriteChrysoprase,  Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite

Belonging, Sense Of:  Tourmaline (Green)

Better Choices: Ametrine

Betrayal: DioptaseRhodonite

            By Romantic Partner: Peacock Ore, Rhodochrosite

Bipolar Disorder: CharoiteLarimarLepidolitePeridotStilbiteTiger Iron

Bitterness, Reducing: Agate (Apricot and Gray)

Blaming:  Nuummite

Boldness:  Malachite

Boredom, Reducing: Tourmaline 

Brave:  Aventurine (Yellow),  Eudialyte, Jasper (Red), Tourmaline (Pink)

Brotherhood:  Angelite

Boundaries, Creating/Maintaining:  Agate (Apricot), Amazonite, Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Citrine (Burnt), Jade (Purple), Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), LepidoliteSerpentineShattuckite


Calming (General): Agate (Blue Lace, DendriticGray and Turritella) , Amazonite, ApophylliteAquamarine, Aragonite (Brown), Aventurine (Blue and Green), Bismuth, Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Calcite (Blue and Mangano),  Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Charoite, ChiastoliteChrysocollaCitrineDumortierite, Garnet (Andradite) and (Uvarovite), Hawks EyeIolite, Jade (BlackBlue and White), Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Jet, Kunzite (Green, Gold and Pink/Purple),  LabradoriteLarimarLepidolite, Moonstone (BlackMoonstone & Tourmaline and White), Obsidian (Snowflake), Opal (Blue and Pink), PetalitePetrified WoodPreseli, Quartz (Blue and Whiskey), Rhodonite, Selenite (Desert Rose and White), SerpentineSmithsoniteTigers Eye, Tigers Eye (Gold)Tiger Iron, Tourmaline (Green and Watermelon), VarisciteVatican Stone

            Emotional:  Agate (Gray)EmeraldMagnesiteMoonstone, Sapphire (Blue)Smoky Quartz

            Mental: Agate (Gray), AmethystAquamarineKyanite, Tourmaline (Green)

            See also Anxiety

Centering Stones: Agate (Blue Lace and Dendritic), Amethyst, Aragonite (Brown), Chalcedony (Blue)ChiastoliteChrysanthemum Stone, Chrysoberyl, Galena, Jasper (Red), Lepidolite, Magnesite, Obsidian (Snowflake), Opal (Blue and Pink), PetalitePreseli,  Sapphire (Blue),

See also Balance

Certainty: Rose Quartz

Challenge:  Agate (Dendritic), Garnet (Almandine)Thulite

Changes: Agate (Apricot and Fire),  Amethyst Chevron,  Aragonite (Red), Aventurine (Blue)Bismuth, Calcite (Green), Charoite, ChrysocollaChrysopraseEpidoteIdocrase, Gabbro (Indigo), Jade (Black), Kyanite, Larimar,  Marble (Picasso)PietersitePyriteRuby Iolite, Sodalite (Sunset)SunstoneTiger IronVariscite

            Accepting: Agate (Apricot)Chrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaLarimarRose QuartzRuby Iolite

            Adapting to: Bloodstone (Heliotrope)ChalcedonyRuby Iolite

            Behaviors Patterns: Lepidolite, Obsidian (Black)Petalite, Petrified Palm Wood, Ruby IoliteSodalite, Sodalite (Sunset)

            Encouraging:  Jasper (Yellow), MalachitePeridot,

            Facilitating: ChrysoberylChiastolite,  Danburite (White),  Jasper (OceanRainforest and Leopardskin), Opal (Green)Rutilated Quartz, , Seraphinite

            Positive: Calcite (Blue)

            Self-Image: Muscovite

Chaos, Support During:  Agate (Tree)FluoritePietersite,  Quartz (Snow)Seraphinite,

            See also Trauma

Character: ChalcedonyPyriteSardonyx

Charisma: ChrysoberylGarnetSmithsoniteTopaz, Tourmaline (Red),

Chastity: Onyx

Chi Energy: Garnet (Spessartine)

Childhood:  Aventurine (Yellow), ChrysopraseSmithsonite

            Abuse:  Serpentine

            Encouraging Maturity: Aventurine (Blue)

            See Grow up

            Healing Inner Child:  Agate (Tree)Cavansite, Chalcedony (Blue)Chrysoprase, Dioptase,  Jasper (Ocean)PeridotSmithsonite

            Premature Maturity: Kunzite

            Self-Expression:  Calcite (Gold)

Civility: Bronzite

Clarity: Agate (Blue Lace), AmberAmethyst ChevronAmetrine,  Calcite (Clear), ChrysocollaCinabrite,, DumortieriteEmeraldFluorite, Jade (Black and Blue), Labradorite (Golden)Moonstone,  Obsidian (Black)PietersitePyrite,  Quartz (Clear)Rhodonite, Sapphire (Blue), Smithsonite, Stilbite, Super 7, Tourmaline (Watermelon), Variscite

Clear Sensing: Jasper (Bumblebee)

Clumsiness: Muscovite

Clutter: Prehnite

Codependency: Agate (Apricot) , FuchsiteLapis LazuliMuscoviteRhodoniteRuby IoliteSunstone

            Enmeshment: Muscovite

Collaborations:  Nuummite

Comfort:  Tourmaline (Red)

            Zones:  Vatican Stone

Commitment: GarnetLodestonePyrite ,RubyTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Red)

            Follow Through: Jasper (Picasso),  Zoisite

Communication: Agate (Moss and Blue Lace)AmazoniteAngeliteAquamarine, Aragonite (Brown and Blue), Calcite (Mangano)CavansiteChalcedonyChrysocolla, FluoriteHemimorphiteKyaniteLapis LazuliLarimar, Obsidian (Black and Rainbow), Onyx, Quartz (Blue, Clear  Girasol-Rose, and Girasol-White), Sapphire (Blue)Sardonyx, Shattuckite,  Smithsonite,  Topaz (Blue), TurquoiseVariscite

            Between Parent/Child: Agate (Apricot and Blue Lace)

            Clear:  Jade (White)

            Civil: Bronzite

            Difficulties: Calcite (Blue)Muscovite, Opal (Blue and Pink), Smoky Quartz

            Encouraging: Kyanite

            Enhancing:  Agate (Moss), AngeliteApatite,  Calcite (Gold)CelestiteChalcedony, Chrysocolla, Fluorite (Blue), KunziteMuscovite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen)

                        Eloquence: Ruby IoliteSardonyx

            Keeping when to keep silent: Chrysocolla

            Language Skills: Angelite, Chalcedony (Blue)Chinese Writing Stone, Dumortierite

            Listening Skills: Agate (Blue Lace)Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Citron ChrysopraseLapis LazuliMagnesite, Opal (Blue)PreseliRuby Iolite

            Loving: Sugilite

            Negotiation/Diplomacy: AngeliteCelestiteKyanite

            Public speaking:  Apatite (Blue)CinabriteKyanite, Topaz (Blue)Turquoise

            Realms: Iolite

                        Angelic: Seraphinite

            Second Language: Chalcedony (Blue)ChrysopraseEmeraldLapis LazuliThulite

            Stuttering:  Apatite (Blue), Aventurine (Blue), Calcite (Blue)Lapis LazuliKyaniteTurquoise

            Tact: Agate (Blue Lace),  Tourmaline (Pink)

            Unblocking: AquamarineAzurite

Community, sense of: Carnelian,  Chalcedony (Pink), Jasper (Ocean),  Opal (Pink)PreseliRhodoniteRose Quartz

            Belief in the Goodness:  Chalcedony (Pink)

            Building:  Scolecite

            Civil: Bronzite

            See also Relationships

Companionship: Sodalite

See also Friendship, Relationships

Compassion: AngeliteAquamarine, Aragonite (Brown)AventurineAzurite-Malachite, Calcite (Green and Pink), Celestite,  Chalcedony (Pink)ChrysoberylChrysopraseCitron Chrysoprase, DioptaseEmeraldGarnetInfinite,  Jade (White)KyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarMorganiteObsidian PetalitePrasiolite, Quartz (Clear, Girasol, LavenderRose and Tangerine),  Rhodochrosite, RhodoniteRose Quartz, Sapphire (Blue and Yellow), Selenite (Sphere)Smithsonite, Sodalite, StichtiteSuper 7Tanzanite, Tanzanite (Prairie)Tiger Iron, Tourmaline (Green, Pink and Red), Variscite

            Self-Compassion: MerlinitePetalite

Compatibility, Enhance: Ametrine

Complaining:  Nuummite

Composure: Petrified WoodPietersite

Compromise: SerpentineSodalite

            Unwillingness to: FluoriteLapis LazuliSugilite

            Willingness:  Epidote

            (See also Forgiveness)

Compulsion, Reducing: CharoiteChrysopraseDumortieriteHematiteLepidolite

            See also Fear, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Concentration: Agate (Gray and Moss), Amethyst, AmetrineApatite, Aragonite (Brown)CarnelianCitrineFluoriteGarnet, Hematite, Jasper (Ocean)Lepidolite, OnyxPietersite,  Quartz (Clear),  Ruby Zoisite,  Sapphire (Blue)Smoky Quartz,

Confidence: Agate (Apricot, Blue Lace, and Moss), Amber, Aragonite (Red), Aventurine (Green and Pink), Azurite-Malachite, Bismuth, Calcite (Honey and Orange) , CarnelianChrysoberyl, Chalcedony, Chrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaCitrine,  Citrine (Burnt)Dumortierite, Fluorite, Gabbro (Indigo), Garnet (Almandine and Spessartine), HematiteLabradorite,  Labradorite (Golden)Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, MalachiteMorganite, Muscovite,  Nuummite, Obsidian (Mahogany), Opal (Blue and Pink),  Peacock OrePeridotPyrite, Sardonyx, Smithsonite, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

            Taking the Initiative: Agate (Moss), Jasper (Bumblebee)

Conflict: ChalcedonyCelestiteLapis Lazuli, Obsidian (Golden Sheen)OnyxPietersite, Rhodonite,  Ruby ZoisiteSerpentineSugiliteTigers Eye

Confrontation: AmethystCarnelianCitrineMalachiteOnyxPrehnitePyriteSugilite

Confusion: AngeliteApatiteAquamarine, Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Carnelian, Cavansite, FluoriteKyaniteMuscoviteObsidianOnyxPietersitePyrite, Rhodonite, Selenite,  Shungite (Noble)SodaliteTourmaline

            Emotional: Malachite

            Disorientation:  Jasper (Picture)Magnesite

Conscience: ApophylliteChrysoprasePeridot,  Tourmaline (Green)

Consistency: AquamarineChiastoliteChrysocollaEmeraldOnyxSugiliteZoisite

Contemplation: Agate (Gray), Aragonite (Blue)KyaniteLabradorite

Contentment: Chrysoprase, PreseliVanadinite

Contradictions: AmethystAmetrine, Jasper (Ocean and Rainforest), Smoky Quartz 

            From Others: PyriteRuby

Control (General): AmetrineApophyllite, Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Chrysoprase, Dumortierite, JetOnyx,  Tourmaline (Black),

            Relinquishing: Sodalite

            Self-Control, Developing: Bloodstone (Heliotrope)GalenaOnyxSardonyxTopaz

            Taking:  Fluorite, InfiniteJadeJetLapis LazuliLarimar

Cooperation: Coral AgatizedEmerald, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Garnet, Quartz (Snow)Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

Courage: Agate (ApricotDendriticFire, and Tree), Amazonite, Aragonite (Red)Aquamarine, Aventurine (Blue)AzuriteAzurite Granite (K2),  Beryl,  Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Calcite (Orange)Carnelian, CavansiteChiastoliteCinabrite,  Citrine (Burnt)DragonstoneDumortierite, Galena, Garnet (Almandine, (Andradite), Grossularite and Hessonite), Jasper (Brecciated, Bumblebee, (Leopardskin),  Picasso and Red), Lapis LazuliNuummite, Obsidian (Red Sheen)Pyrite,  Quartz (Girasol)Ruby ZoisiteSeptarian NoduleSugiliteThuliteTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Red)VarisciteVesuvianite

            Fortitude: Galena

Creativity: Agate (ApricotFire, and TreeAmberAmetrineApatite  Aragonite (Blue), Aventurine (BlueGreen, and Yellow), Calcite (Blue and Orange)Carnelian,  Celestite,  Chalcedony (Blue and Pink)ChiastoliteCinabriteCopperDioptaseEudialyteFluorite, Garnet (Andradite, Hessonite and Spessartine), Idocrase, Jasper (BrecciatedLeopardskin,  Picasso, Rainforest and Red), Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), Labradorite,  Labradorite (Golden)Larimar, Malachite,  Marble (Picasso)Moonstone, Opal (Blue and Yellow), PrasiolitePyrite,  Quartz Girasol-WhiteGirasol-Rose, Quartz (Clear and Tangerine)RhodoniteRubyRuby FuchsiteRuby ZositeSand Dollar Fossil, Sapphire (Yellow)Septarian Nodule, Sodalite (Sunset), StilbiteSugiliteSunstoneSuper 7TanzaniteThuliteTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black), TurquoiseVanadiniteZoisite

            Experimentation:  Agate (Tree), ApophylliteIdocraseSunstone

            Literary:  Topaz (Blue)

            Musical: Aragonite (Blue)DiopsideMuscovite

            Problem Solving: Agate (Turritella) , AmazoniteAmberAmetrine,  Buddstone, CharoiteChiastoliteIdocrase, Jasper (Bumblebee),  Tourmaline (Green)

            Visual: Jasper (Picasso), Marble (Picasso)

Crisis: Jade (Blue)

Cruelty, Healing: AngeliteLapis LazuliRhodonite,

Culture: Preseli

Curiosity: Agate (Crazy Lace), Azurite-Malachite,  Calcite (Green)Cavansite, Chalcedony (Pink), DumortieriteEudialyteFossilized ShellLabradoriteMerlinite,  Quartz (Tangerine),  Ruby Matrix, ShattuckiteThulite, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline


Death:  Agate (Apricot), AmethystChiastolite,  Danburite (White)KunziteKyanite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Opal (Green),  Ruby Zoisite

            Acceptance: Carnelian

            Communication with loved ones:  Obsidian (Snowflake)

            Fear of: Carnelian

            Grief/Healing after a loved one's death:  Agate (Apricot), Angelite, Jet, Merlinite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)

            Quest for immortality: Chiastolite

Decision, Making: Agate (Apricot, GrayMoss and Turritella), Amethyst, Bloodstone (Heliotrope)Charoite,  Citrine (Burnt),  Fluorite, Hawks Eye, Jade (Green), Jasper (Leopardskin), LepidoliteMuscoviteOnyxPrehnite, Sapphire (Blue)StilbiteTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Green)

            Good: Fossilized Shell

            Major Life Decision:  Vesuvianite

            Overcoming Indecision: AmetrineCalcite (Orange),  Fluorite

            With Love: Apophyllite

            Wise: Agate (GrayMoss and Turritella), BismuthDragonstoneMalachiteMuscoviteOnyx

Decisiveness: AmetrineBronziteFluorite

            Causal effect: Sapphire (Blue)

Dependency: Agate (Apricot)EmeraldFuchsiteIoliteLepidoliteRhodoniteRuby IoliteSunstone

Depression (General): Agate (Moss), AmberAmetrineAngeliteApatite, Aventurine (Green and Pink), Calcite (Blue, Green and Orange),  Chiastolite, Citrine,  Citrine (Burnt)Copper, Coral (Blue and Red), Eudialyte, Garnet (Andradite), (Spessartine and Uvarovite), Idocrase, Jasper (Ocean and Rainforest)Jet, Kunzite (Green and Pink/Purple), Lapis LazuliLepidolite,  Nuummite, Obsidian (BlackMahoganyRainbow and Red Sheen), Petrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodPyrite, Quartz (Girasol, (Lavender) and Tangerine), Rhodonite, Sapphire (Blue)Sardonyx,  Scolecite, SmithsoniteSmoky QuartzStichtiteSunstone, Tanzanite (Prairie),  Tigers EyeTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Pink, (Purple), Red and Watermelon), Turquoise

            Associated with Bipolar Disorder: CharoiteLarimarLepidolitePeridot

            Associated with Mental Breakdown: Smithsonite

            Associated with Physical Sickness or Physical Trauma: Chiastolite

Despondency: Lepidolite, Quartz (Tangerine)

            Elderly: Carnelian

            Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Amber, Tigers Eye (Gold)Sunstone

            Suicidal Tendencies, reducing: Amber, Obsidian (Apache Tear)Smoky Quartz

            Will to Live: JasperOpal

            See also Adrenal Glands and Brain Chemistry in the Physical Healing Index

Desire (General):  Aventurine (Red)OpalRose QuartzSmithsoniteThulite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

            Fulfilling: Amber, Chalcedony (Blue)HematiteMalachiteMoldaviteOpalPyriteZoisite

            Reducing: ApophylliteTigers Eye

            Unfulfilled: Hematite

Despair: Agate (Blue Lace), CitrineKyanite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)PyriteRose QuartzRuby IoliteRuby ZoisiteSugiliteVariscite

            See also Depression, Grief, Hope

Determination: Agate (Moss), Charoite, Jade (Green), Jasper (Red) , MalachiteOnyxRuby, Sapphire (Blue)Tiger Iron

Devas: Jasper (Rainforest)

Dignity: Agate (Tree), AmethystBuddstone,  Calcite (Green)Lapis Lazuli

Diplomacy: Chalcedony (Blue)Coral Agatized, resolución

Direction: Lodestone,  Quartz (Clear)

Discernment: Calcite (Clear)Emerald,  Jade (Purple)Muscovite, Opal (Green and White),  Sapphire (Blue)Selenite (Sphere)Tigers EyeVariscite

Disorganization: Fluorite

            See also Organization

Discipline: Aragonite (Brown and Red), ChrysoberylLapis LazuliOnyx,  Sapphire (Blue)Septarian NoduleVanadinite

Distress, Soothing: Ametrine, Obsidian (Apache Tear)PetaliteRose Quartz

Disturbed, Soothing: Ametrine

Divine, Trust:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Tourmaline (Purple)

Doubt, Soothing: Agate (Blue Lace),  Hawks Eye, Jade (Green)Tigers EyeTopaz

Dreams: Agate (Apricot), AmethystAngelite, Aventurine (Green and Pink),  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)Carnelian, CharoiteDioptaseEmeraldJadeMalachiteMoldaviteMoonstoneOpal, Peacock Ore, Preseli,  Quartz (Girasol),  Rhodonite

            Come True:  Gabbro (Indigo),  Jasper (Brecciated), Rutilated Quartz

            Recall: Jasper (Red)

Daydreaming:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)Carnelian,  Gabbro (Indigo), Labradorite, Morganite,  Tourmaline (Pink)

            Lucid: Angelite,  Bloodstone (Heliotrope),  Danburite (White), Emerald, Kyanite, Moonstone,  Sapphire (Blue)SodaliteSugilite

            Manifesting: Amethyst ChevronChalcedony,  Sand Dollar FossilSmoky Quartz

            Nightmare: Amethyst, Aventurine (Pink), Calcite (Mangano)Charoite, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, PrehniteQuartz SmokySugiliteTigers EyeTurquoise

            Prophetic:  Jasper (Brecciated)

            Recall: Celestite,  Jasper (Red)Kyanite,  Sapphire (Blue)

            Sweet: Calcite (Honey and Mangano)

            Understanding: AmethystAngeliteJadeLapis Lazuli

Destiny:  Moldavite

Disappointment:  Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

Divorce:  Muscovite

Dramas: Jade (Blue)

Drive, Increasing: ApatiteChrysocollaRuby

Dynamism: AquamarineCitrineFluoriteGarnetHematite,  Jasper (Red),  Marble (Picasso)RhodochrositeRubyTiger Iron

Dyslexia: Malachite,  Sapphire (Blue)SugiliteTourmaline


Education:  Calcite (Green),  Ruby Iolite

            Arts:  Celestite

            Mathematics:  Diopside, Dumortierite,  Muscovite

            Philosophy:  Muscovite

            Science:  Diopside

See also Scientists, Scientific Reasoning

Effectiveness: Amethyst,  Quartz (Clear)RhodochrositeTopaz

Efficiency: Sodalite

Ego, Reducing: Agate (Turritella), ChrysoberylChrysopraseFossilized ShellOnyxPeridotPetaliteSeptarian NoduleSuper 7, Tourmaline (Green) and (Pink)

Elevating:  Serpentine

Emotions (General): Apophyllite,  Aventurine (Pink)AzuriteAzurite (Granite (K2))Azurite-MalachiteBuddstone, Calcite (Mangano)CarnelianChalcopyrite, Chiastolite, ChrysocollaCitrine, Coral (Blue and Red), Epidote,  Jade (Green), Jasper (Ocean)KyaniteLabradoriteLarimarMalachite, Moonstone (Black and White), Morganite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)OpalPietersite, PreseliRhodochrositeRose Quartz,  Sand Dollar FossilSmithsoniteThuliteTopazZoisite

            Ability to Endurance:  Agate (Moss), Cinabrite, LodestoneVanadinite

            Ability to Express: AzuriteLapis LazuliMalachitePietersite,  Quartz (Clear), Rhodochrosite, TourmalineZoisite

            Ability to Feel: DioptaseEmeraldLabradoriteMalachiteMoonstone

            Amplifying: Opal (White)

            Balancing: AmethystApatite,  Calcite (Green)ChiastoliteChrysocollaCitrineJet, Jasper (OceanRainforestRed and Leopardskin), Malachite, Moonstone (Black and White), RhodoniteRuby IoliteShattuckiteSodaliteThuliteTurquoise

            Clean: Prehnite

            Confusion: Agate (Blue Lace), Calcite (Colbalto)

            Connecting to Logic: Agate (Turritella), Apophyllite,  Calcite (Clear)Lodestone, MoonstoneRuby Iolite

            Connecting to the Physical Body: Agate (Tree)

            Connecting with Others: Quartz (Blue), Shiva Lingam

            Control:  Smoky Quartz

            Discomfort:  Scolecite

            Disorders:  Lepidolite

                        Nature Deficit: Jasper (Picture) and (Rainforest)

            Distractions:  Jade (White), Jasper (Bumblebee)

            Explore: Larimar

            Fortitude: Galena

            Freedom:  Cavansite, Garnet (Andradite, Grossularite, Hessonite, and Spessartite),  Lepidolite,  Muscovite, Sodalite

            Healing (General):  Aragonite (Blue),  Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Mangano), Coral (Red), Eudialyte, Hemimorphite,  Jasper (Ocean), KunziteLarimarLepidolite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)RhodochrositeRose QuartzSeptarian Nodule,  Serpentine, Smithsonite,  Tourmaline (Pink and Watermelon)Variscite

            Misunderstood: Garnet (Andradite), Sugilite

            Negative: Obsidian (Apache Tear)

            Negative influences: Agate (Fire), Aragonite (Red),  Aventurine (Green), Chrysocolla, GalenaGanesha Diamond, Kunzite (Green)HematiteLabradorite, Moonstone (White), OnyxPrehnitePyrite,  Quartz (Girasol), Quartz (Clear and Snow), Ruby FuchsiteRubySunstone

            Oppressed: AmazoniteApophylliteChrysoberylRutilated Quartz

            Painful: Tourmaline (Pink)

            Perception:   Agate (Blue Lace), Apophyllite, Aragonite (Blue)Turquoise

            Prejudice:  Scolecite

            Protection/Security: Agate (Fire and Turritella), Celestite,  Coral (Red), Garnet (Andradite),  Jasper (Leopardskin), Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), Tourmaline (Watermelon),  Vatican Stone

            Related to Childhood: Agate (Blue Lace), CavansiteChrysoprase

            Releasing (General): AmetrineApophyllite, Aragonite (Red)Azurite ,  Calcite (Gold)Chiastolite, Chrysocolla,  EudialyteFluoriteInfiniteLapis LazuliLepidoliteMalachite, Opal (Green)PeridotRhodochrosite, Selenite (Desert Rose), Smithsonite, Tourmaline (Purple)Turquoise

            Repressed: Agate (Blue Lace), ApophyllitePrehnite

            Safety:  Buddstone,  Celestite,  Danburite (White) and (Yellow), Moonstone (White), Pyrite, Tourmaline (Pink) and (Purple)

            Soothing (General): Agate (Blue Lace), AmazoniteAquamarine, Calcite (Blue), Chrysoberyl, Fluorite (Blue)JadeLarimarLepidolite,  Obsidian (Snowflake)Rose QuartzSmithsonite, Topaz (Blue)

            Soothing (Harmful Patterns): ApophylliteMuscoviteRuby Iolite

            Stamina: Garnet (Andradite),

            Support System:  Jade (Green)

            Therapy, Support: Chalcedony (Blue and Pink)Labradorite

            Trauma:  Obsidian (Mahogany), Quartz (Girasol Rose)Quartz (Lavender)Rhodonite, Tourmaline

            Triggers: Muscovite

            Understanding: Apophyllite, AquamarineMoonstoneMuscovite,  Sand Dollar Fossil

            Unfulfilled Needs: Aquamarine

            Wounds/Scars:  Rhodonite


            Difficult Situations:  Aventurine (Green)

            Grounding:  Obsidian (Red Sheen)

            Habits:  Vesuvianite

            Intelligence:  Agate (Gray), Azulite-MalachiteDumortieriteMerliniteSodalite Sodalite (Sunset)

            Issues: Obsidian (Rainbow)

            Maturity: Lapis Lazuli

            Patterns: Kyanite

            Responsibility:  Muscovite

Empathy: Aventurine, Calcite (Mangano)Chalcedony, Hemimorphite KyaniteMalachiteMoldaviteRose QuartzShattuckite-DioptaseThulite,  Tourmaline (Green)Turquoise,  Vesuvianite

Empowerment:  Agate (Tree), Cavansite, Chrysoberyl, Chrysocolla, Dragonstone,  Gabbro (Indigo), Galena, Garnet (Andradite), Jasper (BumblebeeOcean and Rainforest), JetKyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarMoldavite,  Moonstone (Black)MorganiteNuummite,  Obsidian (Black) and (Golden Sheen), Opal (Green)Prehnite,  Quartz (Girasol), Shiva Lingam, SunstoneSuper 7, Tourmaline (Pink), (Red), and (Watermelon),  Variscite,

            Feeling Powerless: Agate (Tree)

            Strength:  Citrine,

            See also Depression, Fear, Self

Encouragement: Variscite

            Of Intelligence: Emerald

Energies, Female/Male:  Aventurine (Red)

Energy: Jasper (Rainforest)

            Align the Flow:  Tektite

            Balance:  Aventurine (Green)

            Creative: Jasper (Picasso)

            Frequency: Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple)

            Fresh:  Fluorite, Sodalite (Sunset)

            Magnifier:  Muscovite

            Negative:  Amethyst Chevron, Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple)

Enthusiasm: Aventurine, Bismuth, Citrine,  Garnet (Uvarovite)Labradorite, Rhodochrosite,  SunstoneTurquoiseVarisciteVesuvianite

Envy: Carnelian, Jade (Black), Jasper (Yellow)

Eroticism: OpalRhodochrositeRubyThulite

Ethics: Tourmaline (Black)

Evolve: Bismuth

Exertion:  Jasper (Ocean), Opal (Green),  Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Exhaustion, (General, Emotional/Mental):  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)CharoiteEpidote, Jasper (Bumblebee), LepidoliteRutilated QuartzRuby ZoisiteTiger Iron,  Tourmaline (Pink)Turquoise

            Emotional: ApatiteRhodonite

            Mental: Opal (Green)


            Bad:  Tektite

            Learning from negative: Tourmaline (Watermelon)

Extroverted: ApatiteAzurite, Calcite (Green and Orange), CitrineDioptaseLapis LazuliMalachite,  Opal (Pink)Pyrite, Tourmaline (Green and Red)


Failure/Mistakes: Epidote, Jasper (Picasso and Red), Kunzite (Green)Septarian NoduleSunstone, Tourmaline (Black and Green)

            Feeling Inadequate: Pyrite

            See also Fear

Faith:  Agate (Crazy Lace), AmazoniteAmberLarimar, Obsidian (Black, Rainbow and Silver Sheen),  Quartz (Whiskey),  Sapphire (Blue)Sunstone,

Fame: Topaz

Family (General): Agate (Apricot) and (Blue Lace), CarnelianChrysocollaPetrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodRose QuartzSand Dollar FossilScolecite

            Conflict: CitrineFuchsiteTiger Iron,  Tourmaline (Green)

            Connection:  Agate (Dendritic), Atlantasite,

            Drama/Stress:  Tiger Iron

            Father Figures: Jasper (Picasso and Red),  Tourmaline (Green)

            Healing the Ancestral line:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope),  Obsidian (Black)PetaliteTurquoise

            Love: Quartz (Lavender), Rose Quartz

            "Problem Child": Fuchsite

            Mother Figure: Agate (Blue Lace), LarimarRose Quartz

            Myths: Amethyst

            Parent-Child Relationship: Agate (Apricot) and (Blue Lace), CarnelianFuchsiteRose QuartzSunstone,  Tourmaline (Green)

Fanaticism: Morganite

Fear (General): Agate (Gray and Moss)AmetrineApophylliteAragoniteAtlantasite,  Aventurine, (Pink)AzuriteAzurite Granite (K2)Azurite-Malachite, Calcite (Clear), CarnelianCelestite, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink)ChiastoliteChrysoberylCopper, Danburite (Yellow)DumortieriteEmeraldEudialyte, Jasper (Bumblebee, PicassoPicture and Red), Jet, LabradoriteLarimarLepidoliteMagnesiteMoldaviteNuummiteObsidianOnyx, Opal (Blue and Green), Petrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodPyrite, Quartz (Girasol)RhodoniteRose QuartzRutilated QuartzSeptarian NoduleSerpentine PeruStilbiteSugilite, Tourmaline (Green, Mixed and Watermelon)Zoisite

            Alleviating:  Agate (Apricot) and (Moss), AmazoniteAmetrineApophyllite,  Calcite (Mangano) and (Orange), CharoiteChiastoliteIdocrase, Jasper (Bumblebee), Labradorite, Lodestone, MoldaviteOnyx, Quartz (Blue)Rose Quartz,  Sapphire (Yellow)SerpentineSmoky QuartzSmithsoniteSugilite,  Tourmaline (Green),

            Aging/Mid-Life Crisis: Aventurine (Blue)Chiastolite, Jade (Black), Jasper (Mookaite)Rose Quartz

            Basic Needs Not Being Met: HematiteMoldavite

            Being "Cursed": Tigers Eye

            Danger: Garnet (Almandine)

            Drowning:  Aquamarine

            Failure: Jasper (Bumblebee), Smoky Quartz

            Going Crazy/Mental Illness: Chiastolite,  Tiger Iron,

            Heights: Apatite (Blue)

            Infidelity: EmeraldTurquoise

            Poverty: Garnet (Grossularite)Moldavite

            Public Speaking:  Apatite (Blue)ChrysocollaKyaniteTurquoise

            Rejection:  Agate (Blue Lace)

            Responsibility: Aventurine (Blue), Chalcedony (Blue)CitrineGalena, Morganite, MuscoviteShattuckite

            Small/Tight Spaces (Claustrophobia): ChrysopraseEmerald, Tourmaline (GreenPinkWatermelon)

            The Unknown: Iolite, Quartz (Blue)

            Phobias/Irrational Fear (General):  Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Blue)LarimarPrehniteRhodochrosite

            Root Source: Azurite

Femininity: DiopsideLarimar, Moonstone (Moonstone & Tourmaline and White), Rose Quartz

Financial Success:  Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Clear), Carnelian, Coral (Blue), Garnet (Grossularite), Jet, Ruby Iolite,  Zoisite

            Be Thriftier:  Vanadinite

            Entrepreneurs: Calcite (Orange)

            Improvement, work: Quartz (Clear)

            Life:  Tiger Iron

            Money: Citrine,  Ruby Iolite,  Sand Dollar Fossil

                        Greed:  Jade (Green)

                        Managing: Iolite,

            Negative beliefs:  Jade (White), Obsidian (Golden Sheen)Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Sand Dollar Fossil

            Pressure:  Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Matrix

            Results, work:  Citrine,  Epidote,  Eudialyte,

            Wise choices: Opal (Green, White and Yellow)

Flexibility, Emotional/Mental: Agate (Crazy Lace and Tree), Amber,  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)KunziteMuscoviteMoonstone & TourmalinePetaliteRose QuartzSeraphinite

Forgiveness:  AstrophylliteAventurine RedChrysoberylChrysoprase, Calcite (Clear, Green and (Mangano),), Cradle of HumankindDioptaseEpidote,  Jade (White), Obsidian (Apache Tear)PeridotPetalite, Quartz (Lavender and Rose), Rhodonite (Canada and Peru), Rutilated QuartzSeptarian NoduleSmithsoniteStichtiteSugilite, Tanzanite (Prairie),Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline (Red)Turquoise

            Self: Infinite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)PeridotRose QuartzSugilite

            Reconciliation: Rhodonite


            Rebuild Strong and Energetic:  Tiger Iron


            From Other’s Expectations:  Vanadinite

            To Ask Questions:  Vanadinite

Friendship: Agate (Apricot),  Sapphire (Blue), Calcite (Green)Emerald,  Jade (Green)Lapis LazuliMalachitePeridotPreseli, Quartz (Lavender and Rose), RhodoniteRuby FuchsiteRuby, Sand Dollar FossilSardonyxScoleciteShiva LingamSmithsonite, Tourmaline (GreenRed and Watermelon)

Friendly and Charming: Tourmaline (Pink) and (Red)

            New:  Tektite

            See also Relationships

Frugality: JetPetrified Wood

Frustration: EpidoteRuby Iolite

Futility, Sense Of:  Obsidian (Golden Sheen)

Future:  Copper,  Cradle of Humankind,  Epidote,  Fluorite

See also Optimism

            Create: Shattuckite-Dioptase

            Predicting: Super 7


Generosity:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope),  Chrysoberyl, Jasper (Bumblebee),  Kunzite (Gold, Green) and Pink/Purple), Rhodonite,  Ruby Matrix, Sunstone, Topaz (Blue and Silver)

            Benevolence: Chalcedony (Pink)

            Charity: Buddstone, Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), Topaz (Blue)

            Guests:  Opal (Pink)

            Self: Thulite

Gentleness:  AmberAmethyst,  Jasper (Brecciated and (Red) ), MalachiteRose Quartz

Gifts, Receive:  Nuummite

Goal-Setting: AquamarineBismuthChrysoberylDragonstoneEmerald,  Jasper (Brecciated), LabradoriteLepidolite, LodestoneRuby FuchsiteRubyRutilated Quartz,  Sapphire (Blue), Tourmaline (Red and Watermelon)

            Define Goals:  Vanadinite

Gratitude: Cradle of Humankind,  Tourmaline (Green)

Greater Good:  Calcite (Green)

Greed:  Jade (Green)

Grief: AmethystAquamarine,  Aventurine (Pink), Calcite (Mangano)Cavansite, Danburite (Yellow)DragonstoneEpidote,  Jet, MoonstoneMorganite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)OnyxRuby ZoisiteStichtiteStilbiteSugilite, Tanzanite (Prairie)Zoisite

            Alleviating: AmethystAzuriteLodestoneSugilite

            Ancient/Ancestral: Onyx, Quartz (Tangerine)

            Comforting: Calcite (Green), Obsidian (Apache Tear)

            Releasing:  Calcite (Orange), Obsidian (Apache Tear), Opal (Green)

            Softening:  Eudialyte

            See also Death, Sadness

Grounding:  Agate, Agate (Fire and Tree),  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)ChrysoberylCitrine, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Hawks Eye, IoliteKyanite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)RhodoniteRubySardonyxSmoky QuartzStilbiteTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black and Red)VanadiniteVesuvianite

            ADD/ADHD: Aragonite

            Autistic: Sugilite

            In the Present: AmetrineCarnelianPeacock OrePetalite

Growth, (General, Emotional/Mental):  Agate (Dendritic), Aragonite (Red), Aventurine( GreenBlue), Calcite (Clear and Green), Chrysoprase,  EmeraldGanesha Diamond, Jade (Black)Lapis LazuliMerliniteNuummitePetrified Wood,  Sand Dollar FossilSeptarian Nodule

            Personal: Quartz (Blue)

Grow Up: Jasper (Picasso)

Guidance:  Angelite, Stilbite

Guilt (General):  Aventurine (Red)ChiastoliteChrysocollaGarnet, Jasper (Picasso)LarimarObsidian Mahogany, Opal (Green)PeridotRuby FuchsiteSodalite

            Hidden:  Jasper (Yellow)

            Overcoming:  Agate (Dendritic) Calcite (Green)

            Related to Sexuality:  Aventurine (Red)


Habits: ChiastoliteChrysoberylChrysopraseCitron Chrysoprase , DumortieriteFluorite,  Gabbro (Indigo)GarnetHematite,  IdocraseLodestone, Moonstone (Black),  Obsidian (Black)RainbowSodaliteTiger Iron

            Create New Habits: Sugilite,  Tiger Iron,

            Emotional:  Vesuvianite

            Healthy:  Vesuvianite

            Identifying: Obsidian (Rainbow and Snowflake), Rhodochrosite

            Releasing Bad Habits: Aragonite (Red), CavansiteChiastoliteDumortierite, FluoriteGarnetHawks Eye,  Jade (White)Lepidolite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), PetaliteSugiliteTurquoiseUnakiteVariscite

Happiness: Agate (Apricot, Crazy Lace, and Fire), AmberAmetrine, Apatite (Green),  Calcite (Clear)CharoiteChrysoberylCinabriteCitrine, Coral (Red)DioptaseGanesha Diamond, Garnet (Spessartine)Hemimorphite, Jasper (BumblebeeOcean and Rainforest), Kunzite (Green)LepidoliteMorganiteMuscoviteOpal,  Peacock OrePeridotPrasiolitePyriteRhodochrositeRose QuartzSardonyxSmithsonite, Sugilite, SunstoneThulite, Tourmaline (GreenPink and Watermelon), VanadiniteVesuvianite

            Attracting: ChrysoberylChalcedonyChrysocollaCitrineEmerald,  Jade (Green)SunstoneTopaz,  Tourmaline (Green)

            Bliss:  Citrine

            Laugh:  Cinabrite

Harmony: AmazoniteAmetrineAragoniteAzuriteAzurite-Malachite, ChrysocollaDumortieriteEmeraldEudialyteGanesha Diamond,  Jade (White), Jasper (Mookaite)Moonstone, Quartz (ClearSnow), Ruby IoliteSunstoneSugilite

Hate, Healing: CarnelianJade (Black)

Healing:  Kunzite (Green)Malachite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)Rose Quartz,  Shungite (Noble), Stilbite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed and Watermelon)

            Distance:  Cavansite,

            Knowledge:  Apatite (Green)KunziteMoldaviteMuscovite

            Opening:  Danburite (White)DiopsideEudialytePeridot

            Psychic:  Cavansite,

            Shamanic work: Iolite, Moonstone & Tourmaline

            Spiritual: Tourmaline (Watermelon),  Zoisite

            Wisdom: Magnesite

            See also Emotions

Health: Chalcedony (Pink)

            Emotional:  Idocrase

            Mental:  Idocrase

Heart (General): AventurineCharoiteCinabriteDioptaseEmeraldFluoriteGarnetLabradorite, Obsidian (MahoganySilver SheenRed Sheen and Rainbow), Peridot, Quartz (Blue)RhodochrositeRuby ZoisiteSmoky Quartz,  SmithsoniteTanzanite, Tourmaline (GreenPink, and Red)

            Calm: Stilbite

            Connection:  Calcite (Green)

            Courage: RhodochrositeStichtite

            Heartache: Garnet (Hessonite)

            Soften:  Muscovite

Helpfulness: AzuriteCarnelian, Chalcedony (Pink), Garnet (Grossularite and Spessartine),  Jasper (Ocean)Rose QuartzSardonyx, ScoleciteSuper 7

Helplessness:  Cavansite,

Hesitation, Overcoming:  Agate (Moss), Charoite

Hiding/Holding Back: Agate (Moss), AmethystApophylliteFluoriteMalachite, MoldaviteNuummitePietersiteRutilated Quartz

Historians: Chalcedony (Pink)

Holding on: ApophylliteChiastolite

Honesty: Agate (Apricot),  AmethystAquamarineAzuriteAzurite Granite (K2), Calcite (Mangano), Crop Circle Stone (Flint)EmeraldEpidoteGarnetHematiteJasper, Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), Lapis LazuliPyriteRutilated QuartzShattuckite-DioptaseSodalite, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Variscite

Honor:  Jasper (Brecciated and Red)

Hope:  Agate (Moss)ApophylliteCelestiteChiastoliteChrysoprase,  Citrine (Burnt)Citron ChrysopraseDioptase, Garnet (Almandine and Grossularite), Iolite,  Jade (White), Jasper (Rainforest),  Muscovite,  Obsidian (Mahogany), Opal (Blue), Quartz (Blue),  Peacock OreRose QuartzRutilated QuartzSardonyx, Seraphinite, Shiva LingamTopazVariscite

            Renewing: Chiastolite,  Jasper (Rainforest)MuscoviteRose Quartz

Hopelessness:  Cavansite,  Zoisite

Hostility, Reducing: Chalcedony (Pink)

Humility: Agate (Turritella), Kunzite

Humiliation, Healing:  Obsidian (Mahogany)

Humor: Calcite (Green), CelestiteCinabriteCitrine, Jade (Purple),  Obsidian (Red Sheen)PeridotStichtiteSunstone

Hypochondria: Azurite


Ideas, New : Aventurine (Yellow), Chalcedony (Pink)Cinabrite, Moonstone & Tourmaline,  Nuummite, Peacock Ore,  Sand Dollar Fossil,  Vatican Stone

            Verbalizing Spiritualism: Dumortierite

Idealism:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)CarnelianChrysopraseMalachite,  Opal (Pink)Sodalite


            Terminal:  Zoisite

Illusions: ChiastoliteLabradoriteMoonstone

Imagination:  Agate, AmethystAzuriteChrysoberylCitrineFossilized Shell, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Bumblebee and Leopardskin), LabradoriteMalachiteSodalite, Tourmaline (Mixed and Pink)

Impartiality: ChrysocollaFluorite,  Opal (Pink)

Inclusiveness: Jade (Black, Blue and (Green)

Independence: Agate (Apricot and Fire), AmazoniteAquamarineBismuthCharoite, ChrysoberylChrysopraseCinabrite, Citrine (Burnt)Galena,  Garnet (Uvarovite), Jasper (Picasso)Lapis LazuliLepidoliteOnyxRuby ZoisiteRutilated Quartz, Seraphinite, Smithsonite Sodalite, Sunstone,  Tourmaline (Pink)Zoisite

Individuality: AmazoniteAventurineCitrine,  Garnet (Uvarovite)

Indulgence: CopperEmerald,  Opal (Pink)Thulite

Inertia, Overcoming: Pyrite

Influence, External: CharoiteFluoritePeridotTopazZoisite

Influencing Others:  Jade (Green)LepidoliteObsidianOnyxSerpentine

Information (General): ApophylliteAquamarine, Calcite (Clear and Green), FluoriteSodalite

            Complex:  Opal

            Filtering: ApophylliteAquamarine,  Calcite (Clear)FluoriteMuscovite, Opal (Green)

            Integrating: RhodochrositeTigers Eye

            Open To New: Apatite, Calcite (Green)Fluorite Garnet (Andradite), Malachite, Sodalite,  Tourmaline (Green)

            Organizing: Fluorite

            Practical: Agate (Turritella), Citron ChrysopraseFuchsite,  Septarian Nodule,

            Processing: MalachiteSardonyx

            Retaining:  Calcite (Clear)Citrine

Inhibition, Releasing: Garnet (Hessonite and Spessartite), Malachite, Opal (Green) and (Blue), Quartz (Whiskey)Sunstone,  Tourmaline (Green)

Inner Dialog:  Agate (Blue Lace)

Innocence: Quartz (Tangerine)

Innovation: Fossilized Shell

Insecurity:  Agate (Moss)Muscovite

            See also Fear

Insight: AmetrineAragoniteAzuriteCalcite (Clear and Honey)ChrysoberylKyaniteLapis LazuliMalachiteMoonstone  Obsidian (Black and Snowflake)PietersiteRutiled Quartz,  Sapphire (Blue)SodaliteTigers Eye

            Emotional: Ametrine

Insomnia: Sodalite

Inspiration: Agate (Moss and Tree), AmberAmethyst, Aventurine (Green), Chalcedony (Blue)Emerald, Garnet (Grossularite),  Jade (Green), Jasper (Red),  KunziteLabradorite, MoldaviteMuscovite,  Opal (Pink),  Quartz (Tangerine)Rhodochrosite, Sapphire (Blue)ThuliteTourmalineZoisite

Instinct: Jasper (Leopardskin and Mookaite)

            Ancient: Jasper (Mookaite)

Integrating: Unakite

            Stimulating: Azurite,  Calcite (Clear),  Hawks Eye, MalachiteSodaliteTopaz

            Subconscious: Malachite

Integration: Ametrine, Hematite

Integrity:  Agate (Moss), Amazonite, Aventurine (Red and Yellow), Calcite (Orange), Jade (Black and Blue), Kyanite,  MuscoviteObsidian, Quartz (Girasol Rose)SardonyxShattuckiteSodaliteTigers Eye,  Variscite

Intellect: See Mental/The Mind

Intentions: LabradoriteLepidolite, Sapphire (Blue), Tourmaline (Watermelon)Zoisite

Introspection: ApophylliteKunziteLabradorite

Introverts, Protecting Energy: Bloodstone, Turquoise

Irritability, Reducing:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Chalcedony (Pink), Jade (Green)Magnesite,


Jealousy: Chrysoprase

Joy: *See Happiness

Judgement: AmethystChrysoberylMuscoviteSelenite,  Shiva Lingam,

            Incorrectly Judged by Others:  Agate (Blue Lace), MuscoviteVariscite

Judgmental: AquamarineChrysopraseMuscoviteShattuckite

Justice: AmethystAzuriteAzurite Granite (K2)ChrysopraseEmerald, Jasper (LeopardskinPicture and Red), Malachite, Opal (Green)Sugilite

            Injustice: FluoriteRhodonite


Kindness:  Agate (Apricot), Azurite-Malachite, Bloodstone (Heliotrope)CavansiteCelestite, Chalcedony (Pink)Chrysoprase,  Jasper (Ocean), Jet,  Obsidian (Black), Rose QuartzSmithsoniteThulite, Tourmaline (GreenPink and Watermelon)

Knowledge:  Apatite (Blue),  Aventurine (Yellow)ChalcopyriteChiastolite, Jade (Blue)Lapis LazuliMalachite, Sapphire (Blue)Shiva LingamSunstoneTektite,  Topaz (Blue)


Laziness, Overcoming: Calcite (Clear and Orange), RhodochrositeRubyTiger Iron

Leadership:  Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Orange), Kyanite, Stromatolite Brown

Learning Ability (General): AmethystAtlantasite, Chalcedony (Blue)DiopsideDumortieriteFluoriteGanesha Diamond, Quartz (Blue and Clear)Rhodonite, Sapphire (Blue) Topaz (Blue and Silver)

            Lifelong Learner:  Tektite

            See also ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

For Autism, please see the Physical Healing Index


            Enjoy:  Amethyst Chevron, Jasper (Bumblebee), Peacock Ore

            Enjoy, the moment: Fossilized Shell, Iolite, Quartz (Blue)Stromatolite Brown,  Zoisite

            Healthiest:  Ganesha Diamond

            Less Complicated:  Variscite

            Major Decision:  Vesuvianite

            New Beginnings: Garnet (Andradite, Grossularite, Hessonite, and Spessartite),  Rutilated Quartz, Unakite

Lighthearted: Sodalite (Sunset)

Limitations, overcoming:  Larimar, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Quartz (Clear)Topaz

Logic: Agate (Turritella),  Apophyllite,  Calcite (Clear)CarnelianCitron ChrysopraseFluorite, Gabbro (Indigo)Iolite, Jade (BlackBlue and Green), Kunzite (GreenGold and Pink/Purple), Prasiolite,  Sapphire (Blue)Stichtite Tanzanite (Prairie)Tiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black)Variscite

Loneliness: Bismuth,  Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Garnet (AlmandineAndradite and Uvarovite), Obsidian (Snowflake)

Loss: *See Grief

Love (General): Agate (Apricot),  AngeliteBronzite,  Calcite (Clear) and (Mangano)ChrysopraseEmeraldEudialyte, Jade (Green), Kunzite (GreenGold and Pink/Purple), LarimarMalachiteMoonstoneMorganite, Obsidian (Black), Opal (Blue and White), Peacock OrePrasiolitePyrite,  Quartz (Girasol), Quartz (Girasol Rose), Quartz (LavenderRose), RhodochrositeRhodoniteRubyRuby Fuchsite, Ruby MatrixSeraphiniteScoleciteShiva LingamSmithsoniteTanzanite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon)

            After heartbreak: ChrysocollaDioptaseMalachiteRhodochrosite

Attracting: AmethystCelestiteChrysopraseEmeraldGarnetLarimarLodestoneMagnesiteMorganiteRose QuartzSugiliteTopaz,  Tourmaline (Pink)TurquoiseVariscite

            Hidden:  Jasper (Yellow)

            Lack Of: Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), PrehniteRhodochrositeSmithsonite

            Letting Go: Apophyllite, ObsidianSunstone

            Logical: Apophyllite, Kunzite (Green)Thulite

            Married: EmeraldMorganiteSardonyx

            Others:  Variscite

            Parent-Child: *See Family

            Passionate: Garnet (Almandine)Ruby,  Stichtite

            Receiving: Angelite

            Self-Love:  Danburite (White)Eudialyte,  Garnet (Uvarovite), Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), LarimarMagnesitePetaliteRose QuartzRhodonite,  Shungite (Noble)ThuliteUnakiteVariscite

See also Self

            Strengthening Bond: Lapis LazuliRuby

            Tough Love: Fuchsite

            True:  Selenite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

            Unconditional: Amber,  Calcite (Mangano), CharoiteChrysoberylKunzite, MagnesiteMalachiteMuscovitePrehnite, Quartz (Lavender)Rose QuartzTigers EyeVariscite

            Understanding: Rose Quartz, Tourmaline (Red)

            Universal: Apophyllite, Quartz (Blue and Tangerine)Smithsonite

            Wisely: Sugilite

Loyalty: CarnelianChrysoprase, Emerald,  Jasper (Ocean)KunziteLodestoneOnyx,  Quartz (Clear),  Sapphire (Blue)Shiva LingamSugilite, Tourmaline (Red)

Luck:  Tektite


Manipulation, Stopping: CarnelianLarimar, Petalite

Martyrdom, Reducing: Amazonite, FuchsiteLapis LazuliLarimar, Quartz (Snow)SunstoneTourmalineTurquoise

Materialism, Reducing: Moldavite

Maternal Instinct:  Agate (Blue Lace), Chalcedony (Pink)Rose Quartz

            See also Family

Maturity:  Agate (Gray), Aventurine (Blue)KyaniteRhodonite,  Sand Dollar Fossil,

Memory (General): Aquamarine, Chalcedony (Blue)Cradle of Humankind, DumortieriteGanesha DiamondKunziteLabradoriteLapis LazuliMalachiteMoldavite,  Opal (Pink)Pyrite,  Quartz (Clear),

            Awakening: Malachite

            Soul: Ruby Zoisite

            Unblocking Suppressed: InfiniteKunzite,  Quartz (Clear)

Masculinity (General): Aventurine (Green),  Jasper (Red)Moonstone & TourmalinePyriteRubySunstone,  Tourmaline (Green),

            Celebrating: Pyrite

            Expressing Emotions:  Agate (Blue Lace), Moonstone

Meditation:  Opal (Pink)

Mental/The Mind (General): Ametrine,  Aventurine (Pink)Bismuth, Calcite (Green and Mangano), ChalcopyriteChiastoliteCitrine,  Coral (Red)Cradle of HumankindDiopside, Dumortierite, EudialyteFluorite,  FuchsiteGanesha Diamond, Kunzite (GreenGold and Pink/Purple), KyaniteLapis LazuliMerlinite, Obsidian (Black),  Peacock Ore, Quartz (Blue)Ruby IoliteRuby Matrix,  Sapphire (Blue)SodaliteSugiliteUnakite

            Agility:  Stromatolite Brown

            Blocks: Kunzite (Gold, (Green) and Pink/Purple),  Selenite

                        Remove Energetic:  Tektite

                        Remove Creative/Mental:  Fluorite

            Bravery: Jasper (Leopardskin)

            Breakdown: CavansiteCelestiteLepidoliteSmithsonite

            Calming: Amazonite, AmethystAzurite, Jade (BlueGreen, and White), Morganite, Obsidian (Snowflake)Petalite,  Shungite (Noble), Stilbite, Tanzanite

            Clear: Chalcopyrite

            Connecting to Emotions:  Aventurine (Green)Lodestone

            Connected to Intuition: Amazonite,  Calcite (Clear)Fossilized ShellIolite, Jasper (Mookaite), Kunzite (GreenGold and Pink/Purple), LabradoriteLodestoneMerliniteMoonstone & Tourmaline,  Rutilated Quartz, Ruby Iolite, Ruby Zoisite, Shattuckite-Dioptase

            Connecting to Love:  Agate (Crazy Lace)Angelite Kunzite (Green)

            Connected to Spirit: Agate (Crazy Lace),  Dioptase, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Jasper (Rainforest and Red)Petalite

            Discipline:  Agate (Gray)AmetrineDumortieriteLapis Lazuli

            Disorders: ChrysopraseFluorite,  Lepidolite, Sapphire (Blue),  Scolecite, Tigers Eye, Tourmaline (Black)

            Enhancing (General):  Agate (Fire),  Bloodstone (Heliotrope),  Calcite (Gold)CelestiteChrysoprase, CitrineEmerald, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow),  Labradorite (Golden)MerlinitePeridotPyriteTiger Iron

            Focusing:  Agate (Gray), AmberAmethystApatiteAquamarine,  Danburite (White)Emerald, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Idocrase,  Jasper (Picasso)Lepidolite, PetalitePietersite, Sapphire (Yellow),  Vanadinite

            Forgetfulness: Dumortierite

            Leaps: Ruby Zoisite

            Make Connections: Ruby Zoisite

            Open: Kunzite (Green), Opal (Yellow)

            Psychic:  Obsidian (Snowflake),  Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Blue)

            Stimulating: Jasper (Bumblebee)  Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Iolite

            Talents: Ruby Zoisite, Shattuckite-Dioptase

            Unconscious: Sodalite, Sodalite (Sunset)

Mental Influences, Negative: Agate (Blue LaceFire and Gray), Fluorite,  Jade (Green)KunziteSeleniteSunstone, Tourmaline (Black)

Mental Patterns/Programming, Creating New: Agate (Crazy Lace), ChrysopraseFluorite Lepidolite

Mental Patterns/Programming, Understanding: Agate (Crazy Lace), Apophyllite, Merlinite, Peacock Ore, Obsidian (Black and Snowflake)Ruby IoliteSodalite

Mind-Body Connection: Chrysoberyl, Obsidian (Mahogany), Sugilite

            Clear Headed: Stilbite

            Clear Sighted: Kyanite

            Healing Power: Sapphire (Blue)

            Hidden Pain:  Opal (Pink)

            Metaphysical Healing: Dumortierite, Shattuckite-Dioptase

            Narrow-Mindedness, Expanding: Apophyllite, Calcite (Green),  FluoriteMerlinite, MorganiteRuby Iolite

            Open-Mindedness (General):  Agate (Apricot), AmberAzurite,  Calcite (Green), Chalcedony (Pink),  Danburite (White)GalenaMalachite,  Opal (Pink)PeridotRose QuartzRuby Iolite,  Tourmaline (Green)

            Pain: AmazoniteAngelite

            Paradox: Muscovite

            Power:  Lodestone

            Quieting: Aquamarine,  Calcite (Gold)CarnelianLabradoriteSelenite, SmithsoniteSodalite,  Tourmaline (Green), Vanadinite

            Tension, Reducing: Agate (Apricot) and (Crazy Lace), AmazoniteChrysocolla,  Sapphire (Blue), Tourmaline (Black)

            Therapy Support: Chalcedony (Blue)

            Wakefulness: AmethystAmetrineChiastoliteEmeraldRhodochrositeRubyTurquoiseVariscite

            See also Thinking

Mistakes: Epidote Kunzite (Green)Sunstone, Tourmaline (Black)

            Admitting: Apophyllite, Peridot, Petalite, Ruby Iolite, Tourmaline (Black)

            Valuing: Obsidian (Snowflake)

See also Failure

Modesty: Magnesite

Moods: KunziteMalachiteRhodochrositeTigers Eye

            Disorder: Angelite

            Extreme: Amazonite

            Lifting: AmetrineCitrineRhodochrositeRutilated QuartzSunstoneVariscite

            ShiftAmazoniteChrysocollaHawks EyeSerpentineTurquoise

            Swing:  Agate (Moss), JetLepidolite, Obsidian (Rainbow)Turquoise

Moral Decency: Shattuckite-Dioptase

Motivation (General):  AmethystApatite,  Calcite (Orange)CarnelianCitrineRubyTigers EyeTopaz

            Increasing: AmberApatite, Chalcedony (Blue)Chrysoprase


Needs, Recognizing and Meeting: Chalcedony (Blue)HematiteMalachiteMorganiteRose Quartz

Negativity (General): Agate (Fire)Chrysoprase, Danburite (White)JetKyaniteSeraphiniteSmoky QuartzSunstone, Tourmaline (Black and Green)

            Attachments: Lodestone, SunstoneVesuvianite

            Dissolving: AmazoniteAmberAmethystApatiteAventurine, Calcite (Green)CharoiteChrysoberylChrysocollaCitrineEmeraldEpidoteFluoriteGarnetHematite,  Jade (Black)JetKyaniteLepidolite, Obsidian (Black, MahoganyRed SheenRainbow and Silver Sheen),  Jasper (Ocean)Rose QuartzSmithsoniteTopaz, Tourmaline (Black and Green), Turquoise

            Drawing out: Calcite (Green)ChalcedonyChrysocolla-MalachiteCitrineEpidote, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Jasper (Bumblebee), MalachiteObsidianSardonyx

            Emotional: Aventurine, Calcite (Blue)JadeJetMoonstone & Tourmaline,  Rose Quartz,  Tourmaline (Pink) and (Red)Thulite

            Internalized: Charoite

            Mental: ApophylliteChiastoliteCitrine, Hawks Eye, Idocrase, JadeKyanite, Tourmaline (Black),

            Neutralizing: Smoky Quartz

            Pessimism: Hawks EyeSunstone

            Protection: Agate (Fire),  Obsidian (Black), Quartz (Whiskey)Rutilated QuartzSugilite, Tourmaline (Black and Watermelon)

            Psychic energy: Obsidian (Mahogany)

            Repeating Thoughts: Citrine Jade (Purple),  Kunzite (Green)Thulite, Tourmaline (Black),

            Transforming: AmberCarnelianCharoiteCitrineKyaniteLabradoriteLepidolite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Quartz (Blue)Ruby KyaniteRuby Zoisite,  Sapphire (Blue),  Tourmaline (Green)Zoisite

Neglect, Healing: Jasper (Picture)PeridotRose Quartz,  Tourmaline (Green)

Nervousness: Aragonite (Brown)ChiastoliteChrysocollaHawks EyeMagnesiteMuscovite, Selenite (Desert Rose), Smoky Quartz,  Tigers Eye (Red)TopazVariscite

Neutrality: AzuriteChrysocolla, Coral (Blue and Red), Jade (Green),  Quartz (Clear), Tourmaline (Black)

Nightmares:  Lepidolite, Opal (Green, Pink, and White), Sugilite

            See Dreams

Nurturing:  Agate (Blue Lace), ChalcedonyJadeJasperRhodoniteRose QuartzSeleniteSmithsoniteSunstone,  Tourmaline (Green)


Objectivity: Fluorite,  Jade (White)LodestoneRuby IoliteSodalite, Tourmaline (Black),

Observation: CharoiteMalachiteSodalite

Obsession: Charoite, Jasper (Red and Picture),  Obsidian (Black)Peridot,

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Calcite (Blue)Dumortierite, Tourmaline (Black),

Openness (General): ApatiteApophyllite, Chalcedony (Blue)Emerald,  Opal (Pink)PyriteTopaz

Opportunities:  Bismuth,  Calcite (Clear)

Optimism:  CavansiteCopper,  Dragonstone, Garnet (Spessartine), Hawks Eye, Iolite, Opal (Yellow)

            About the future:  Epidote,  Zoisite

Organization: AquamarineBuddstoneFluoritePietersiteSeraphiniteSmoky QuartzSodalite

Overreacting, Reducing: GalenaMoonstone

Overwhelm, Reducing: Calcite (Gold), Stilbite


Pain (General, Emotional/Mental): Angelite, AzuriteRhodoniteTurquoise

            Emotional: MalachiteRhodonite,  Shungite (Noble),  Tourmaline (Pink),

            Mental: Angelite

            Release: Aragonite (Red)

Panic: Chalcedony (Blue),  Larimar,  Tourmaline (Green),

Paranoia: CelestiteRhodochrositeSugilite, Tourmaline (Black),

            See also Fear

Passion: Agate (Fire)Malachite, Quartz (Tangerine),  Ruby, Tourmaline (Red),

Passive-Aggressive Behavior, Stopping:  Calcite (Mangano)

Past:  Labradorite

            Accepting: Tanzanite

Path:  Charoite

            Right:  Tektite

            Spiritual:  Lepidolite,  Lodestone

Patience:  Agate, AmberAragoniteAtlantasite,  Aventurine (Green),  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)CelestiteChrysopraseCitron ChrysopraseCopperCradle of Humankind, Danburite (White)DragonstoneDumortieriteEmeraldEpidote, Gabbro (Indigo),  Jasper (Ocean)LepidoliteMagnesite, Moonstone (BlackMoonstone & Tourmaline and White), Obsidian (MahoganyRed SheenRainbow and Silver Sheen), Petrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodSeptarian Nodule, Sodalite, Sodalite (Sunset)Stromatolite BrownSuper 7TanzaniteTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Green and Watermelon), Unakite

            Impatience, Soothing:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)

Peace:   Agate (Blue Lace  and  Moss), AmazoniteAmberAmethystAmetrineAngeliteApophylliteAquamarine, Calcite (Blue), Chalcedony (Pink)CharoiteChrysoberylChrysocolla, Danburite (White)EudialyteFuchsite, Garnet (Almandine , Andradite and Spessartine),  Gabbro (Indigo),  HematiteIolite,  Jade,  Jasper (Picture)KyaniteLarimarLepidoliteMorganite, Obsidian (MahoganyRed SheenRainbow and Silver Sheen), PetalitePetrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodPrasioliteRose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz,  Sapphire (Blue), ScoleciteSerpentineSmithsoniteSugilite,  Tourmaline (Green)TurquoiseVesuvianite

            Of Mind: Stilbite

Peacemaker, acting as: AmazoniteAmetrine

            See also Relaxation, Serenity

Perception:  AgateAmethystAmetrineAngeliteAquamarine, Aventurine (Blue)Carnelian, Chalcedony (Blue)Charoite, ChiastoliteChrysopraseDumortierite, EpidoteMalachite, Obsidian,  Quartz (Clear)SardonyxSodaliteSmithsoniteSunstoneTigers EyeVariscite

            Big Picture: Fluorite,  Sapphire (Yellow)SeleniteTopaz,

            Keen:  Variscite

            New Perception: Charoite,  Tourmaline (Green),

            Sensory: Sodalite (Sunset)

Perfectionism, Reducing: Aragonite (Red),  Tourmaline (Green),

Perseverance: Agate (Dendritic, Moss, and Tree) , Aquamarine, Aventurine (Green), ChalcedonyChrysoprase,  Jasper (Red)Lodestone, Obsidian (MahoganyRed SheenRainbow and Silver Sheen), OnyxUnakiteVanadinite

Persistence:  Aquamarine

Personal, Success:  Hawks Eye, Jasper (Picasso)

Pets:  Diopside

Physical Abuse: Jasper (Red)

Playfulness: Agate (Crazy Lace),  Aventurine (Yellow),  Calcite (Orange)CitrinePeridot, Quartz (Tangerine and Whiskey),  Sunstone, Vanadinite,

Pleasure: ApatiteMalachite, Opal (Pink)RubyThulite

Positivity Agate (Dendritic and Moss), AmberAmethyst ChevronAmetrineAquamarine, Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Blue and Orange), CarnelianCinabriteCitrineDioptase, DragonstoneDumortierite, EmeraldEpidoteKyaniteLarimar, Magnesite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Opal (Yellow), Pyrite,  Quartz (Snow)RhodochrositeRhodoniteRuby Zoisite,  Smoky QuartzSugiliteSunstoneTopaz, Tourmaline (BlackGreen and Watermelon),  Vatican Stone, Zoisite

            About Humanity: Chalcedony (Pink), Rhodonite

            Emotional Transformation:  Tektite

            Maintaining Long-term: Carnelian, CitrineKyanite

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Amethyst,  Bloodstone (Heliotrope),  Jade (Black),  Obsidian (Black and Mahogany)RhodoniteRubyRuby FuchsiteRutilated Quartz, Tourmaline (Pink) , (Purple) and (Red)

Practicality: Jade (Black, Blue and (Green)

Pragmatism: Shattuckite, Super 7,  Tigers Eye (Gold)

Preventative Measures:  Vatican Stone

Pride: Citron Chrysoprase

Problem Solving: Agate (Turritella), AmazoniteAmethyst,  AquamarineAventurine (Yellow), Bloodstone (Heliotrope), Calcite (Orange)Carnelian, Chalcedony (Blue)ChiastoliteCavansite, Danburite (White and Yellow), DioptaseDumortieriteEudialyteFluoriteGanesha DiamondGarnet, Hawks Eye,  HematiteJade (Green and White), Jasper (Bumblebee)Larimar, Marble (Picasso), Moldavite, Muscovite, Obsidian (BlackGolden Sheen and Red Sheen),   Pietersite,  Quartz (Clear)Quartz Smoky,  Ruby Fuchsite, RubySeptarian NoduleShattuckiteSodaliteStromatolite BrownSugilite, Sodalite (Sunset)SunstoneThuliteTiger IronTopaz, Tourmaline (Black and Green), TurquoiseUnakiteVesuvianite

            Difficult: Agate (Moss and Tree),  Aventurine (Pink)BronziteCarnelianDumortierite,  Jade (White), Obsidian (Snowflake)Smoky QuartzTigers Eye

            Getting started: Tiger Iron

            Identifying Problems: Agate (Fire), Jasper (BumblebeeRed and Picture),  Obsidian (Golden Sheen)Rutilated QuartzSelenite

            Seeing Both Sides: AmazoniteChrysoberyl,  Rhodonite.  Tourmaline (Green),

            See also Creativity, Mental/The Mind

Procrastination: Ametrine, Calcite (Honey)Sunstone

Professional Skills:  Vatican Stone

Projection: LabradoriteMuscoviteRhodonite

(Progressive as moving forward, finding solutions around obstacles, go farther)

Prosperity: Calcite (Blue), Prasiolite

Psychic Gifts:  Amethyst Chevron, Super 7, Tanzanite

Psychosomatic Dis-Ease, Healing: AzuriteChiastoliteMalachiteSugiliteHawks Eye

Purpose:  Chiastolite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen)Septarian Nodule,  Zoisite

            Highest: Larimar



Realism: ApophylliteCarnelianChiastoliteLabradoriteOnyxPetrified WoodShattuckiteSmoky Quartz

Reasoning:  Variscite

            Intellectual Processes:  Aquamarine

Rebelliousness: Jasper (Bumblebee)

Rebirth: Unakite

Receptivity: Kunzite, Tourmaline (Green and Pink)

Reflection: Azurite,  Calcite (Mangano)KunziteLarimarPetrified Wood,

Regression: Calcite (Blue)


            Past:  Aventurine (Green)

Rejuvenation:  EmeraldRuby

Relationships: Agate (ApricotMoss), AmberAmetrineApatiteAttlantasite, Aventurine (Pink and Red), AzuriteAzurite Granite (K2)BismuthChrysocollaCoral AgatizedEmeraldFuchsite, Kunzite (Green and Pink/Purple), Lodestone, Opal (Blue),  Green and White), Peacock Ore, Quartz (Blue)RhodochrositeRhodoniteRose QuartzRubyRuby IoliteRuby Matrix, Sapphire (Blue)SardonyxSeraphinite, Tourmaline (PinkRed and Watermelon)

            Balancing: Ametrine, ChalcedonyEmerald, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow),  Ruby IoliteRutilated QuartzSardonyx

            Difficult: ChrysopraseIoliteJade,  Jasper (Rainforest)MagnesitePeridotRuby Iolite,  Ruby Matrix, Smithsonite,  Tourmaline (Pink)

            Dysfunctional:  Jade (Green)

            Enhancing:  Agate (Moss and Apricot)AmberApatiteCelestiteChrysocolla,  Fuchsite, Garnet (Almandine)Lapis Lazuli, Opal (Green),  Rhodochrosite,  Tourmaline (Pink) and (Red)

            Healing: Agate (Apricot)DioptaseOnyxPeridotRhodoniteRose QuartzRuby IoliteShattuckiteTopaz

            Interdependent: Garnet (Uvarovite)  Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

            New: Agate (Fire), Obsidian (Rainbow), Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

            Partnership: Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), Shiva LingamTektite

            Possessiveness, Releasing: Sunstone

            Soulmates: Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple),  Morganite

            Stimulation: Tourmaline (Red)

            Strengthen Social: Calcite (Orange)

Relaxation: Agate (Crazy Lace and Fire), Amazonite, Aventurine (GreenPink, Yellow), Calcite (Clear and Green),  Chalcedony (Pink),  ChalcopyriteCharoiteCitrineDumortieriteFossilized Shell, Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), MagnesiteMorganiteMoonstone & Tourmaline, Petrified Palm Wood, PreseliSmoky QuartzTopaz, Tourmaline (Black, Green, Pink and Purple)

            See also Peace, Serenity

Release:  Dioptase

            Attachment:  Aragonite

            Distress from events:  Dioptase

            Old beliefs and ideas:  Garnet (Grossularite, Hessonite, and Spessartite),  Moldavite

            Past, the:  Dioptase, Shattuckite-Dioptase

            Patterns:  Garnet (Grossularite, Hessonite, and Spessartite), Sugilite

            Victim mentality:  Dioptase

Releasing: Apophyllite,  Dioptase, Lapis LazuliRose Quartz

Reliability: Aragonite (Brown)Hematite

Repression (General):  Jasper (Yellow), RhodochrositeZoisite

Processing:  Fluorite,  Jasper (Yellow)RhodochrositeSunstoneZoisite

Resentment: Carnelian, Danburite (White and Yellow)PeridotRhodonite

Resilient: Agate (Tree)Stromatolite (Brown)Unakite

Resistance (General): Garnet (Hessonite), Obsidian (Red Sheen),  Tigers Eye (Red)

            Letting go: AmberAquamarine, Calcite (Orange), Chalcedony (Blue)CharoiteKunziteThuliteTopaz

            Strengthening: Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite)

Resolution:  Aventurine (Yellow)Cradle of Humankind,  Jasper (Red), Quartz (Lavender, and Rose), Smoky QuartzSugilite

Respect: Amber Sapphire (Blue)

Responsibility (Accepting):  Aquamarine, Aventurine (Blue), Galena,  Jasper (Leopardskin, Ocean and Red)Septarian Nodule, Shattuckite-Dioptase

Restraint/Reserve:  Agate (Moss), ApophylliteChiastoliteLapis LazuliRutilated Quartz

Restricting beliefs: Obsidian (Black)

Revenge, Releasing Desire: Aragonite (Red), Rhodonite

Risk-taking, Encouraging: Agate (Fire)MalachiteVanadinite

Romance: EmeraldMorganite,  Opal (Pink)Rose QuartzRubyRuby MatrixThulite

            Breakups: Garnet (Hessonite),  Muscovite


Sadness, Comforting: AmazoniteAmethystAzuriteAzurite (Granite (K2))Azurite (Blue), Chalcedony (Blue)DragonstoneEpidote,  Eudialyte,  Jade (White),  Jasper (Picture),  Jet, Obsidian (Apache Tear)Onyx,  Pyrite, SardonyxSugilite Sodalite (Sunset)Thulite, Tourmaline (Red)

            See also Grief, Happiness, Negativity, Positivity

Safety (Emotional):  Amethyst Chevron, Aventurine (Blue),  BuddstoneCitron Chrysoprase,  Danburite (White) and (Yellow), Moonstone & Tourmaline, Moonstone (White), Opal (Pink), Pyrite, Tourmaline (Red)Vatican Stone,  Vesuvianite

Schizophrenia: AstrophylliteObsidianSugiliteTigers Eye

Scientific, Reasoning:  Diopside

Scientists:  Diopside

Security (General): Agate (Apricot  Gray and Tree), Calcite (Mangano)Chrysoprase, Garnet (Almandine),  Idocrase, Jade (Black and Green), MorganiteOnyx, PyriteSmithsonite, Tourmaline (Watermelon)

            Emotional: Agate (ApricotBlue LaceFire and Gray), ChrysocollaRose Quartz, Tourmaline (Watermelon)

            Rebuilding: Agate (Apricot)Smithsonite

Seduction: MalachiteOpalRose QuartzRuby

Self (General): Chrysoberyl,  Garnet (Uvarovite)LepidolitePeridot

            Acceptance: Agate (Apricot and Blue Lace ),  Calcite (Orange)Chrysoprase,  Jasper (Bumblebee) and (Ocean)Lapis LazuliMagnesiteOnyxPeridotSodaliteThuliteTurquoiseVanadinite

            Analysis: Agate (Gray and Turritella),  Chrysoberyl, MerliniteRuby Iolite

            Awareness: Agate (Apricot and Gray), AmberApophyllite, Chalcedony (Blue)ChrysocollaDioptaseLapis LazuliOnyxRuby Iolite,  Septarian NoduleSodalite Sodalite (Sunset),  Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

            Beliefs:  Agate (Crazy Lace)Apophyllite, Emerald. Kyanite, Morganite, Petrified Palm Wood, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Iolite, Shiva Lingam, Sugilite

                        Also Believe in ourselves

            Care: GalenaHematite,  Nuummite, Quartz (Girasol Rose), Quartz (LavenderRose),  Shungite (Noble),  Tourmaline (Pink)ThuliteTurquoise

            Confidence: Agate (ApricotFireMoss, and Tree), Amber, Aragonite (Red),  Aventurine (Green),  Calcite (Orange)Chrysoberyl. ChrysocollaCitrineEpidoteFluoriteFuchsite, Garnet (Almandine) and (Uvarovite)Hematite, Jasper (Bumblebee and Picasso), LodestoneMerliniteMuscoviteOnyx, Opal (Blue)Pyrite, Preseli, Quartz (Blue)RhodochrositeRose QuartzSardonyxSeptarian NoduleSmithsoniteSodaliteStichtiteStilbiteSunstone, Tanzanite (Prairie)ThuliteTigers Eye, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline

            Control:  Chrysoberyl,  Fluorite, Galena,  Obsidian (Black)OnyxSardonyxTopaz

            Criticism: Aragonite (Red)Chrysoprase,  Eudialyte,  Tigers Eye (Gold), Tourmaline (Red)

            Deceit: Apophyllite,  Magnesite,  Obsidian (Black)

                                                                                   Discipline: AmazoniteAventurineChrysoberylFluoriteGalenaLarimarPeridotSodaliteTopazTurquoise

            Doubt, Soothing: Agate (Blue Lace and Moss),  Chalcedony (Pink),  Muscovite, Obsidian (Snowflake)

            Esteem: Prasiolite

            Exploration: ApophylliteIdocrase,  Jasper (Leopardskin),

            Expression: Agate (Blue Lace and (Moss), AmberApatiteAquamarineAzuriteCitrineDioptaseEmerald,  IoliteKunziteKyaniteLapis LazuliMalachiteMuscoviteOpal,  Sapphire (Blue), Sodalite, TourmalineTurquoiseVariscite

            Evolution: BismuthGalenaLepidoliteMerliniteMoldaviteRuby Iolite

            Hatred, Healing: Chrysoprase,  Jade (Black)MerlinitePeridotRose QuartzRutilated QuartzSugiliteThulite

            Healing (General): Chrysoberyl,  Jade (Black)LarimarSeraphiniteSunstone

            Highest: Jasper (Bumblebee)

            Image: Agate (Blue Lace), AmethystAzuriteChrysopraseLabradoriteMalachite, Obsidian (BlackRainbow and Silver Sheen), Petrified WoodSugiliteSunstone,  Tigers Eye (Red)Topaz,

            Isolate: Calcite (Orange)

            Knowledge: AtlantasiteAzuriteChrysocollaEpidoteGanesha Diamond,  Jade (Black)Lapis Lazuli,  Obsidian (Black)PeridotPyrite,  Quartz (Clear)Thulite

            Limitations: Hematite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)Shiva Lingam

                        Concepts: Tanzanite

            Love (General): AgateEudialyte, Garnet (AlmandineHessoniteSpessartite and Uvarovite),  Jade (White)KunziteMagnesite, Morganite, Opal (Green and Yellow), Peridot, Quartz (Lavender and Rose), RhodoniteThulite, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline (Pink and Red), TurquoiseVanadinite

            Loving Your Physical Body As It Is: Apophyllite, Aventurine (Red),  Ganesha Diamond,  IdocraseSmoky QuartzVanadinite

            Negative beliefs: Moonstone & Tourmaline, Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite

            Psychic awareness:  Amethyst Chevron,  Smithsonite

            Psychic channels:  Serpentine

            Pressure, Internal:  Agate (Moss), Apophyllite,

            Realization: Jade (Black)ChrysocollaCitrineDioptase, Garnet (Almandine) and (Spessartine)OnyxPreseliTopazTurquoise

            Reflection: Jade (Black)

            Reliant: Jasper (Bumblebee)

            Respect:  Chrysoberyl, Garnet (Almandine) Jasper (Ocean and Rainforest)

            Sabotage/Destructive: ChrysopraseCitrine, Epidote, LarimarPeridotRhodoniteRuby, Tourmaline (Black)TurquoiseZoisite

            Sufficiency:  Calcite (Orange),  Garnet (Uvarovite), Jade (Green and White), Jasper (Bumblebee), Lepidolite,

            Trust:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope),  Carnelian,  Calcite (Clear) and (Orange)GalenaLodestoneMuscovite, Opal (Yellow), Prehnite, Quartz (Blue)Sodalite

            Unworthiness: Garnet (Andradite, Hessonite and Spessartine), Opal (Pink)

            Worth: Agate (Blue Lace and Dendritic), EpidoteEudialyte, Garnet (AlmandineHessonite and Uvarovite), Jasper (Ocean),  Kunzite (Green and Pink/Purple), Merlinite,  Obsidian (Mahogany)PeridotRose Quartz, SmithsoniteSunstoneThulite

Selflessness:  Opal (Pink)Rhodonite,  Scolecite

Senses: Obsidian (Black)

Sensible: Ametrine, Galena

Sensitivity (General): Agate (Blue Lace), Aragonite (Brown)ChrysocollaGalenaHawks EyeMoonstone, Obsidian (Rainbow and Silver Sheen), Rose Quartz, Tourmaline (Black)Turquoise

            Grounding: MuscoviteSugilite

            Increasing:  AquamarineChrysocollaRose Quartz

            Reducing: Aragonite (Brown)CitrineMuscoviteSodalite

Sensitivity to weather: Chalcedony (Blue)

Sensuality: Agate (Turritella), Aventurine (Pink and Red), Emerald, Garnet (Hessonite and SpessartiteMalachite, Obsidian (Mahogany)Thulite

Serenity: Agate (Blue Lace), AmethystAngeliteApophylliteAquamarine, Aragonite (Red)CelestiteCharoiteChrysocolla, Danburite (White)JadeKyaniteLarimar, LepidoliteMorganitePetalitePetrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodPrehnite, ScoleciteSmithsonite, Tourmaline (Black and Green), Variscite

            See also Relaxation, Peace

Sexual Issues:  Jasper (Brecciated and Red)

            Trauma:  Serpentine

Sexuality: Aventurine (Red), Garnet (Hessonite) and (Spessartine), Obsidian (Mahogany)

Shame, Healing:  Agate (Dendritic), Garnet (Andradite and Hessonite),  Jasper (Picasso),  Merlinite,  Obsidian (Mahogany), Opal (Green and Pink), SodaliteThulite

Shock: DioptaseMoonstone,  Obsidian (Black), Quartz (Tangerine)Rhodonite

Simplicity: ChrysoprasePetrified WoodTiger Iron

Sleep: Amethyst,  Aventurine (Pink), Chalcedony (Blue), Charoite, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Lepidolite, Opal (Green)Super 7

            See also Dreams

Social:  Calcite (Green),  Nuummite, Pyrite, Ruby Matrix

Solitude, Enjoying:  Garnet (Uvarovite)

Solutions: Jade (Blue)

Speech:  Chrysocolla

Spiritual, Gifts: Sapphire (Blue)

            Aboriginal/Pagan Practices: Obsidian (Black)

            Accepting: Dumortierite

            Act for the Highest Good: Kyanite, Scolecite

            Counsel, Angels:  Scolecite

            Empowered, Evolved:  Dioptase

            Hearing: Prehnite

            Knowledge:  Aragonite

            Prayer:  Rhodonite, Scolecite

            State: Jasper (Rainforest)

            Stuck: Calcite (Orange)

            Work: Galena

Spontaneity: , Agate (Tree), AmberCharoiteChrysopraseMoldaviteMoonstoneOpal, RhodochrositeRuby,  Ruby Matrix

Stability (General): Agate (DendriticFire and  Moss), Aragonite,  Calcite (Orange)Fluorite, Garnet (Almandine)Hematite, Jasper (MookaitePicture and Red), Lodestone, Obsidian (MahoganyRed SheenRainbow and Silver Sheen), PreseliPetrified WoodSardonyx

            Domestic/Romantic: ChrysocollaEmeraldSardonyx

            Emotional: Apophyllite, CalciteCharoiteChiastoliteChrysanthemum StoneFluoriteJasperJetLepidolite, Selenite (Sphere and Desert Rose)Tiger IronTopazTurquoise

            Good Energy:  Gabbro (Indigo), Garnet (Grossularite)

            Group Energy: Angelite, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Sodalite

            Mental: Jasper (Picture),  Moldavite

Stagnation, Release: Apatite, Calcite (Clear and Orange), Topaz

Stamina (General):  Agate (Dendritic)AquamarineDumortieriteEpidote, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Red and Yellow), Tiger Iron,  Vanadinite

Storytellers: Chalcedony (Pink)

Straightforwardness: Aquamarine,  Sapphire (Blue)

Strength (General, Emotional/Mental): Agate (Tree), Aventurine (Blue)Chiastolite, ChrysopraseCitrine,  DragonstoneGalenaFluorite, Garnet (Spessartine), Hematite, Jasper (Ocean and Rainforest), Lapis Lazuli,  Obsidian (Red Sheen)OnyxPyrite, Quartz (Clear and Whiskey)Tiger IronZoisite

Stress: Agate (DendriticMoss and Turritella), AmetrineApophyllite, Aragonite (Red)Bronzite, Calcite (Green), Chalcedony (Blue)Charoite, Chrysocolla,  Citron Chrysoprase, EpidoteHawk Eye, Jade (Black and Blue), Jasper (Brecciated and Red), MagnesiteMorganite, Obsidian (Snowflake), Opal (Green and Pink), PeridotPetrified Palm WoodPetrified WoodRhodonite, SerpentineSmoky QuartzSodaliteSodalite (Sunset)Tigers Eye, Tourmaline (Black)Zoisite

            Emotional: AmethystAragoniteAzuriteKunziteLepidoliteMagnesite

            Mental: Agate (Blue Lace), AmetrineApophylliteAquamarine,  Obsidian (Black)Onyx

            Reducing:  Agate (Moss) , Amber, Amethyst, ApophylliteAquamarineAzuriteCharoite, DioptaseFluoriteKyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarLepidoliteMoonstonePeridotRhodochrosite, SmithsoniteSmoky QuartzTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Black and Watermelon)

            Releasing:  Calcite (Green)Citrine, Danburite (Yellow),  Jasper (Ocean)Kyanite, LepidoliteRose QuartzSmithsonite,  Tourmaline (Pink)

Structure, Creating:  Crop Circle Stone (Flint)FluoriteSodalite

Stubbornness: Dumortierite, Jasper (Bumblebee),

Subconscious (General): AzuriteCitrineEmerald, Fluorite,  Jade (Green),  Marble (Picasso)Moonstone, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Sodalite, Sugilite

            Accessing: MalachiteMoonstone,  Obsidian (Black)

            Conscious, reveal beliefs: Emerald

            Recognizing: Magnesite

            Understanding: LabradoriteSelenite

Success:  Muscovite

Suffering, Support During: Citron Chrysoprase, Dumortierite, Jasper,  Jet, Larimar,  OnyxRhodoniteSmoky Quartz,  Tourmaline (Pink)

See also Grief, Emotions, Mental/The Mind, Sadness


Tenacity: Agate (Moss)

Tenderness:  Chalcedony (Pink),  Opal (Pink)RhodochrositeRose Quartz, Tourmaline (Green, Pink, and Watermelon)

Tenseness, Soothing:  Agate (Gray)AmethystChrysocolla,  Obsidian (Mahogany), SerpentineSmoky Quartz

Therapy, Talk: Quartz (Blue)

Thinking (General): Agate (Gray and Turritella), AmberAmethystApophylliteAzurite, CharoiteChrysoberylCopperFluoriteHematite, Kyanite, Lapis LazuliLarimarMuscovite, PreseliRhodoniteRuby Iolite,  Sapphire (Blue)Smoky QuartzTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black)

            Abstract: Dumortierite

            Analytical:  Agate (Apricot, DendriticGrayTreeTurritella), CarnelianCelestiteCharoiteChiastolite,  Chrysoberyl, CitrineLepidolite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)Onyx, Tourmaline (Black)

            Clear: Amethyst, Jasper (Bumblebee), KyaniteMuscoviteMorganite,  Quartz (Clear)Ruby IoliteRutilated Quartz,  Sapphire (Blue)Smoky QuartzSmithsoniteStilbite, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline (Black)VanadiniteVariscite

            Common Sense: Agate (Apricot)CarnelianChrysopraseCitrine, Coral (Blue and Red), FluoriteHematiteKunziteLepidoliteMoonstone & TourmalineOnyxPreseliSeptarian Nodule, Shattuckite-Dioptase, Sodalite (Sunset)Tiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black)VanadiniteVariscite

            Complex:  Agate (Gray), GalenaMuscovite

            Constructive:  Tourmaline (Green)Vanadinite

            Creative:  Rhodonite

            Critical: Galena, Obsidian (Red Sheen) and (Snowflake)

            Fast: FluoriteMuscovite

            Flexible: Galena

            Focus:  Copper

            Holistic: Galena

            Logical: Agate (Apricot, Moss and Turritella), AmazoniteAmethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite,  Calcite (Honey)CarnelianChiastoliteCitrineFluoriteGalenaLapis Lazuli, Obsidian (Black and Rainbow), OnyxPrehnitePreseliRuby Iolite,  Sapphire (Blue)Sardonyx, SmithsoniteSodalite Sodalite (Sunset)

            Negative: Calcite (Blue), Obsidian (Red Sheen), Unakite

            Obsessive:  Agate (Dendritic), Calcite (Blue),  Shungite (Noble), Tourmaline (Black)

            Outside-the-Box: Agate, Jasper (Bumblebee),

            Positive:  Morganite

            Rational: Azurite-MalachiteChiastolite

            Repetitive Thoughts: ChrysopraseCitrine Jade (Purple)TanzaniteThulite

            Scarcity, Dissolves Thoughts Of:  Eudialyte

            Slow Down: Agate (Turritella), Moonstone (Black and White)

            Strategic:  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)Chrysoberyl

See also Mental/The Mind

Tired (General, Emotional/Mental):  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)Tiger IronTurquoiseVariscite

Tolerance: AquamarineAtlantasite Aragonite (Brown)ChalcedonyCitron Chrysoprase, Jade (BlackBlue and Green Canada), KunziteTourmaline

            Intolerance: Magnesite

Toxic People:  Muscovite

Tranquility: Ametrine

            *See Peace, Serenity

Trauma (General): Calcite (Mangano) and (Orange)CarnelianChiastolite, Fuchsite, MalachiteObsidianOpal Pink, Quartz (Tangerine)RhodoniteRose Quartz

            Emotional: Agate (Tree), Amazonite, Calcite (Mangano)Carnelian,  Chiastolite, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), JadeLarimarLepidoliteMoonstoneMorganiteNuummite, Obsidian, Quartz (Lavender and Rose), Rhodonite

            See also PTSD

Traveling, Energetic:  Hematite

Trust (General):  Agate (Crazy Lace), Amazonite, Amber, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase LabradoriteLapis LazuliPrehnite,  Sapphire (Blue)SmithsoniteSodaliteVariscite,

            See also Self

Truth/Truthfulness: Agate (Blue LaceDendritic and Gray), AngeliteAquamarineAzuriteAzurite Granite (K2)ChrysopraseCoral AgatizedCradle of HumankindGalena, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Bumblebee), Lapis LazuliMerlinite, Obsidian (Black and Red Sheen) PrehniteRuby Iolite,  Sapphire (Blue)SodaliteSugiliteTanzaniteTiger IronTopaz,  TourmalineTurquoiseVariscite

            Confronting: Lapis LazuliRhodochrosite

            Discernment: AmethystApophylliteGalena, Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), Merlinite,  Muscovite, Ruby Iolite

            Love of:  Agate (Gray), Galena, MerlinitePrasiolite

            Nature of reality: Obsidian (Rainbow)

            Personal:  Sapphire (Blue)SodaliteTopaz

            Self, True To: Jasper (Picasso)Quartz Girasol Rose, Sodalite, Sodalite (Sunset),  Vanadinite,  Variscite


Uncertainty, Support During: ApophylliteCitron Chrysoprase,  Quartz (Snow)Topaz

Unconscious, Negative Beliefs: Jade (Black)

Unconventionality, Encouraging: Moldavite

Understanding (General):  Agate (Apricot), Ametrine, Azurite-Malachite, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), ChiastoliteCitrineCitron ChrysopraseCoral AgatizedEmeraldFluoriteHawks EyeIdocraseIoliteMalachite, Opal (Blue),  Quartz (Clear)Rhodonite,  Sapphire (Blue)SardonyxSelenite, Tourmaline (Watermelon)VarisciteZoisite

            Complex Concepts:  Malachite

            Emotional: Obsidian (Golden Sheen)

            Other Perspectives: Ametrine,  Calcite (Orange)ChrysoberylEmerald

Unhappiness: Obsidian (Apache Tear)

Unity:  Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)


Variety, Enjoying/Creating: Apatite,  Bloodstone (Heliotrope)Citrine, Jasper (Mookaite)Ruby


            Transforming Negative:  Zoisite

Victim Mentality:  Agate (Dendritic), Calcite (Blue), Jasper (Ocean and Red), MalachitePetalite,  Quartz (Clear and Snow) Sodalite (Sunset)SunstoneTourmaline

Vigor: Garnet (Spessartine)

Virtue: Sardonyx

Vulnerability:  Moonstone (Black),  Sapphire (Blue)Shiva Lingam,  Tourmaline (Pink)



Warmth (Emotional):  Chalcedony (Pink)CitrineTurquoise

Well-Being, Sense of: AmetrineAquamarineAragoniteAzuriteHematitePetrified WoodRose Quartz

Wholeness, Sense of: Aragonite (Red),  Calcite (Mangano)ChrysopraseSeraphiniteSodaliteTanzanite,  Tourmaline (Green)Turquoise

Willpower: Agate (Fire),  Calcite (Gold and Orange),  Citrine, Garnet (Almandine),  Hematite,  Jasper (Red),  Labradorite (Golden)OnyxPietersite,  Sapphire (Blue and Yellow)SardonyxTiger Iron,

Wisdom (General): Agate (DendriticGray and Moss), Amethyst,  Aventurine (Blue) and (Pink)EmeraldGanesha DiamondInfinite,  Jasper (Ocean)Lapis LazuliMerlinitePeridot,  Sapphire (Blue)Shiva LingamSunstoneTanzaniteTopaz, TourmalineTurquoise

            Communication: Sodalite

            Emotional:  Agate (Gray), AmberCitrineMerlinite,  Topaz,  Tourmaline (Pink)

            Mental: LabradoriteMerliniteOnyx

Work, Psychic: Unakite

Work, With Others: Fossilized Shell, Sodalite

World, Understanding Mysteries:  Septarian Nodule

            Earth Connection:  Septarian Nodule,

Worry, Reducing: Agate (Crazy Lace and Moss), Amazonite, AmberAmetrineApophyllite, Azurite,  Chalcedony (Pink), Charoite, Chrysoberyl, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Bumblebee)LepidoliteOnyx,  Opal (Pink),  PetaliteQuartz Girasol Rose, Quartz (LavenderRose), Sand Dollar FossilSodalite Sodalite (Sunset), Tourmaline (Black and Pink)

            About Other People's Opinions: Jasper (Bumblebee)

            About the Future: Aventurine (Green), Chalcedony (Pink), Cinabrite,  Dioptase, Dragonstone , Moldavite, Muscovite

            See also Anxiety, Fear

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