I was wondering if you could share with me your interpretation of negative energy beings? Like jinns from the islamic culture or ghosts, spirits, etc.  How stones can affect them, and how these negative creatures impact human energy? I’d also like to know how they can influence thought.  – Ali (Texas)

Hi Ali,

Interesting questions! I will do my best to explain the lore of the Jinn as well as how they interact with crystal energy.

My understanding is that jinns are neither inherently good nor bad. Just like with humans, some jinns are good beings who seek spiritual wisdom and try to do the right thing, while others are just terrible creatures. (In many ways, a jinn is similar to a fairy, leprechaun or other types of magical folk in European lore. Some fairies are good and some are wicked.)

According to Islam, the very worst of all the jinn is Satan. While Christians usually describe the Devil as a “fallen Angel”, in Islam the Devil is a “Fallen Jinn.” In Islam, angels do not have freewill, it is their nature to worship Allah. Humans and jinns by contrast have been given the gift of freewill and so can choose to be good or bad, and can change their mind about it at anytime. (Similarly ghosts can be good/bad depending on who they were, when they were living.)

In the Qu’ran it is written that there are three types of sentient beings; angels, humans and the jinn. Humans were created from clay, jinns from “the smokeless flame of fire”, and angels from pure light. Because jinns are formed from fire, their bodies are different than ours. While we usually cannot see the jinn, they can see us easily. They can walk through walls and other barriers, and some religious scholars have said that beings like the jinn can even climb right inside a human.

Bad jinns try to trick us and make us believe that false ideas are true. They do this very subtly, by messing with our mind and conscious, and dragging our energy down. They slyly nudge us in negative directions so we feel anger, fear, and apathy, rather than love, compassion and vigor. Most of the time, a person will have no idea that a bad jinn is playing with them. It is usually only obvious from the perspective of an outsider. When a person becomes mean and cruel, they might have a bad jinn inside or near them.

Now that being said – a bad jinn cannot touch a good person with a strong heart. If a heart is filled with God/Love, there is no place for the Devil/Hate to enter. Any person who speaks and acts with love and dignity cannot be affected by a bad Jinn.

Crystals are more like Angels – they are inherently good and filled with Light. There are no crystals that encourage anger, hate or other types of bad energy. All crystals have good energy and they share this beautiful energy generously.  Good jinns love crystals! You can leave them as gifts for these invisible folk.  By contrast, bad jinns are repelled by crystals and don’t want to be anywhere near them. So if you want to keep bad Jinns away, working with crystals is an excellent idea!

Rather than working with stones for “protection” against negative energy beings, I would instead encourage you to work with stones that either vibrate with pure love (like Rose Quartz for example) or crystals that encourage clear thinking (like Amethyst.)  The more that a human thinks clearly and has loving thoughts/words/actions, the less power a bad jinn, or any other negative energy being, will have over them. If a bad jinn is already near you, consciously working on love/clarity will drive them out!

I hope my answer makes sense and is helpful. Wishing you always peace and good energy! ♥