Crystals to Heal the Spirit

Healing Crystal Index for Spiritual Topics

Crystals are incredible tools for spiritual work. They can be used alongside any faith tradition. Crystals are physical anchors for invisible energies. May you always be blessed ♥


Abilities, Realizing: DioptasePyriteQuartzTopaz

Abundance: Agate (Moss), Apatite (Green), Calcite (Gold), Carnelian, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Dioptase, Dragonstone, Emerald, Garnet (GrossularHessonite and Uvarovite), Jade (Black and Green), Jasper (Bumblebee), Jet, Obsidian (Black and Mahogany), PeridotPyrite, Quartz (Whiskey), Ruby, Ruby-Fuchsite, Sapphire (Yellow)Sand Dollar Fossil, Sardonyx, Sodalite (Sunset), Sunstone, Tourmaline (Green)

             Attracting: Agate (Dendritic), Carnelian, Eudialyte, Hawks EyePeridotRuby-IoliteTopaz

             Scarcity-Thinking, Releasing: Jasper (Bumblebee)

             (See also “Prosperity”)

Activation: Moldavite

Affirmation: Agate (Blue Lace)Rose QuartzRubySeleniteShattuckite

             Strengthening: Buddstone, Calcite (Blue)Charoite, Garnet-Andradite, Jasper (Brecciated and Red), Lapis LazuliObsidian, Opal (Green)Rose Quartz, Selenite (Desert Rose)

             Supporting: Aragonite (Blue), Topaz (Blue)

Akashic Records (general): Angelite, Apatite (Blue)CavansiteLabradoriteLapis Lazuli, Magnesite, Petrified Wood

             Accessing: Tanzanite

             Carriers: ApophylliteLepidoliteMerlinitePietersite

             Reading: Pietersite

Alchemy: GalenaMerlinite

Alignment, Spiritual: AmazoniteAmberAmetrine, Jasper (Bumblebee), GalenaMagnesite, Petrified Wood (Palm and Red), Quartz (Snow), VarisciteVesuvianite

             Physical Actions and the Divine: Ametrine, Barite, GalenaVariscite

             Physical Actions with Emotions: AmazoniteAmetrine, Jasper (Bumblebee), Chrysoberyl

             Polarities: AmazoniteAmetrine, Agate (Dendritic), Lodestone

             (See also “Aura,” “Balance,” and “Chakras”)

Alternate Lives: Nuummite

Amplify Energy (general): Calcite (Clear), Fuchsite, Gabbro (Indigo), Garnet, Kyanite, Malachite, Moldavite, Opal (Green), Quartz, Rutilated Quartz

             Aura: Ruby-Zoisite

             For Healing Others: Fluorite (BlueGreenRainbow and Yellow), Quartz

             Of Other Crystals: Quartz (Clear and Girasol)

Ananda: Celestite

Ancient History: Atlantasite, Cradle of Humankind, Jasper (Mookaite), Obsidian, Petrified WoodVatican Stone

             Civilizations: AtlantasiteChalcopyrite, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Picture), Petrified Wood, PreseliQuartz,

             Insights: Jasper (Mookaite)

Knowledge: CupritePreseli

             Line: Bloodstone, Jasper (Mookaite), ObsidianPetaliteStromatoliteTurquoise

Angels (general): Agate (Tree), Angelite, Apophyllite, Calcite (Orange), Celestite, Danburite, Infinite, Kunzite, Larimar, MorganiteMuscovite, Opal (White), Petalite, Selenite (Desert Rose and Sphere), Seraphinite, Smithsonite, Tanzanite

             Angelic Realm: Angelite, Danburite (White and Yellow)

             Archangel Gabriel: AquamarineMoonstoneSelenite

             Archangel Michael: Amber, Jasper (BrecciatedPicasso, and Red), Sugilite

             Archangel Raphael: Angelite, Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Gold)MalachitePrehnite

             Archangel Uriel: Celestite, Rutilated Quartz, Tigers Eye (Gold)Topaz (Blue)

             Guardian Angel: AngeliteApophylliteCelestite, Chrysoprase (Citron)MuscoviteRutilated Quartz

             Guidance:  AngeliteCelestiteKunziteMuscoviteRutilated Quartz, Scolecite

             Messages: Agate (Blue Lace)AngeliteApophyllite, Opal (Blue), Topaz (Blue), Celestite, Danburite, Prehnite, Prehnite Epidote, Super 7 Melody Stone, Tanzanite

             Seraphim: Seraphinite

Animals (general): Agate (Turritella), Calcite (Green), Chalcedony (Blue), Chrysoprase, Diopside, Jasper (Desert, Mookaite and Rainforest), Peridot, Tourmaline (Green)

             Healing: Calcite (Green), Quartz (Tangerine), Tourmaline (Green)

Animal Totem: Agate (Turritella), Apophyllite (Green), CoralDiopside, Hawks Eye, Jasper (Bumblebee, Leopardskin, Merlinite, Mookaite, and Rainforest), Tigers EyeVatican Stone

Archetypal Healer: AmethystLapis Lazuli

Arthurian Legends: IoliteMerlinitePreseli

Ascended Masters: Prehnite, Rose QuartzTanzanite

Ascension Process: Ganesha DiamondLabradoriteKyanite

Astral Travel (general): Angelite, Calcite (Blue), SapphireQuartz, JetLabradoriteLapis Lazuli, Muscovite, Septarian NoduleSuper 7 Melody Stone

             Astral Plane:  Opal (Blue)CopperStilbite

             Facilitating: AmethystAmetrine, Apophyllite (Green), Calcite (Clear)CelestiteChiastolite, IoliteKunziteLapis LazuliLepidoliteMerliniteMuscovite, Obsidian (Gold, Mahogany, Silver, Red, and Rainbow), Preseli, Rutilated QuartzTanzaniteVanadinite

             Grounding: AngeliteApophylliteGalenaHematite, Jasper (Desert), Quartz (Tangerine)

             Protection: Hematite, Jasper (Yellow), Jet, Larvikite, Muscovite, Obsidian (Apache Tears)SeraphiniteTanzanite

             (See also “Channeling,” and “Shamanism”)

Astrology: AngeliteIoliteShattuckite

Attracting Friendship: Quartz (Whiskey)

Attunement: Dioptase, Jade (Purple), KyaniteLapis Lazuli, Obsidian (Snowflake)PetaliteTurquoise

Aura (general): AgateAmazonite, Aragonite (Red), Calcite (Clear), Kyanite, Labradorite, Lodestone, SeleniteTektiteTourmaline

             Amplifying: Garnet-AndraditeMuscoviteRuby-Zoisite

             Cleansing: Aragonite (Red and Yellow),, Danburite, Garnet (Andradite), Infinite, Jade (Purple)Moonstone-Tourmaline, Obsidian (Rainbow), SeleniteShungite, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline (Black)

             Holes, Patching Up: Chalcedony (Blue)Muscovite, Tourmaline (Pink)

             Seeing: Calcite (Clear)

             Stabilizing: Agate (Gray), Gabbro (Indigo), Jade (Purple), Jasper (Desert), Kyanite

Automatic Writing: Chalcedony (Blue)Shattuckite

Awakening: Agate (Fire), Bloodstone-HeliotropeGalenaGanesha DiamondMoldaviteMuscovite, Opal (Pink), ScoleciteSodaliteVarisciteZoisite

Awareness, Expanding: AngeliteSapphireLabradoriteMoldavite Agate (Moss), MuscovitePetaliteRutilated Quartz


Balance, Spiritual: Agate (Gray)Amazonite, Ametrine, Aragonite (Red), Auralite-23, Aventurine (Pink), Bismuth, Chalcedony (Pink), ChrysocollaCopper, Coral (Blue and Red), Diopside, Fluorite (Pink), Fossilized Shell, Gabbro (Indigo), Garnet (Grossular), Hematite, Howlite, Idocrase, Jade (Black, Blue, Purple, and White), Jasper (Ocean, Picture and Yellow)Lapis LazuliLepidoliteMoonstone-Tourmaline, Petalite, Quartz  (Strawberry), Ruby, Ruby-IoliteRuby-KyaniteRuby-ZoisiteSeptarian NoduleShiva Lingam, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Stilbite, Tourmaline, Vesuvianite

             Masculine/Feminine Energies: Agate (Gray), Amazonite, Ametrine, Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Obsidian (Red)Tektite, Tourmaline, Turquoise

(See also “Alignment, Chakra”)

Barriers, Breaking down: Peridot

Beauty (Spiritual): Chrysoprase

Beginnings, New: Agate (Moss and Turritella), AzuriteChrysoberylCitrine, Calcite (Gold), Garnet (Almandine)HiddeniteMalachite, Jasper (Mookaite)MoonstonePeridotRutilated QuartzTiger Iron

             Openness To: Jasper (Bumblebee), CelestiteChrysoprase

             Support During: Agate (Moss and Turritella), GalenaLabradorite,

Beliefs, Core: AmazoniteChalcopyriteVariscite

Beliefs, Negative: Jade (Black), Ruby

Benevolence: Chalcedony (Pink)

Bio-magnetism: (Please see “Aura”)

Bliss: Citrine

Blocked Energy: Amethyst, Aragonite (Yellow), Jasper (Bumblebee), CitrineQuartzGarnet, Calcite (Gold), Kyanite, LarimarObsidianMoldaviteTourmalineUnakite

            (See also “Chakras”)

Boundlessness: Moldavite

Breathe Work: Aragonite (Blue)Cavansite

Buddha Crystals: Aventurine (Yellow), Danburite


Cellular Memory, Accessing/Healing: Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Mookaite and Ocean),  Quartz

Centering: Apophyllite (Green), Aragonite (BrownRed and Yellow), GalenaOnyx, Quartz (Blue)

Chakras (general): Aragonite (Red), AtlantasiteBismuth, Calcite (Clear), Dragonstone, Epidote, Idocrase, Kyanite, LabradoriteLodestoneMoldavitePrehnite, QuartzSerpentineShiva LingamSuper Seven

             Activating/Opening: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Garnet (Almandine), Malachite, Moldavite, Sugilite

             Aligning/Balancing: AmazoniteAmberAquamarineApatite (Blue), Calcite (Blue and Gold), Chrysocolla, Agate (Dendritic), Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), GalenaKyaniteMoldavite, Opal (Green and White), Quartz (Blue)Serpentine, SugiliteTektiteTourmalineTurquoiseVanadinite

             Amplifying: Calcite (Clear)ChrysocollaDioptase, Garnet (Almandine)Lodestone

             Blocks, Dissolving: Jasper (Bumblebee), LepidoliteKyanite

             Blown: Agate (Fire)

             Cleanse: Amber, Aragonite (Yellow), Azurite, Calcite (Clear)Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Garnet, Infinite, KyaniteMalachite, Obsidian (Rainbow), Petalite, Selenite, SerpentineShungite, Sunstone

             Holes, Patching Up: Chalcedony (Blue)Tourmaline (Pink)

             Restoring Spin: Obsidian (MahoganySilverRed, and Rainbow)

             Reversing Spin: Tektite

             (See also “Earth Star-,” “Root-,” “Sacral-,” “Solar Plexus-,” “Heart-,” “Throat-,” “Third Eye-,” “Crown-,” and “Etheric-Chakras”)

Channeling (general): AngeliteAzurite, Azurite-Granite-(K2), Calcite (Blue and Gold), Chalcedony (Blue)CopperDanburiteHemimorphiteIolite, Labradorite (Golden), Lazulite, IoliteRutilated Quartz, Sapphire, ShattuckiteSugiliteSunstone

             Protection During: HematiteJetMuscovite, Obsidian (Apache Tears)SeraphiniteShattuckite

             (See also ”Astral Travel,” and “Clair Sense”)

Chi: Garnet (Spessartine), Jade (Green and White), Jasper (Red)Prehnite,

Christ Consciousness: Rose Quartz

Circle of Life: Carnelian

Clair Senses (general): AmethystApophylliteAquamarine, Chalcopyrite, Emerald, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow, and Yellow), Hawks Eye, Jasper (Bumblebee), Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Obsidian, Opal (Blue and Pink), Quartz (Blue), Sapphire, Tektite (Black and Moldavite)

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing, Psychic): CavansiteCelestiteDumortieriteLapis Lazuli, Moldavite, MoonstoneObsidian, Prehnite, Quartz (Blue)

Clairgustance (Clear Tasting, Psychic): Bloodstone, Carnelian, Garnet (Almandine), Moonstone, ObsidianOnyxSardonyx

Clairalience (Clear Smelling, Psychic): Bloodstone, Jasper (Leopardskin)MoonstoneObsidian, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red), Vesuvianite

Clairsentience (Clear Feeling, Psychic): CelestiteDumortieriteLapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Nuummite, ObsidianOnyx, Opal (Blue and Pink), Quartz (Blue), Topaz (Silver)Vesuvianite

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing, Psychic): AngeliteApophylliteAquamarine, Aragonite (Brown), Calcite (Blue and Clear), CavansiteCelestiteChrysocolla, Dioptase, DumortieriteEmeraldHawks Eye, Idocrase, Jade (Blue), Jasper (Bumblebee), JetLabradoriteLapis Lazuli, Malachite, Merlinite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Muscovite, Nuummite, Obsidian, Opal, Petalite, Pietersite, Quartz (Blue and Clear), Sapphire, Shattuckite, SodaliteTektite, Topaz (Silver), TourmalineUnakiteVanadinite

Scrying: Merlinite, Obsidian, OnyxQuartz

Cleansing, Energy (general): Agate (Apricot)Citrine, KyaniteMoldavite, Quartz, SeleniteSugilite

             Self-Cleansing Crystals: CitrineKyanite

Communication, Spiritual (general): Angelite, Apophyllite (Green), Aventurine (Blue)AquamarineCelestiteDiopside, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian (Black and Gold), Pyrite, Quartz (Blue), Shattuckite-DioptaseSmithsonite

             With Higher Beings: Atlantasite, Kyanite, ObsidianPrehnite, Quartz (Clear and Snow), Seraphinite

             With Other Worlds: AtlantasiteLarimarMalachitePreseliShattuckite-Dioptase, Tektite (Black and Moldavite)

             (See also “Angels,” “Automatic Writing,” “Devas,” “Divine,” and “Extraterrestrials”)

Consciousness, Spiritual (general): Agate (Moss), AmethystAmetrineAzurite, Calcite (Clear), Chalcedony (Blue), Chiastolite, Fluorite, Jasper (Ocean)LarimarMalachiteMoldavite, Obsidian (Black and Rainbow), Quartz, RhodoniteSodaliteTopazTurquoiseVariscite

             Expanding, Personal: Agate (Moss), Astrophyllite, Calcite (Clear)Cavansite, Jasper (Ocean), Lepidolite, MagnesiteMoldaviteQuartz, Rose QuartzRutilated Quartz, SapphireSunstoneTurquoise

             Expanding, Universal: AmethystAmetrineAngeliteAquamarineAzurite, Calcite (Clear), Charoite, Danburite, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Mookaite and Ocean), Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Larimar, Moldavite, Muscovite, Opal (Green)PetalitePietersitePrehnite, Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, SapphireSeleniteSeraphiniteShattuckiteSodaliteTanzaniteTopaz, Tourmaline (Pink), Turquoise

Contemplation:  Agate (Turritella)

Creation: Prehnite Epidote

Crop Circles: AmberCarnelianCrop Circle Stone

Crown Chakra (7th Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: AmethystAquamarineChrysoberylCitrineDanburite, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow, and Yellow), InfiniteLepidoliteRubyRuby-Zoisite, SapphireSeraphinite, Tourmaline (Green)

             Aligning/Balancing: CharoiteChrysoberyl

             Blocks, Dissolving: Opal (Blue and Pink)Selenite

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Apricot)Atlantasite, CharoiteChiastoliteDragonstone, Moonstone (Black)Moonstone-TourmalineSeraphiniteSerpentineStichtiteTektite

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Apricot), Moonstone (Peach), Phosphosiderite, Selenite (Orange)SeraphiniteStilbite, Thulite (Purple)

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): AmetrineBytownite, Calcite (Gold), Charoite, Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Labradorite (Gold), Quartz (Gold), Thulite (Purple), Selenite (Orange), Seraphinite

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): AtlantasiteCharoite, Chrysoprase (Citron), Danburite (White), Epidote, Fluorite (Rainbow)InfiniteLepidolitePetalitePhosphosideritePrasiolitePrehnitePrehnite-Epidote, Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Thulite (Purple)

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): AngeliteHemimorphiteSeraphinite, Thulite (Purple)

Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Amethyst, Angelite, Azurite, Celestite, Charoite, Lepidolite, Magnesite, Jade (Purple), ScoleciteSelenite, Tanzanite

             Protecting: AmethystAtlantasiteSelenite

Curses, Protection and Breaking: ChiastoliteLapis Lazuli, Larvikite, MuscoviteTigers Eye


Dark Night of the Soul: ApophylliteCalcite (Blue and Clear)Pyrite

Destiny: Chrysoberyl

Detoxify, Spiritual/Energetic Body: Apatite (Blue)Chlorite-QuartzChrysoprase, DanburiteDioptase, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), GarnetInfinite, JadeMalachiteObsidianPeridot, Ruby-Zoisite, Sapphire (Yellow), Smoky QuartzTanzanite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)Turquoise

Deva/Devic Realm: Agate (Moss and Tree), Amber, Aventurine (Green), Chlorite-Quartz, Chrysoprase, Diopside, HemimorphiteInfinite, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Rainforest), Malachite, Merlinite, Peridot, Prehnite, Tourmaline (Green and Watermelon)

Development, Spiritual:  Aragonite (Brown), Azurite, Calcite (Clear, Green, and Orange), Epidote, Hematite, Lepidolite, QuartzSodaliteSuper 7 Melody Stone, TopazZoisite

Dharma: Ganesha DiamondPetaliteShiva Lingam

Difficult Situation: Aventurine (Pink)

Dimensional Doorways: ApophylliteAstrophyllite, Calcite (Clear), Moldavite, Quartz,

Divination: Aquamarine, Obsidian (Gold)Quartz, Turquoise

             (See also “Clair Senses,” “Oracle,” and “Prophecy”)

Divine, Personal Connection: Agate (Crazy Lace)AmethystAzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2), Calcite (Mangano), Celestite, Charoite, Danburite (White and Yellow), Lepidolite, Quartz (Lavender and Rose), Selenite, Shiva Lingam, Tourmaline (Red), Vatican Stone

             Divine Feminine: Aquamarine, Jade (Black), Jasper (Picture), Larimar, Moldavite, Moonstone, Seraphinite

             Guidance: Ametrine, Prehnite Epidote

             Inspiration: DumortieriteLapis Lazuli

             Knowledge: SapphireQuartzDumortierite

             Love: Agate (Crazy Lace), Calcite (Green and Mangano), Chrysoprase, Emerald, Kunzite, Morganite, Rose QuartzSmithsonite, Tourmaline (Green)

             Sacred Masculine: Labradorite (Gold), MoldaviteShiva LingamSunstone, Tourmaline (Green)

             Union with: Agate (Crazy Lace)Rose Quartz

             Will/Plan, Accepting and Understanding: Agate (Dendritic)AmetrineChiastolite, Jasper (Yellow), Obsidian (Gold)Prasiolite, Topaz (Silver)

Dogma, Release: Agate (Crazy Lace), Aragonite (Red), Jasper (Yellow)

Dowsing: Diopside, Infinite, Jasper (Picture), Obsidian (Gold)Vanadinite

Dreams (general): Citrine (Burnt), Malachite

          Inducing for Spiritual Purposes: Barite, HemimorphiteMoldavite, RhodoniteStilbite

          Manifestation of: Barite, Sand Dollar Fossil

          Recall: Jasper (Red)

Dreamtime (Aboriginal):  Jasper (Mookaite)

Druid: Agate (Tree)Labradorite, MerlinitePetrified WoodPreseli, Serpentine, Vatican Stone


Earth Energy: Agate (Turritella), Diopside, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), JetPetrified Wood,  Tourmaline (Green)Vanadinite

             Consciousness: Jade (Black), Jasper (Picture), Septarian Nodule

             Healing: Agate (Turritella)ApophylliteGalena, Jasper (Rainforest), Obsidian (Gold), Muscovite, Tourmaline (Green)

Earth Mother/Goddess/Gaia: ChrysocollaChrysoprase, DiopsideGalena, Jasper (Desert, Picture, Rainforest, and Yellow), MoonstonePrehniteRose Quartz

Earth Star Chakra: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Jasper (Red and Picture), Lodestone, Obsidian (Apache Tears and Black), Vanadinite

             Activating/Opening: Jasper (Picture and Red), Petrified WoodVanadinite

             Aligning/Balancing: Lodestone, Jasper (Picture), Obsidian (Apache Tears)

             Blocks, Dissolving: Shungite

             Linking With 1st Chakra (Root): Aragonite (Brown), Obsidian

Eden: Quartz  (Strawberry)

Ego: Agate (Tree), Chrysoprase (Citron), Obsidian (Gold), Opal (Blue)

Elemental Beings: Obsidian (Apache Tears)

Elemental Forces: MerliniteNuummite

Elevating: Serpentine

EMF (Electromagnetic Field): Amazonite, Astrophyllite, Fluorite, Galena, Kunzite, Lepidolite, Lodestone, MalachiteSmoky Quartz,  SodaliteTurquoise, Tourmaline (Black and Watermelon)

             Cell Phones: Amazonite, Aventurine (Green), Tourmaline (Black)Kunzite

            Computers: AmazoniteFluoriteKunziteLepidoliteSeleniteSodalite

             Television: Unakite

Embracing Full Self: Jasper (Bumblebee)

Empath: Jade (Purple)

Empowerment: Dioptase, Obsidian (Gold and Red), Shiva Lingam

Energetic Traveling: Hematite

Energy, General: ApatiteBismuth, Chrysocolla,  CopperLabradoriteMalachite, QuartzRhodochrosite, Tiger Iron, Variscite

             Amplifying: Calcite (Clear), CopperFuchsiteGarnet, Kyanite, Malachite, Muscovite, Opal (Green), Quartz

             Cleansing: Calcite (Clear), Obsidian (Rainbow)

             Elemental: MerliniteVanadinite

             Female: LarimarMoonstone, Opal (Green and White), Turquoise

             Flow, Conscious Control: Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), FuchsiteTiger IronTektite

             Flow, Natural: Hawks Eye, Rose Quartz (Girasol)Rutilated QuartzTigers EyeTopaz

             Frequency: Kunzite (Gold and Pink-Purple)

Leak, Blocking: Labradorite, Pyrite

             Love, Infusing: RhodochrositeRose Quartz

             Male: Opal (Green and White), PyriteSunstoneTurquoise

             Negative, Protection From: Agate (Fire), Charoite, Chiastolite, Garnet (Spessartine), Jasper (Yellow), Jet, Muscovite, Obsidian (Apache Tears, Gold, and Rainbow), Peacock Ore, Ruby, Ruby-Fuchsite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Shungite, Smoky QuartzStichtiteSugilite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Tourmaline (Black), Turquoise

             Retrograde: Lodestone

             Saving: Quartz, Vanadinite

             Unblocking: Apatite, Calcite (Clear and Mangano), Jasper (Bumblebee), Larimar, Obsidian (MahoganySilverRed, and Rainbow), Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline (Black)

Energy Fields: Amethyst, Aragonite (Red), Chalcedony (Blue)Fluorite

             Cleansing: Agate (Dendritic)CarnelianCitrine, Jade (Purple), Kyanite, OpalShungite 

Enlightenment: Apophyllite, Aventurine (Yellow)AzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2), CavansiteGanesha DiamondsJetMoldavitePietersitePyriteQuartz, Tourmaline (Black)Unakite

Environment: AmethystAzuriteChrysocollaCitrine, Jasper (Red and Picture), Kunzite, Kyanite, PrehniteSmoky QuartzTourmaline

             Cleanse/Heal: Amber, Aventurine (Green), CarnelianChlorite-Quartz, Chrysanthemum Stone, ChrysocollaCitrine, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow, and Yellow), Kunzite, Kyanite, Obsidian, OnyxPrehnite

             Energizing: PetaliteRuby-Kyanite

             Protecting: AngeliteCitrineKunziteMalachitePetalite

Etheric Body: Agate (Moss)Infinite                  

Healing: Rutilated Quartz

             Protecting: Jade (Black)

Etheric Chakras: Selenite

Evolve (Spiritual): Peacock Ore

Exorcism: AstrophylliteKunziteLarimar, Obsidian (Mahogany)PetaliteQuartz, Selenite

Exploration (Spiritual): Chrysocolla

Extrasensory Perception (ESP): (See also “Clair Senses”)

Extraterrestrial, Communication: Apophyllite, Astrophyllite, ChrysoberylCats Eye, Moldavite, Prehnite, Pyrite, SapphireShattuckiteTektite


Fairy & Fairy Realm: Amethyst, Apophyllite (Green), Diopside, Infinite, Merlinite, Obsidian (Apache Tears), Peridot, Prasiolite, PrehniteSmoky Quartz

Faith (general): AmazoniteAmethystAmberApophyllite, ChiastoliteChrysopraseSeraphiniteTigers Eye

             In Divine: CelestiteGanesha Diamond, Kunzite (Gold)Shiva Lingam

             In Inherent Goodness: AmberChalcedony (Pink)Rhodonite

Fate: Amazonite, Calcite (Clear), Chrysoberyl, Emerald, Kyanite, Onyx, Peridot, Topaz,  Tourmaline (Black), Turquoise

Feng Shui: Prehnite

Forgiveness: Tanzanite (Prairie)

Free will: FluoriteLepidoliteSodalite

Freedom, Spiritual: Agate (Moss), Aventurine (Green)Fluorite, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Opal (Green), SodaliteSunstone, Zoisite

Future Lives:  Chalcedony (Pink)Ganesha Diamond, Quartz


Gaia: Chrysoprase, Diopside

Geomancy: DiopsideInfinite, Smoky Quartz, Vanadinite

Goddess Energy: AquamarineChrysocolla, Jasper (Mookaite, Picture and Yellow), Larimar, MoldaviteMoonstone, Quartz

Gratitude: Agate (Dendritic)Tourmaline (Green), Kunzite (Green)

Greatness, Spiritual: Moldavite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold)

Grounding, Spiritual: Agate (Fire and Tree), Amber, Apophyllite, Aragonite (Brown), Bismuth, Bloodstone, ChrysoberylCitrine, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), Hawks Eye, Jasper (Desert and Red), Onyx, Petalite, Rhodonite, Ruby, Sardonyx, Serpentine, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Tiger Iron, Tigers Eye (Gold), Tourmaline (Black), Tourmaline-Quartz (Black), Vanadinite

             During Energy Work: AngeliteApophylliteCavansiteGalenaHematiteKyanite, Obsidian

             Light Body: Selenite

             Meridians to Etheric Body: Pietersite, Quartz (Blue)

             Spiritual Energy into the Earth: GalenaMalachiteTiger Eye

             Spiritual Energy Into the Physical Body: ObsidianGalena, Garnet (Almandine), Hematite, HiddeniteLabradoriteVanadinite

Growth, Spiritual: Agate (Dendritic), Aventurine (Green), Chrysoprase, FuchsiteGalenaGanesha Diamond, Gabbro (Indigo), Garnet (Hessonite), Jasper (Red), Petrified Wood, QuartzRuby-Fuchsite, Ruby-IoliteRutilated QuartzTektiteTopazUnakiteZoisite

Guilt: Aventurine (Red)


Harmony: GalenaIdocrase, Jade, Jasper (Picture), PrehniteTourmalineVesuvianite

Healing, General: Aventurine (Blue)Charoite, Peridot, Quartz, Rose Quartz (Girasol)Smithsonite

             Directing Energy: InfiniteSuper 7 Melody Stone

             Distance: Cavansite

Filtering Negativity: Chalcedony (Pink), Rutilated Quartz Tourmaline (Black)

             Healing the Healer: Prehnite, Quartz (Girasol)

             Resistance: AquamarineCharoite

             Rituals: Serpentine

             Shamanic: Apophyllite (Green), Cavansite, Larvikite

             Spiritual: Tourmaline (Watermelon)

             Words:  Aragonite (Blue)

Heart Chakra (4th Chakra): 

             Activating/Opening: Agate (Apricot), AmazoniteAmethystApophyllite, Calcite (Mangano), Eudialyte, Garnet, Kunzite (Green, Gold, and Pink/Purple), LarimarMagnesiteMalachiteMuscovite, Obsidian (Gold)Peridot, Quartz (Blue), RhodoniteRose QuartzRuby, SapphireSeraphinite, Tourmaline (Green and Red)Variscite

             Aligning/Balancing: KunziteMalachite, Quartz (Blue), RhodochrositeRose Quartz

             Block, Dissolving: ChrysocollaChrysopraseEmeraldGarnet, Obsidian (Gold), Opal (Blue and Pink), PeridotRose QuartzSeraphinite, Tourmaline (Pink)

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Red)EudialyteFuchsite, Garnet (Almandine), Jade (Black), Obsidian (Apache Tears)RhodoniteRubyRuby-FuchsiteRuby-Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon), Zoisite

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Orange), Cinabrite, Quartz  (Strawberry)Smithsonite, StilbiteThulite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Green and Yellow), Bytownite, ChrysoberylChrysoprase, Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Prasiolite, Prehnite, Rhodocrosite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Vesuvianite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Agate (Blue Lace), Chrysocolla, Hemimorphite, Kunzite, Larimar, Smithsonite, Thulite, Turquoise (Green)

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Chrysoprase (Citron)PrasioliteRuby-IoliteRuby-Kyanite, Ruby-ZoisiteShattuckiteTanzanite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Atlantasite, Charoite, Chrysoprase (Citron), Danburite (White), Epidote, InfiniteLepidolitePetalitePhosphosiderite, PrasiolitePrehnitePrehnite-Epidote, Fluorite (Rainbow)Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Thulite (Purple)

             Protecting: Aventurine (Green)

Heart, Universal: AngeliteBismuth, Jade (Blue)LabradoriteLapis LazuliRhodonite, Tourmaline (Red)

Helper, Spiritual: Chrysoprase

Hero's Journey: Agate (Fire), Eudialyte

High Heart Chakra: Danburite (White), DioptaseEmeraldSelenite

High Priestess: CupriteMoonstone

Higher Dimensions: ApophylliteCelestiteMoldavitePetaliteUnakite

Higher Self: Agate (Moss), Amber, ApophylliteAzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2)Azurite-Malachite, Bismuth, CinabriteEpidoteGanesha Diamond, Jade (Blue), Jasper (Bumblebee), LepidoliteMuscovite, Opal (Pink)Prasiolite, Prehnite Epidote, Quartz (Snow), SapphireScoleciteSelenite

             Guidance/Knowledge: Aragonite (Red), Jade (Black and Purple), Jasper (Bumblebee), Labradorite, Lapis LazuliLodestoneMuscoviteOpal (Blue), Prehnite Epidote, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire

             Linking Higher and Current Self: Barite, Prasiolite

Highest Good: Aventurine (Pink), Calcite (Gold and Mangano), Ganesha Diamond, Idocrase, Prehnite Epidote, Quartz (Snow and Tangerine),

Highest Vibrations: Epidote, Prehnite Epidote

Humanitarianism: ApatiteAquamarine, Chalcedony (Pink), Charoite, Howlite, Jasper (Ocean)Rhodonite

Hypnosis: Sapphire

             Releasing: ApophylliteShattuckite


Identity, Finding and Keeping: Chiastolite, Lapis LazuliPrehnitePreseliSodaliteVariscite

Immortality: Chiastolite

Incan: Ametrine

Independence, Spiritual: Agate (Crazy Lace)Amazonite, Coral (Red)

Inner Work: (Please see “Personal Work”)

Interdimensional Awareness/Communication: ApophylliteAstrophyllite, Aragonite (Blue), Cavansite, DanburiteIoliteMoldavitePietersitePyrite, QuartzRutilated QuartzTektite

             (See also “Astral Travel,” and “Higher Dimensions”)

Intuition: AmazoniteAmethystAmetrineAtlantasiteAquamarine, Aragonite (Blue), Calcite (Blue, Clear, and Mangano), CavansiteDumortierite, Garnet (Hessonite), Hawks Eye, Iolite, Jade (Purple), Kunzite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis LazuliMerliniteMoonstoneMuscoviteNuummitePetrified Wood, Pietersite, Prasiolite, PrehnitePreseliPyrite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Shattuckite, Sodalite, Tanzanite, Tektite, Turquoise, Vatican StoneZoisite

             Enhancing: Amethyst (Chevron), Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Fluorite, Kyanite, Labradorite, MalachiteMoonstone, Obsidian (Gold)SodaliteSunstone, Tourmaline (Red)Turquoise

             Opening: Agate (Moss), Amazonite, Amethyst, ChrysoberylCitrine, GarnetMuscovite, Sapphire

             Trusting: Lodestone, Sapphire, Tigers Eye (Red)


Journey, Spiritual: Agate, Citrine (Burnt), Fuchsite, Gabbro (Indigo), Garnet (Hessonite), Jet, Lodestone, Moonstone, Ruby-IoliteStilbiteVanadinite

             (See also “Astral Travel,” “Inner Work,” “Quest,” and “Shamanism”)

Joy of Living: Agate (Crazy Lace), AmetrineBismuthCinabrite, Citrine, Emerald, Garnet, Jade (Purple), Opal, Peacock Ore, Prehnite Epidote, Quartz  (Strawberry), RubySunstone, Thulite, Tourmaline (Green)Variscite


Karma: Ganesha DiamondShiva LingamTopaz

             Negative, Releasing: Barite, CharoiteDanburite, Larvikite, Petalite

             Future, Protecting: Quartz

             Understanding: ChiastoliteDioptase, Ganesha DiamondShiva Lingam

             Unfinished Business, Resolving: AquamarineCarnelianTiger Iron

Kingdom of Heaven: ChiastoliteQuartz, Rose Quartz

Kundalini: AtlantasiteBuddstone, Garnet (Almandine)Infinite, Jasper (Brecciated, Picasso, and Red), JetMoldavite, Moonstone (Black and White), Moonstone-Tourmaline, Quartz (Strawberry and Tangerine), Ruby, Seraphinite, Serpentine, Shiva LingamStichtite,  Tanzanite (Prairie)

Controlling: AtlantasiteInfiniteSmithsonite

Raising: ApatiteAtlantasite, Garnet (Hessonite), Jet, Obsidian (Mahogany, Silver, Red, and Rainbow), SapphireSerpentineShiva LingamTigers Eye

Kwan Yin: Calcite (Mangano), Jade (Purple), Quartz, Smithsonite


Ley Lines: DiopsideInfinite, Jasper (Picture)

Life, Affirming: AmetrineAzuriteCitrineChrysopraseEmerald, Garnet (Almandine), Dumortierite, Jasper (Ocean)MagnesiteOpalRhodochrositeRuby, SunstoneThuliteTopaz, Tourmaline (Green),  Zoisite

Life, Meaning of: Chiastolite, Garnet, Moldavite, Opal (Green), Sardonyx, Sunstone, Topaz

Life Force: Agate (Fire), AmberApatite, Chalcedony (Pink), Eudialyte, Jasper (Mookaite), MorganiteRhodochrositeRuby, Sapphire, Tourmaline (Green)Zoisite

Light: AmberAmethystApophyllite, Garnet (Almandine), Pyrite

             Activating: AmberHemimorphite

             Embodiment: AstrophylliteRuby

             Infusing Self with: Astrophyllite

             Shield of Light: Sugilite

Light Body: Kyanite

             Anchoring: ApophylliteSelenite

Lila (Divine Play): Agate (Crazy Lace), Jade (Purple), Quartz  (Strawberry)

Lonely (Spiritual): Bismuth

Lost Loved Ones, Communicate with: Obsidian (Snowflake), Petrified Wood (Red)

Love, Universal:  Agate, AngeliteApophyllite, Aventurine (Pink), Calcite (Green and Mangano), Charoite, Chrysoprase (Citron and Light), Emerald, Jasper (Brecciated and Red), Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), MorganiteNuummite, Opal (Pink)Prasiolite, RhodochrositeRhodoniteRose Quartz, SmithsoniteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Tourmaline (Red), Tourmaline-Quartz (Red)

Luck, Good: AmberAmetrine, Aventurine (Green)CelestiteChrysanthemum Stone, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Garnet (Almandine)HiddeniteJade, MalachiteMoldavite, MoonstoneMoonstone-TourmalineOpalSardonyxSunstoneTopazTurquoise

Bad Luck, Dissolving: Aventurine (Green), AzuriteOpal

Right Timing:  LabradoritePetrified Wood


Magic: AquamarineBloodstoneChrysoberylJetLabradoriteMerliniteNuummiteOnyx, Opal (Blue), PietersiteTourmaline

             Magical Presence: Stichtite

Manifestation: Agate (Moss)AmazoniteAmberApatiteAquamarine, Calcite (Clear), Chalcedony (Blue), Celestite, Chrysoberyl,  Citrine (Burnt and Natural), DragonstoneEmerald, Garnet (Grossular, Spessartine, and Uvarovite), Hematite, Jade (Black), Kyanite, Moonstone (Gray),  Morganite, Obsidian (Black and Gold), PetalitePrehnite, Prehnite Epidote, Pyrite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold)RubyRuby-Fuchsite, Ruby-Iolite, Sapphire (Yellow)ShattuckiteSmoky QuartzTigers EyeTiger IronTopaz,

Mastery:  Agate (Crazy Lace)Onyx

Maturity, Spiritual: Agate (Gray), Jade (Black)Ruby-Iolite

Meaning, Finding: RhodoniteTopaz

             (See also “Purpose of Life”)

Meditation: Agate (Apricot), Amethyst, Ametrine, Apophyllite, Aragonite (Brown), Aventurine (Red), Azurite, Azurite-Granite-(K2), Azurite-Malachite, Calcite (Green), CavansiteCelestiteChalcopyrite, Chiastolite, Citrine, Danburite (White and Yellow), Ganesha Diamond, Infinite, Iolite, Jasper (Mookaite), Kunzite (Gold and Pink/Purple), KyaniteLepidoliteMerlinite, Moonstone, Morganite, Obsidian (Black and Snowflake), Opal (BlueGreen and White), Peacock Ore, Petalite, Prehnite Epidote, Quartz (Blue, Clear, Rose, Rutilated, Snow),  RhodoniteRuby-IoliteSapphire, ScoleciteSeleniteSerpentineSeptarian NoduleShiva LingamSodaliteTektiteTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Purple), Vanadinite

             Attuning to Higher Plane: Aquamarine, Aragonite (Red), Calcite (Gold), Celestite, Chrysocolla, Ganesha Diamond, MagnesiteSmithsoniteSmoky Quartz

             Deepening/Grounding: Agate (Tree), ApatiteChrysopraseKyanite, Obsidian (Mahogany), Prehnite, TanzaniteUnakite

             Empty Mind: AquamarineCarnelianChrysoberyl, Calcite (Gold), Labradorite, Larvikite, Petalite, Quartz, SeleniteSmithsoniteSmoky QuartzSodaliteTourmaline (Green), Vanadinite

             Enhancing (general): Agate (Fire), AmetrineFuchsite, Infinite, Jasper (Red and Picture), Kyanite, Lodestone, Obsidian (MahoganyRedRainbow, and Silver), Opal (Green), Petalite, Topaz, Turquoise

             Fire Walking: Apophyllite

             Guidance: AmethystDanburite, Prehnite Epidote, Quartz (Snow)Sodalite

             Inducing: Aragonite (Brown), Azurite, KunziteLarimar

             Kundalini: SapphireSerpentineShiva Lingam

             Moving/Walking Meditation Practices: Pietersite

             Loving-Kindness: Jade, Kunzite (Gold and Pink-Purple), PetaliteRhodoniteRose Quartz

             Self-Healing: Seraphinite

             Visualization: Jasper (OceanRainforest and Leopardskin)

Meridians: Aragonite (Brown, Red) and Yellow), Moldavite, TopazTourmaline

             Blocks, Dissolving: AngeliteApatite, Aragonite (Yellow), Jasper (Bumblebee), Kyanite, Larimar, Lodestone, Turquoise

             Flow of Energy, Maintaining: HematiteMuscovite Pyrite, Quartz (Blue), Topaz, Tourmaline (Black and Green), Turquoise

Muse: AmetrineIolite

Mystery, Sacred: Chiastolite, Jasper (Desert), Labradorite, Moonstone

Mysticism: Agate (Crazy Lace), AmetrineLabradoriteMoonstoneMuscovite,  Opal

             Initiation: Labradorite

             Visions: Opal

Mythic Realms: AngeliteAmethystAtlantasiteChiastoliteLabradoriteMerlinite


Namaste: Agate (Blue Lace)DioptaseGanesha DiamondPrasioliteRhodoniteShiva LingamStilbite

Nature Spirits: Agate (Moss and Tree), Apatite (Green), Apophyllite (Green),  Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Green), Chlorite-QuartzChrysoprase, Hemimorphite, Infinite Jasper (Rainforest), Larvikite, Merlinite, Obsidian (Apache Tears), Tourmaline (Green and Watermelon)

             (See also “Deva” and “Fairy”)

Nature, Spiritual Connection: Agate (Dendritic and Turritella), AmberAmethystJade, Apophyllite (Green), Jasper (Rainforest), LarimarMalachiteMoldaviteMerlinitePetrified Wood (Palm), PrehniteQuartz, SerpentineSunstone, Tourmaline (Green and Watermelon), Vatican Stone

          (See also “Earth Energy”)

Navel Chakra: AmberCitrineMalachite

New Age: Angelite, Calcite (Honey)Celestite, MoldavitePetaliteRose Quartz

New Path: Calcite (Gold)

Nirvana (Accessing): Quartz (Lavender and Rose),

Norse Gods: Amber, Calcite (Clear)IoliteSunstone


Oneness with the All: RhodoniteRose QuartzShiva Lingam

Opportunities (Spiritual): Bismuth

Oracles: PietersiteShattuckiteSodalite

             (See also “Clair Senses,” “Divination,” and “Prophecy”

Orientation, Spiritual Alignment: Opal (Green), Sapphire, Tourmaline (Watermelon)Zoisite

Out-of-Body Experience: Angelite, Astrophyllite


Passage, (Life to Death): Eudialyte

Path, Finding: CharoiteLodestone

Path of Love: Barite, RhodoniteRose Quartz

Path of Knowledge: Obsidian (Black and Gold), Sapphire

Path of Service: Charoite, Jasper (Ocean and Yellow)

Path of Meditation: AmethystKyanite

Past (general): InfiniteMuscovitePeridotPreseli

             Confronting: Infinite

             Healing: Calcite (Gold)InfiniteKyanite, Jasper (Mookaite)Petrified WoodRhodoniteUnakite

             Learning From: MuscovitePeridot

             Letting Go: Calcite (Blue), CitrineDanburiteGalena, Larvikite, Opal (Green), PeridotRutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Past Life (general): Agate (Gray)AmberAngeliteApatite, ApophylliteAtlantasite, Cradle of Humankind, DioptaseFuchsite, Hawk Eye, InfiniteIolite, Jasper (Picture), JetKyaniteLabradoriteLapis Lazuli, MerliniteNuummite, Obsidian (Snowflake)Petrified WoodRuby-ZoisiteSelenite

             Accessing: Apatite, Apophyllite, Aragonite (Brown), Charoite, Dioptase, Garnet, Infinite, Jasper (Red and Picture), Merlinite, Obsidian (Gold)Opal, QuartzTurquoiseVariscite

             Between Lives State: InfiniteSelenite, Sugilite

             Blocks, Dissolving: Larvikite, Lepidolite, Turquoise

             Identifying/Understanding Trauma: Hawks EyeSugiliteUnakiteVariscite

             Relationships, Continuing: InfiniteLarimar

             Relationships, Releasing Ties: Apophyllite, Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Kunzite, Quartz (Clear and Tangerine), Tanzanite

Past Life Trauma, Healing: Infinite, Jasper (Ocean, Rainforest and Leopardskin), Labradorite, Larvikite, Malachite, Merlinite, Obsidian, Opal (Blue and Pink), Quartz (Tangerine)Rutilated QuartzRuby-Zoisite, Shattuckite, Smithsonite, Tourmaline-Quartz (Red),

             Betrayal: Rhodonite

             Deprivation: Prehnite

             Imprisonment: Idocrase

             Injuries: Onyx

             Grief: Obsidian (Apache Tears), Opal (Green) 

             Retrieval of Lost Soul Parts: Quartz

             Sexual Assault: MalachiteRhodochrosite

             Violent Death: Smithsonite

Peace: Agate (Apricot and Tree) AmetrineCavansiteChrysoberylCinabriteCelestite, Jade (Blue), Petrified WoodPrehniteSmithsonite, StilbiteVariscite

Personal Power, Claiming: Calcite (Clear), Coral (Blue and Red), Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Onyx, Petalite, PyriteRuby, Sapphire (Yellow)Tanzanite

             Correct Use Of: Obsidian, OpalRuby-IoliteTigers Eye

             Maximizing: Aquamarine, Calcite (Orange)Rhodonite

Personal Work: Agate (Dendritic), Apophyllite, Aragonite (Red), Citrine, Dumortierite, Jade (Black and Purple), Labradorite, Lepidolite, Lodestone, Opal (Blue), Prehnite, Ruby-Iolite, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire

             Child: ChrysopraseDioptaseSmithsonite

             Insight: AmethystApophylliteObsidianCalcite (Blue), QuartzHiddeniteIoliteLapis Lazuli, MagnesiteMoonstoneRuby-Iolite

             Integrating/Processing: AmethystApophyllite, Jasper (Bumblebee), Fluorite,  Jasper (Mookaite), ObsidianPietersitePrehniteRuby-Iolite

             Journey: Jasper (Picture)Lodestone

             Processing: AmethystFluoriteMookaitePietersitePrehnite

             Negativity, Releasing: Obsidian (Mahogany)Ruby-Iolite

Power: Coral (Blue and Red)

Practicality/Pragmatism: Agate (Apricot)Apophyllite, Barite, Calcite (Blue), CarnelianCrop Circle Stone, FuchsiteGalena, Jasper (Yellow), Larvikite, OnyxPreseli, Quartz (Tangerine), Smoky QuartzTiger Iron

Prana Energy: Crop Circle StoneShiva LingamTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Red)

             PranaYama: Aragonite (Blue),

Prayer: Aventurine (Blue), Celestite, Chalcedony (Blue)Chiastolite, Rhodonite

Predicting the Future: Super 7 Melody Stone

Prenatal Lives: Agate (Gray)

Prophecy / Prophetic Vision: Apophyllite, CelestiteChrysoberylDumortieriteGarnet-Andradite, Obsidian, PrehnitePietersite, QuartzVatican Stone

Prosperity: Agate (Moss), Aventurine (Green), CarnelianChrysanthemum Stone, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Dioptase, Emerald, Fluorite (GreenRainbow, and Yellow), Garnet (Grossular and Uvarovite), Jade, Obsidian (Gold), Peridot, Pyrite, Quartz, Ruby, Ruby-Zoisite, Sapphire (Yellow and Blue), Sunstone, Tigers Eye (Gold), Variscite

             Scarcity-Thinking, Releasing: Emerald, Jade, Jasper (Bumblebee)

             (See also “Abundance”)

Protection, Energetic:  Agate (Dendritic)Amber, Amethyst, Angelite, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Celestite, ChiastoliteChrysoberyl, Fossilized Shell, Jade (Black and Green), Jasper (Red), Jet, Kunzite, Labradorite, LepidoliteLodestoneMalachiteMoonstone-Tourmaline, Morganite, Muscovite, Obsidian, PetalitePrehnitePyrite, Quartz (Whiskey), SardonyxSerpentine, Smoky QuartzStilbiteSugiliteTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Black)Turquoise

             At Work: Agate (Fire), Tourmaline (Black)

             For Home: CarnelianChrysocollaSelenite, Tourmaline (Black),

             From Crime: Sardonyx

             From Physical Danger: Opal (Green) 

Psychic Abilities: Amethyst, Aragonite (Blue), Aventurine (Blue)AzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2)Azurite-Malachite, Calcite (Blue), Cats EyeCelestiteCharoiteChrysoberyl, DumortieriteFluorite, Garnet (Hessonite)Hawk EyeIolite, Jade (Blue and Purple), KunziteKyaniteLapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Moonstone, Nuummite, Opal, PreseliRutilated QuartzSapphireTopaz (Blue and Silver)Tektite

             Accepting: Moonstone

             Attuning to Someone/Something: Angelite, Apatite (Blue), Aventurine (Blue), Eudialyte, Iolite, Jade (Purple)Magnesite, MerliniteMoonstone, Obsidian (Apache Tears), Smithsonite

             Enhancing: Apatite (Blue)Azurite, Calcite (Blue), Emerald, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow, and Yellow), Hawks Eye, Jasper (Bumblebee), KyaniteLabradoriteLapis Lazuli, Larvikite, Moonstone, Quartz, ShattuckiteSmithsoniteSnow QuartzTigers Eye, Unakite

             Gifts: Amethyst (Chevron), Labradorite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Sapphire, Super 7 Melody Stone, Tanzanite

             Grounding: Unakite

             Opening: Apatite (Blue), Garnet (Almandine)InfiniteJet, Serpentine

             (See also “Clair Senses,” and “Reiki”)

Psychic Attack, Protection: Amethyst, Garnet (Almandine), Chlorite-Quartz, Fluorite, Labradorite, MalachiteMuscovite, Obsidian (Apache TearsBlack, and Mahogany), Opal (Blue),  Ruby-Zoisite, Rutilated Quartz, Tourmaline (Black), Tourmaline-Quartz (Black)

             Curses/Enchantments/Ill Wishes: AstrophylliteChiastoliteEmeraldTigers Eye, Tourmaline (Black and Watermelon)

             Neutralizing: Ametrine, Tourmaline (Watermelon)

             Returning to Source: Agate (Fire)Lapis Lazuli

             Vampirism: Agate (Fire), Aventurine (Green), Bloodstone, Infinite, Quartz, Tourmaline (Black)

Psychokinesis: CavansiteDumortieriteLapis Lazuli

Purification: AmethystBloodstoneCitrine, Jade (Black)JetLepidolite, Opal (Pink), Quartz  (Strawberry and Whiskey), Selenite, Shungite (Black and Noble), Sugilite

Purpose of Life: Agate (Fire)Amber, Jasper (Bumblebee), Labradorite (Golden)RhodoniteSugilite

             Lack of Purpose: Jasper (Bumblebee), Lapis Lazuli

             (See also “Meaning”)


Qi: KyaniteLodestone, Thulite

Quest, Spirit: Jasper (Leopardskin and Mookaite), LodestoneMoonstone, PetalitePietersiteSugilite

            (See also “Journey”)


Reality, Understanding: Agate (Apricot), AquamarineChiastoliteChrysopraseHawks EyeJade, Jasper (Yellow), Larimar, Larvikite, MoldaviteSapphire, Tigers Eye

            (See also “Practicality/Pragmatism”)

Re-birth: AngeliteChrysoberylChiastolite, Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Malachite, Smithsonite, Unakite

Reiki: Agate (Blue Lace), Amethyst, Apophyllite (Green and White), Calcite (Mangano), Danburite, Infinite, Obsidian, Prehnite, Quartz, Rose QuartzScoleciteSeleniteSuper 7 Melody Stone, Tourmaline (Black)

Responsibility: Aventurine (Blue), Jasper (Yellow)

Reverence/Awe: Chalcedony (Pink), Jasper (Desert, Yellow), Lapis Lazuli

Rituals (general): AmetrineMerlinitePreseli

             (See also “Druid,” “Shaman,” “Wiccan,” and “Words”)

Root Chakra (1st Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: CarnelianHawks Eye, Jasper (Red)ObsidianRuby, Tourmaline (Red)

             Aligning/Balancing: Garnet (Almandine), Hawks EyeJetRhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz,  Tourmaline (Black)

             Block, Dissolving: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Jade (Black), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Fire), Aventurine (Orange)CarnelianCopper, Coral (Red), Jasper (Brecciated, BumblebeePicassoRainforest, and Red), Lodestone, Moonstone (Black and Gray), Obsidian, Sand Dollar FossilVanadinite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Agate (Crazy Lace), Aragonite (Red), Aventurine (Yellow), Bronzite, Chalcopyrite, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Lodestone, Nuummite, Obsidian (Gold), Onyx, Rutilated Quartz (Gold)Septarian Nodule, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Red), EudialyteFuchsite, Garnet (Almandine), Jade (Black), Obsidian (Apache Tears) RhodoniteRubyRuby-FuchsiteRuby-Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon), Zoisite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat):  Chinese Writing StoneChrysocolla, Coral (Blue)Crop Circle StoneDragonstoneLodestone

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), LodestoneMuscovitePetrified WoodRuby-IoliteRuby-Kyanite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Atlantasite, CharoiteChiastoliteDragonstone, Moonstone (Black)Moonstone-TourmalineSeraphiniteSerpentineStichtiteTektite

             Protecting: Garnet (Almandine)Obsidian, Onyx

Roots, Ancestral: Barite, Preseli

Runes: AmberAzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2), Calcite (Clear)IoliteSunstone


Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: Agate (Fire), Aventurine (Orange), CarnelianChrysoprase, Jasper (Red Sedona), Ruby, Tourmaline (Red)Vanadinite

             Aligning/Balancing: Amber, Garnet (Almandine), Obsidian (Mahogany, Red, Rainbow, and Silver), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Block, Dissolving: Amethyst, Jasper (Bumblebee), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Fire), Aventurine (Orange)CarnelianCopper, Coral (Red), Jasper (Brecciated, Bumblebee, PicassoRainforest, and Red), Lodestone, Moonstone (Black and Gray), Obsidian, Sand Dollar FossilVanadinite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Agate (Fire), Amber, Calcite (Orange), Carnelian, Jasper (Bumblebee), Obsidian (Gold), Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Septarian Nodule, Tigers Eye (Gold), Vanadinite

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Apricot), Cinabrite, Quartz (Strawberry), Smithsonite, Thulite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Agate, Coral (Blue), Jasper (Desert and Ocean)Shiva Lingam

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks Eye, Moonstone (Peach)Ruby-Kyanite, Selenite (Orange)Stilbite, Sodalite (Sunset)Vanadinite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Moonstone (Peach)Phosphosiderite, Thulite (Purple), Selenite (Orange)Seraphinite, Stilbite

             Protecting: Agate (Fire), Carnelian, Garnet (Almandine and Hessonite)

Safety, Spiritual: Aragonite (Yellow), Chalcedony (Pink)

Scrying: Merlinite, Obsidian, OnyxQuartzSeleniteUnakite

Sealing Holes: Chalcedony (Blue)

Sensitivities: Aventurine (Blue)

Serenity: Agate (Tree), AmethystAmetrineChrysocolla

Serpent: Atlantasite

Shadow Side: Ametrine, Jade (Black), Moonstone (Black), ObsidianPyrite, Quartz (Tangerine), Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Sodalite, Tourmaline (Black)

             Courage to Face Shadow Self: CharoiteGalenaJade (Black), Jasper (Bumblebee), Merlinite

Shakti: Atlantasite, Aventurine (Red)Jet, Quartz (Strawberry), Shiva Lingam

Shamanism: Ametrine, Apophyllite (Green), Garnet-Andradite, Labradorite, Merlinite, Moonstone (Gray)Petalite, Quartz

             Ceremonies / Rituals: AmetrineIolite, Moonstone-TourmalineObsidian, Sapphire

             Invisibility: Opal

             Journey: AmberIolite, Jade (Black and Purple), Larvikite, LepidoliteNuummite, Obsidian (Gold and RainbowPetalitePietersiteSodalite

Sin (Releasing): Aventurine (Red)

Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra): 

             Activating/Opening: Aventurine (Yellow), Jasper (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Larimar, Peridot, Pyrite, Tourmaline (Watermelon)

             Aligning/Balancing: Amber, Aragonite (Red and Yellow), ChrysoberylCitrine, Danburite  (Yellow), Fluorite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold)PeridotRhodochrositeSmithsonite

             Block, Dissolving: Amber, Calcite (Gold), Fluorite (Yellow), Jasper (Bumblebee), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Crazy Lace), Aragonite (Red), Aventurine (Yellow), Carnelian, Chalocopyrite, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), LodestoneNuummite, Obsidian (Gold), Onyx, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Septarian Nodule, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Fire)Amber, Calcite (Orange), Jasper (Bumblebee), Obsidian (Gold), Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Septarian Nodule, Tigers Eye (Gold), Vanadinite

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Green and Yellow), Bytownite, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Prasiolite, Prehnite, Rhodocrosite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Vesuvianite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Amazonite, Jasper (Ocean), Lapis Lazuli, PietersiteRutilated Quartz

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Gabbro (Indigo), Hawks Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Yellow), Sodalite (Sunset)

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AmetrineBytowniteCharoite, Calcite (Gold), Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Labradorite (Golden), Quartz (Gold), Selenite (Orange), Thulite (Purple), Seraphinite        

Protecting: Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

Soul: Agate (Moss), Bismuth, Bytownite, Calcite (Clear), Jasper (Ocean)JetKunzite, QuartzRutilated Quartz

             Cleansing: Quartz

             Dark night of: ApophylliteCalcite (Blue and Clear)

             Growth: Agate (Moss),  DanburiteFuchsiteLarimarObsidian, Rutilated QuartzRuby-Zoisite

             Healing: Calcite (Green), Obsidian (MahoganyRedRainbow, and Silver)Ruby-Zoisite

             Lost Soul, Retrieval: Calcite (Blue), Iolite, Jade (Black), Kunzite, Nuummite, Quartz (Tangerine)Smithsonite

             Old Soul: Cradle of HumankindJet

             Memories: Ruby-Zoisite

             Protecting: Sugilite

             Purpose: Chrysanthemum Stone

             Young Soul: EmeraldPeridot

Soul Mate: EmeraldMorganiteSardonyx

             Attracting: LarimarQuartzRhodochrositeRose Quartz

             Soul Twin: Agate (Moss)

             Spiritual Relationships: Garnet (Spessartine and Uvarovite)

             (See also “Twin Flame”)

Sound, Healing: Aragonite (Blue), Agate (Blue Lace)Chrysocolla

Spirit Guides: Agate (Moss)Apophyllite, Calcite (Clear), Cavansite, Chrysoprase (Citron), Cinabrite, Dumortierite, Jade (Blue and Purple), Jasper (Mookaite)KyaniteLapis Lazuli, MuscoviteOpalSelenite, Smithsonite, Scolecite, Tanzanite

             Communication, Enhancing: Agate (Blue Lace)Merlinite, Obsidian (Snowflake), Quartz (Clear and Snow), Shattuckite

             (See also “Angels,” “Animal Totem,” “Divine Connection,” and “Higher Self”)

Spiritual Awareness: Agate (Apricot), Chiastolite, Ganesha Diamond, Quartz, SerpentineTanzanite

             Activation: Ganesha DiamondSelenite

             Acceleration: MoldaviteRutilated Quartz

             Connection with Others: Quartz (Blue)

             Discernment: Jade (Purple), Lapis Lazuli

             Drama: Jade (Blue)

             Gifts: Ganesha Diamond

             Growth: AmetrineAtlantasiteSerpentineTurquoise, Dragonstone

             History: Serpentine

             Insight: AmetrineAngelite, Apophyllite, Aragonite (Yellow), Jade (Blue and Green), Jet, Sapphire,

             Maturity: Agate (Apricot), JetKyanite

             Path: Lepidolite, Lodestone

             Vibration: Dragonstone

             (See also “Enlightenment”)

Spirituality (general): Agate, (ApricotDendritic and Moss), Amethyst, Azurite-Malachite Chalcopyrite, CharoiteHematiteSapphire

Stability, Spiritual: Agate (Apricot), Aragonite (Brown), Aventurine (Blue)NuummiteOnyx

Subtle Energies: Infinite

             Aligning/Balancing: AmazoniteAzuriteCitrineGalena, IoliteKyaniteLodestoneMuscovite, Quartz (Blue)

             Cleansing/Purifying: Calcite (Orange)CitrineKyanite, Peridot

             Energizing: Calcite (Green)

             Grounding into body: Galena, Garnet (Grossular and Hessonite)

             Protecting: Pyrite

             Unblocking: Jasper (Bumblebee), Obsidian

Success: Epidote, HematiteRubyTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Green)

Sun: Chalcopyrite

Synchronicity: CharoiteChrysanthemum Stone, Eudialyte, Malachite, Merlinite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Nuummite, Obsidian (Snowflake)OpalQuartz, Ruby


Taboos: GarnetMalachite

Tantric Practice: Aventurine (Red)RubyShiva Lingam

Tarot: AzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2), DumortieriteIolitePietersiteShattuckite

Telekinesis: Onyx

Telepathy: AngeliteApophylliteCalcite (Blue), Chalcedony (Blue), Hemimorphite, Kyanite, LabradoriteLapis LazuliLodestoneMuscovite, Obsidian (Gold)PetalitePietersite, Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Selenite, ShattuckiteSuper 7 Melody StoneTektiteVatican Stone

Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: AmazoniteAmethystAmetrineAzuriteSapphireCelestiteDanburite, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), IoliteKyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarLepidolite, Obsidian (Gold), ShattuckiteSodaliteTourmaline

             Aligning/Balancing: Amethyst, DumortieriteKyaniteSapphireTanzanite

             Block, Dissolving: AzuriteKyaniteLarimar, Opal (Blue and Pink), Tourmaline (Red),

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Hawks Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), Lodestone, Muscovite, Petrified WoodRuby-IoliteRuby-Kyanite

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Hawks Eye, Moonstone (Peach)Ruby-Kyanite, Selenite (Orange)Stilbite, Sodalite (Sunset)Vanadinite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Gabbro (Indigo)Hawks Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Yellow), Sodalite (Sunset)

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Chrysoprase (Citron), PrasioliteRuby-IoliteRuby-Kyanite, Ruby-ZoisiteShattuckiteTanzanite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Aragonite (Blue), Calcite (Blue), Cavansite, Chalcedony (Blue), HemimorphiteLapis Lazuli, Quartz (Blue)SapphireShattuckiteSodalite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Amethyst, Angelite, Azurite, Celestite, Charoite, Jade (Purple), Lepidolite, Magnesite, ScoleciteSelenite, Tanzanite

             Protecting: Lapis LazuliLarimar

Throat Chakra (5th Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: Agate (Blue Lace), Amazonite, Amethyst, Apatite (Blue), Kyanite, Lepidolite, Obsidian (Gold), Petalite, Quartz (Blue), SapphireTanzanite

             Aligning/Balancing: KyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarSapphireTurquoise

             Block, Dissolving: Agate (Blue Lace)Aquamarine, Celestite, Garnet (Grossular and Hessonite), Obsidian (Gold), Opal (Blue and Pink), Turquoise

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Chinese Writing StoneChrysocolla, Coral (Blue)Crop Circle StoneDragonstoneLodestone

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate, Coral (Blue), Jasper (Desert and Ocean)Shiva Lingam

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Amazonite, Jasper (Ocean)Lapis Lazuli, Pietersite, Rutilated Quartz

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Blue Lace), Chrysocolla, Hemimorphite, Kunzite, Larimar, SmithsoniteThulite, Turquoise (Green)

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Aragonite (Blue)Calcite (Blue), Cavansite, Chalcedony (Blue), HemimorphiteLapis Lazuli, Quartz (Blue), SapphireShattuckiteSodalite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AngeliteHemimorphiteSeraphinite, Thulite (Purple)

             Protecting: Lapis LazuliLarimar

Time Travel: Chrysanthemum StoneJet

Trance States: Labradorite (Golden), Obsidian (Gold)Sodalite

Tranquility: Ametrine, Jasper (Desert)

Transformation: AmberAmetrine, Barite, BismuthBloodstoneCharoiteGalenaIdocraseLabradorite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Moldavite, Muscovite, OpalPrasiolite, Prehnite Epidote, Rose Quartz (Girasol),

SerpentineShungite, Zoisite

Transition: CharoiteChiastoliteDanburiteKunziteKyaniteLepidolite

Trust in the Divine: Bloodstone, Tourmaline (Purple)

Truth, Spiritual: Agate (ApricotBlue LaceCrazy Lace and Turritella), Iolite, Kunzite  (Green), Kyanite, LabradoriteMuscovite, Obsidian (Black and  Red), Opal (Green), Peridot, Quartz (Tangerine), Shattuckite

Twin Flame: HiddeniteKunziteRhodochrositeSelenite

(See also “Soul Mate”


UFOs: (Please see "Extraterrestrials”)

Understanding, Spiritual: Chiastolite

Universal, Connection: Agate (DendriticTree, and Turritella), Angelite

Unrest, Spiritual: Aragonite (Brown)Variscite


Warrior, Spiritual: Agate (Tree)Bloodstone, Jasper (Red)Ruby

Wealth, Spiritual: DioptaseGarnet, Obsidian (Gold)Topaz

Weather Magic: Bloodstone, Chalcedony (Blue)Danburite

Wiccan: MerliniteMoonstone

Wisdom, Spiritual: Aventurine (Blue and Pink), Celestite, Howlite, Jade (Purple)

Words, Holy: Aragonite (Blue)Chrysocolla

Writing, Spiritual: Chalcedony (Blue)Shattuckite



Yang: Aventurine (Green)MalachiteSunstone

Yin: LarimarMoonstoneRose Quartz

Yin/Yang, Balance: Agate (Gray), Aventurine (Red)HematiteKyaniteOnyxRhodoniteTigers Eye

Yoga: Quartz (Blue)