Crystals to Heal the Spirit


Crystals are incredible tools for spiritual work.

They can be used alongside any faith tradition.

Crystals are physical anchors for invisible energies.

♥ May you always be blessed ♥


This index is a work-in-progress, last updated on 10/17/2018


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Abilities, Realizing: Black ObsidianClear Quartz, DioptaseTopaz (all colors)

Abundance: Carnelian Chrysoberyl, CitrineDioptaseEmerald, Garnet (Grossularite and Uvarovite), Green Apatite, Jade (Black and Green), Jet, Mahogany Obsidian, Moss Agate, RubySardonyxYellow Sapphire

          *Attracting: CarnelianDendritic Agate, Hawks EyePeridotRuby IoliteTopaz

          *See also Prosperity

Activation: Moldavite

Affirmation: Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Selenite

          *Strengthening: Desert Rose SeleniteGreen Opal, Lapis LazuliRose Quartz

          *Supporting: Blue AragoniteBlue Topaz

Akashic Records (General): Angelite, Blue Apatite, Cavansite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Magnesite, Petrified Wood

          *Accessing: Tanzanite

          *Carriers: Apophyllite, LepidoliteMerlinitePietersite

          *Reading: Pietersite

Alignment, Spiritual: Magnesite

          *Physical Actions and the Divine: Variscite

          *Physical Actions with Emotions: Chrysoberyl

          *Polarities: Dendritic Agate, Lodestone

          *See also Aura, Balance,Chakras (General)

Alternate Lives: Nuummite

Amplify Energy (General): Clear CalciteClear QuartzFuchsite, GarnetGreen Opal, Kyanite, MalachiteMoldaviteRutilated Quartz

          *Aura: Ruby Zoisite

          *For Healing Others: Clear QuartzFluorite (Blue, Green, Rainbow and Yellow)

          *Of Other Crystals: Clear Quartz

Ananda: Celestite

Ancient History: AtlantasiteBlack Obsidian, Cradle of Humankind, Mookaite JasperPetrified Wood, Vatican Stone

          *Ancient Civilizations: Almandine Garnet, AtlantasiteClear Quartz, Jasper Picture, Petrified Wood, Preseli

          *Ancient Knowledge: CupritePreseli

          *Ancestral Line: Black Obsidian, Bloodstone, Mookaite JasperPetalite, Turquoise

Angels (General): Angelite, ApophylliteCelestite, DanburiteDesert Rose, InfiniteKunziteLarimar, MorganiteMuscoviteOrange CalcitePetalite, Selenite, SeraphiniteSmithsoniteTanzaniteTree Agate

          *Archangel Gabriel: AquamarineSeleniteWhite Moonstone

          *Archangel Michael: Amber, Jasper (Brecciated, Picasso, Red), Sugilite

          *Archangel Raphael: Angelite, Golden Calcite, Green AventurineMalachitePrehnite

          *Archangel Uriel: Blue TopazCelestite, Gold Tigers Eye, Rutilated Quartz

          *Guardian Angel: Angelite, ApophylliteCelestiteRutilated Quartz

          *Guidance: CelestiteKunzite

          *Messages: Angelite, ApophylliteBlue Lace AgateBlue Opal, Blue Topaz, CelestiteDanburite, Prehnite

          *Seraphim: Seraphinite

Animals (General): Chrysoprase, Diopside, Green CalciteGreen Tourmaline, Jasper (Mookaite and Rainforest), Turritella Agate

         *Healing: Green CalciteGreen Tourmaline, Tangerine Quartz

Animal Totem: Coral (all colors), Diopside, Hawks Eye, Jasper (BumblebeeLeopardskinMookaite and Rainforest), Tigers Eye (all colors), Turritella Agate

Archetypal Healer: AmethystLapis Lazuli

Arthurian Legends: Iolite, MerlinitePreseli

Ascended Masters: Prehnite, Rose QuartzTanzanite

Ascension Process: Ganesha DiamondLabradoriteKyanite

Astral Travel (General): Blue Calcite, Blue Sapphire, Clear QuartzJetLabradorite, Lapis Lazuli

          *Astral Plane: Blue OpalStilbite

          *Facilitating: Amethyst, AmetrineCelestiteChiastolite, Clear CalciteIolite, KunziteLapis LazuliLepidolite, Merlinite, Muscovite, Obsidian (Golden SheenMahogany, Silver Sheen, Red Sheen and Rainbow), PreseliRutilated QuartzTanzaniteVanadinite

          *Grounding: AngeliteApophyllite, Hematite

          *Protection: Apache Tear ObsidianHematiteJet, Seraphinite

          *See also Channeling, Shamanism

Astrology: AngeliteIolite

Attunment: DioptaseJade PurpleKyanite, Lapis LazuliPetaliteSnowflake ObsidianTurquoise

Aura (General): Amazonite, Botswana Agate, Labradorite, LodestoneRed AragoniteSeleniteTektiteTourmaline (all colors)

          *Amplifying: Andradite GarnetRuby Zoisite

          *Calming: Petalite

          *Cleansing: DanburitePurple JadeSmoky Quartz

          *Holes, Patching Up: Blue Chalcedony, Pink Tourmaline

          *Seeing: Clear Calcite

          *Stabilizing: Gray Agate, Indigo GabbroKyanitePurple Jade

Automatic Writing: Shattuckite

Awakening: Fire Agate, Ganesha Diamond, Moldavite, Scolecite, Zoisite

Awareness, Expanding: Angelite, Blue Sapphire, Moldavite, Moss AgatePetalite, Rutilated Quartz



Balance, Spiritual: Amazonite, Ametrine, Auralite 23 Amethyst, Copper, Coral (Blue and Red), Diopside, Gray Agate, Grossularite Garnet, Hematite, Indigo Gabbro, Jade (Black, Blue, Purple and White), Lepidolite, Mixed-Color Tourmaline, Moonstone Touramline, Ocean Jasper, Petalite, Pink Aventurine, Pink Fluorite, Ruby IoliteRuby Kyanite, Ruby Zoisite, Septarian Nodule, Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Stilbite, Vesuvianite

          *Masculine/Feminine Energies: Amazonite, Ametrine, Aventurine, Gray AgateMixed Color Tourmaline, Moonstone (any color), Tektite,  Turquoise

          *See also Alignment, Chakra (General)

Beginnings, New: Almandine GarnetAzurite, CitrineGold CalciteHiddeniteMalachiteMookaite JasperMoonstone (all colors), Moss AgatePeridotRutilated Quartz, Tiger Iron

          *Openness To: Bumblebee JasperCelestiteChrysoprase

          *Support During: LabradoriteMoss Agate

Beliefs, Core: Amazonite

Biomagnetic: *See Aura

Blocked Energy: Amethyst, CitrineClear QuartzGarnet (all varieties), Gold Calcite, KyaniteLarimarObsidian (all varieties), MoldaviteTourmaline (all colors), Unakite

            *See also Chakras (General)

Boundlessness: Moldavite

Breathe Work: Blue AragoniteCavansite

Buddha Crystals: Danburite



Chakras (General):  Atlantasite, Bismuth, Clear Calcite, Clear QuartzDragonstone, Epidote, IdocraseKyanite, Labradorite, LodestoneMoldavite, Prehnite, Serpentine, Shiva Lingam, Super Seven

          *Activating/Opening: Almandine Garnet, MalachiteMoldavite, Sugilite

          *Aligning/Balancing: AquamarineBlue ApatiteBlue Quartz, Calcite (Blue Calcite and Gold), ChrysocollaDendritic Agate, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), KyaniteMoldaviteSugiliteTektiteVanadinite

          *Amplifying: Almandine GarnetClear Calcite, ChrysocollaDioptaseLodestone

          *Blocks, Dissolving: LepidoliteKyanite

          *Blown: Fire Agate

          *Cleanse: Amber, Azurite, Clear CalciteChrysocolla, CitrineGarnet (all varieties), InfiniteKyanitePetaliteSerpentineSunstone

          *Holes, Patching Up: Blue Chalcedony, Pink Tourmaline

          *Restoring Spin: Obsidian (Mahogany, Silver Sheen, Red Sheen and Rainbow)

          *Reversing Spin: Tektite

          *See also Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Chakras

Cellular Memory, Accessing/Healing: Almandine Garnet, Clear Quartz, Jasper (Mookaite and Ocean)

Channeling (General): AngeliteAzurite, Blue Chalcedony, Calcite (Blue Calcite and Gold), Copper, DanburiteGolden Labradorite, Hemimorphite, Lazulite, IoliteRutilated QuartzShattuckiteSugiliteSunstone

          *Protection During: Apache Tear ObsidianHematiteJet, SeraphiniteShattuckite

          *See also Astral Travel, Clair Sense

Chi: Jade (Green and White), Prehnite, Red Jasper, Spessartine Garnet

Christ Consciousness: Rose Quartz

Clair Senses (General): AmethystApophylliteAquamarineBlue Quartz, Blue SapphireCelestiteEmerald, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Hawks Eye, Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Lapis LazuliMoonstone (all colors), Obsidian (all varieties), Opal (Blue and Pink), Tektite (Black and Moldavite)

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing, Psychic): Blue Quartz, Cavansite, Celestite, Dumortierite, Lapas LazuliMoonstone (all colors), Obsidian (all varieties)

Clairgustance (Clear Tasting, Psychic): Almandine GarnetBloodstoneCarnelianMoonstone (all colors), Obsidian (all varieties), OnyxSardonyx

Clairsalience (Clear Smelling, Psychic): BloodstoneLeopardskin Jasper, Moonstone (all colors), Obsidian (all varieties), Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

Clairsentience (Clearing Feeling, Psychic): Blue Quartz, Celestite, Dumortierite, Lapas Lazuli, Moonstone (all colors), NuummiteObsidian (all varieties), Onyx, Opal (Blue and Pink), Silver Topaz

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing, Psychic): AngeliteApophylliteAquamarineBlue Calcite, Blue JadeBlue QuartzBlue SapphireCavansite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Clear Calcite, Clear QuartzDioptaseDumortierite, EmeraldIolite, , Jet, Labradorite, Lapas Lazuli, MalachiteMerlinite, Mixed-Color Tourmaline, MoldaviteMoonstone (all colors), Muscovite, Nuummite, Obsidian (all varieties), Opal (all colors), Petalite, PietersiteShattuckiteSilver TopazShattuckiteSodaliteUnakite, Vanadinite

          *Scrying: Black Obsidian, Clear QuartzMerlinite, Onyx

Cleansing, Energy (General): Apricot AgateCitrineClear Quartz, KyaniteMoldavite, Sugilite

Communication, Spiritual (General): AngeliteBlue QuartzCelestite, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Obsidian (Black and Golden Sheen), Smithsonite

          *With Higher Beings: Black Obsidian, Kyanite, Prehnite, Seraphinite

          *With Other Worlds: AtlantasiteLarimar, Preseli, Tektite (Black and Moldavite)

          *See also Angels, Automatic Writing, Devas, Divine, Extraterrestrials

Community, Spiritual: Red Crazy Lace Agate

Consciousness, Spiritual (General): Amethyst, Ametrine, Azurite, Black Obsidian, Blue Chalcedony, Chiastolite, Clear CalciteClear Quartz, Fluorite (all colors), Larimar, Malachite, Moldavite, Moss Agate, Ocean JasperRainbow Obsidian, RhodoniteSodalite, Topaz (all colors), Turquoise

          *Expanding, Personal: Astrophyllite, Blue SapphireCavansite, Clear Calcite, Clear Quartz, LepidoliteMagnesite, MoldaviteMoss Agate, Ocean JasperRose QuartzRutilated Quartz, SunstoneTurquoise

          *Expanding, Universal:  Almandine Garnet, AmethystAmetrineAngeliteAquamarine, Azurite, Blue SapphireCharoiteClear Calcite, Clear Quartz, Danburite, Green Opal, Labradorite (Golden and Regular), LarimarMoldavite, Jasper (Mookaite and OceanMuscovite, PetalitePietersite, Pink Tourmaline, Prehnite, RhodoniteRhodochrositeSeleniteSeraphiniteShattuckiteSodaliteTanzanite, Topaz, Turquoise

Crop Circles: Amber, Crop Circle Stone

Crown Chakra (7th Chakra):

          *Activating/Opening: AmethystAquamarineBlue Sapphire, ChrysoberylCitrineDanburite, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Green TourmalineInfiniteLepidolite, Ruby Ruby ZoisiteSeraphinite

          *Aligning/Balancing: CharoiteChrysoberyl

          *Blocks, Dissolving: Opal (Blue and Pink)Selenite

          *Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Atlantasite, Black Moonstone, CharoiteChiastolite, DragonstoneMoonstone Tourmaline, SeraphiniteSerpentine, StichtiteTektite

          *Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Orange Selenite, PhosphosideritePeach Moonstone, Purple Thulite, Seraphinite, Stilibite

          *Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Bytownite, CharoiteGold Calcite, Gold Himalayan QuartzGold Kunzite, Golden LabradoriteOrange SelenitePurple ThuliteSeraphiniteYellow Danburite

          *Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): AtlantasiteCharoite, Citron Chrysoprase, Epidot, Infinite, LepidolitePetalite, Phosphosiderite, Prairie Tanzanite, Prasiolite, Prehnite, Prehnite EpidotPurple Thulite, Rainbow Fluorite, StichtiteWhite Danburite

          *Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Angelite, HemimorphitePurple Thulite, Seraphinite

*Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): AmethystAngelite, AzuriteCelestite, Charoite, Lepidolite, Magnesite, Purple Jade, Scolecite, Selenite, Tanzanite

          *Protecting: AmethystAtlantasiteSelenite

Curses, Protection and Breaking: Chiastolite, Lapis LazuliTigers Eye



Dark Night of the Soul: ApophylliteBlue CalciteClear Calcite

Dharma: Ganesha Diamond, Petalite, Shiva Lingam

Detoxify, Spiritual/Energetic Body: Blue ApatiteChlorite QuartzChrysopraseDanburiteDioptase, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), GarnetInfinite, Jade, ObsidianPeridotSmoky QuartzRuby ZoisiteYellow SapphirePink Tourmaline QuartzRed Tourmaline QuartzTurquoiseTanzanite

Deva/Devic Realm: Agate (Moss and Tree), Amber, Chlorite, ChrysopraseDiopside Green AventurineHemimorphite, InfiniteMalachiteMerlinitePeridotPrehnitePurple Jade, Rainforest Jasper,  Watermelon Tourmaline

Development, Spiritual: Aragonite, Clear Quartz, Calcite, Epidote, Hematite, Lepidolite, Sodalite, TopazZoisite

Dimensional Doorways: Apophyllite, AstrophylliteClear Calcite, Clear QuartzMoldavite

Divination: Aquamarine, Clear Quartz,Golden Sheen ObsidianTurquoise

           *See also Clair Senses, Oracle, Prophecy

Divine, Personal Connection: Amethyst, CelesiteCrazy Lace Agate (all colors)Danburite, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz

          *Divine Feminine: Aquamarine, Black Jade, Larimar, Moonstone (all colors), Picture JasperSeraphinite

          *Guidance: Ametrine

          *Inspiration: Dumortierite, Lapis Lazuli

          *Knowledge: Blue Sapphire, Clear QuartzDumortierite

          *Love: Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)Green Calcite, Kunzite, Morganite, Rose QuartzSmithsonit

          *Sacred Masculine: Golden Labradorite, Moldavite, Shiva LingamSunstone

          *Union with: Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)Rose Quartz

          *Will/Plan, Accepting and Understanding: Ametrine, Dendritic AgateGolden Sheen ObsidianPrasiolite, Silver Topaz

Dogma, Release: Yellow Crazy Lace Agate

Dowsing: Diopside, Golden Sheen ObsidianInfinite, Jasper, Vanadinite

Dream State, Inducing for Spiritual Purposes: Hemimorphite, Moldavite

Dream Time (Aboriginal): Mookaite Jasper

Druid: Merlinite, Petrified Wood, Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge), SerpentineTree Agate, Vatican Stone



Earth Energy: Diopside, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), Jet, Petrified WoodVanadinite

          *Consciousness: Jade Black, Picture Jasper

          *Healing: ApophylliteGolden Sheen Obsidian, Rainforest Jasper

Earth Mother/Goddess: Chrysoprase, Jasper (Picture and Yellow), Moonstone, Prehnite, Rainforest JasperRose Quartz

Earth Star Chakra: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Jasper (Red and Picture), Lodestone, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Black), Vanadinite

          *Activating/Opening: Jasper (Red and Picture), Petrified WoodVanadinite

          *Aligning/Balancing: Apache Tear Obsidian, Lodestone Picture Jasper

          *Blocks, Dissolving: Shungite

          *Linking With 1st Chakra (Root): Black ObsidianBrown Aragonite

Ego: Tree Agate

EMF (Electromagnetic Field): AmazoniteAstrophyllite, Fluorite (all colors), KunziteLepidoliteLodestoneMalachiteSmoky Quartz,  Sodalite, Turquoise, Tourmaline (Black and Watermelon)

          *Cell Phones: Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Kunzite

          *Computers: AmazoniteFluorite (all colors), Kunzite, Lepidolite, Selenite, Sodalite

          *Television: Unakite

Energy, General: Apatite (all colors), Clear Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Tiger Iron, Variscite

          *Amplifying: Clear Quartz, Fuchsite, Garnet (all varieties), Green Opal, Kyanite, Malachite

          *Cleansing: Clear Calcite

          *Elemental: Merlinite

          *Female: Larimar, Moonstone (all colors)

          *Flow, Conscious Control: Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), FuchsiteTiger Iron

          *Flow, Natural: Hawks EyeRutilated Quartz, Tigers Eye, Topaz

          *Leak, Blocking: PyriteLabradorite

          *Love, Infusing: Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz

          *Male: Pyrite, Sunstone

          *Negative, Protection From: Apache Tears ObsidianBlack Tourmaline, Fire Agate, Jet, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Golden SheenSmoky Quartz

          *Retrogade: Lodestone

          *Saving: Clear QuartzVanadinite

          *Unblocking: Apatite (all colors), Black Tourmaline Calcite (Clear and Mangano), Clear QuartzLarimar, Obsidian (Mahogany, Silver Sheen, Red Sheen and RainbowTopaz (all colors)

Energy Fields: Amethyst, Fluorite (all colors), Red Aragonite

           *Cleansing: Carnelian, CitrineDendritic Agate, KyanitePurple Jade

Elemental Beings: Apache Tears Obsidian

Elemental Forces: Merlinite, Nuummite

Enlightenment: Apophyllite, Cavansite, Clear Quartz, Ganesha Diamonds, MoldavitePietersite

Environment: AmethystAzuriteBlack Tourmaline Quartz, ChrysocollaCitrine, Jasper (Red and Picture), Kunzite, KyanitePrehniteSmoky QuartzTourmaline (all colors)

           *Cleanse/Heal: Amber, Black ObsidianCarnelianChlorite QuartzChrysanthemum StoneChrysocolla, Citrine, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Green AventurineKunziteKyaniteOnyxPrehnite

           *Energizing: Petalite, Ruby-Kyanite

           *Protecting: AngeliteCitrine, Kunzite

Etheric Body: Infinite, Moss Agate

          *Healing: Rutilated Quartz

          *Protecting: Black Jade

Etheric Chakras: Selenite

Exorcism: AstrophylliteClear QuartzKunzite, Larimar, Mahogany ObsidianPetalite, Selenite

Extrasensory Perception (ESP): See Clair Senses

Extraterrestrial, Communication: Apophyllite,AstrophylliteBlue SapphireChrysoberyl, Cat’s EyeMoldavitePrehniteShattuckiteTektite


Fairy & Fairy Realm: AmethystApache Tears Obsidian, DiopsideInfinite, Peridot, Prasiolite, Prehnite, Smoky Quartz

Faith (General): AmazoniteAmethyst, Apophyllite, Chiastolite, Chrysoprase, Tigers Eye

          *In Divine: Celestite, Ganesha Diamond, Gold Kunzite, Shiva Lingam

          *In Inherent Goodness: Pink Chalcedony, Rhodonite

Fate: Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Emerald, KyaniteOnyxPeridotTopaz (all colors), Turquoise

Feng Shui: Prehnite

Free will: Fluorite, LepidoliteSodalite

Freedom, Spiritual: Fluorite, Garnet (all varieties), Green OpalLapis Lazuli, Moss AgateObsidian (all varieties), SodaliteSunstone

Future Lives: Clear Quartz



Geomancy: Diopside, Infinite, Vanadinite, Smoky Quartz

Goddess Energy: Aquamarine, ChrysocollaClear Quartz, Jasper (Mookaite, Picture and Yellow), LarimarMoldavite, Moonstone (all colors)

Gratitude: Dendritic Agate

Greatness, Spiritual: Moldavite, Rutilated Quartz

Grounding, Spiritual: Agate (all varieties), AmberApophylliteAragonite (all colors), Black TourmalineBloodstoneChrysoberylCitrineFire Agate, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Gold Tigers EyeHawks Eye, Jasper (all varieties), Petalite RhodoniteRuby, SardonyxSmoky QuartzTiger Iron, Vanadinite

          *During Energy Work: AngeliteApophyllite, Black Obsidian, HematiteBlack ObsidianKyanite

          *Light Body: Selenite

          *Meridians to Etheric Body: Blue QuartzPietersite

          *Spiritual Energy into the Earth: Malachite, Tiger Eye (all varieties)

          *Spiritual Energy Into the Physical Body: Almandine Garnet, Black Obsidian, Hematite, Hiddenite, LabradoriteVanadinite

Growth, Spiritual: Chrysoprase, Clear QuartzDendritic Agate, Ganesha DiamondGreen Aventurine, Petrified WoodRutilated QuartzTektiteTopaz (all colors), Unakite



Healing, General: Clear Quartz

          *Directing Energy: Infinite

          *Filtering Negativity: Black Tourmaline,Rutilated Quartz,

          *Healing the Healer: Prehnite

          *Resistance: Aquamarine

          *Words:  Blue Aragonite

Helper, Spiritual: Chrysoprase

Heart Chakra (4th Chakra): 

          *Activating/Opening: AmazoniteAmethystApophylliteBlue Quartz, Blue Sapphire, Garnet (all varieties), Golden Sheen ObsidianGreen TourmalineKunziteLarimar, Magnesite, Malachite, Mangano Calcite, MuscovitePeridot, Red Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Rose QuartzRubySeraphinite, Variscite

          *Aligning/Balancing: Blue QuartzPink KunziteMalachiteRhodochrositeRose Quartz

          *Block, Dissolving: ChrysocollaChrysopraseEmeraldGarnet (all varieties), Golden Sheen Obsidian, Opal (Blue and Pink), PeridotPink TourmalineRose QuartzSeraphinite

          *Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Almandine Garnet, Apache Tear Obsidian, Apricot AgateBlack Jade, Eudialyte, FuchsiteRed Aventurine, Rhodonite, Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon), Zoistite

          *Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Apricot Agate, CinabriteOrange Aventurine, SmithsoniteStilbiteStrawberry Quartz, Thulite

          *Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Apricot AgateBytownite, Chrysoberyl, ChrysopraseGold Kunzite, Gold Rutilated QuartzGreen Aventurine, PrasiolitePrehnite, RhodocrositeVesuvianite, Yellow Aventurine, Yellow Danburite

          *Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Blue Lace AgateChrysocollaGreen TurquoiseHemimorphiteKunzite (all colors), LarimarSmithsonite, Thulite

          *Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Citron Chrysoprase, Ruby ZoisitePrasioliteRuby IoliteRuby Kyanite, Shattuckite, Tanzanite

          *Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AtlantasiteCharoite, Citron Chrysoprase, Epidot, Infinite, LepidolitePetalite, Phosphosiderite, Prairie Tanzanite, Prasiolite, Prehnite, Prehnite EpidotPurple Thulite, Rainbow Fluorite, StichtiteWhite Danburite

          *Protecting: Green Aventurine

Heart, Universal: Red TourmalineRhodonite

Hero's Journey: Fire Agate

High Heart Chakra: Dioptase, Emerald, Selenite, White Danburite

High Priestess: Cuprite, Moonstone

Higher Dimensions: ApophylliteCelestiteMoldavitePetalite, Unakite

Higher Self: Apophyllite, Blue Sapphire, LepidoliteMoss Agate, Prasiolite, Selenite

          *Guidance/Knowledge: Black Jade, Blue OpalBlue Sapphire LabradoriteLodestonePurple JadeRed Aragonite, Rutilated Quartz

          *Linking Higher and Current Self: Prasiolite

Humanitarianism: ApatiteAquamarineCharoite, Ocean JasperRhodonite

Hypnosis: Blue Sapphire

          *Releasing: ApophylliteShattuckite


Identity, Finding and Keeping: Chiastolite, Lapis Lazuli, Prehnite, PreseliSodalite, Variscite

Immortality: Chiastolite

Independence, Spiritual: Yellow Crazy Lace Agate

Inner Work: *See Personal Work

Interdimensional Awareness/Communication: Apophyllite, Astrophyllite, Blue Aragonite, Cavansite, Clear Quartz, DanburiteMoldavitePietersite, Rutilated Quartz

          *See also Astral Travel, Higher Dimensions

Intuition: Amazonite, Amethyst, Ametrine, Blue Aragonite, Kunzite (all colors), Labradorite, MerliniteMoonstone (all colors), MuscoviteNuummite, Petrified WoodPietersite, PrehnitePurple JadePyrite, Shattuckite, Sodalite, Tektite, TurquoiseZoisite

          *Enhancing: AmethystApophylliteAquamarineAzuriteFluorite (all colors), Golden Sheen Obsidian, KyaniteLabradoriteMalachiteMoonstone (all varieties), Red Tourmaline, SodaliteSunstone, Turquoise

          *Opening: AmazoniteAmethystBlue Sapphire, ChrysoberylCitrineGarnet (all varieties), Moss AgateMuscovite

          *Trusting: Blue Sapphire, Lodestone



Joy of Living: Ametrine, CitrineCrazy Lace Agate (all colors)Emerald, Garnet (all varieties), Green Tourmaline, Opal (all colors), Ruby, Sunstone, Thulite

Journey, Spiritual: Botswana AgateLodestoneMoonstone (all varieties)

          *See also Astral Travel, Inner Work, Quest, Shamanism



Karma: Ganesha DiamondShiva LingamTopaz (all colors)

          *Negative, Releasing: CharoiteDanburitePetalite

          *Future, Protecting: Clear Quartz

          *Understanding: DioptaseGanesha DiamondShiva Lingam

          *Unfinished Business, Resolving: Aquamarine, Carnelian, Tiger Iron

Kingdom of Heaven: ChiastoliteClear Quartz, Rose Quartz

Kundalini: Almandine Garnet, AtlantasiteInfinite, Jasper Red, Moldavite, Moonstone, Ruby, Seraphinite, Serpentine, Shiva Lingam, Stichtite, Tangerine Quartz

*Controlling: Atlantasite, InfiniteSmithsonite

*Raising: Apatite (all colors), AtlantasiteBlue SapphireHessonite Garnet, Jet, Obsidian (Mahogany, Silver Sheen, Red Sheen and Rainbow), Serpentine, Shiva LingamTigers Eye (all colors)

Kwan Yin: Clear Quartz, Mangano Calcite, Purple Jade, Smithsonite


Ley Lines: Diopside, Infinite, Picture Jasper

Life, Affirming: Almandine GarnetAmetrine, AzuriteCitrine, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Garnet (all varieties), Green Tourmaline, Dumortierite, Magnesite, Ocean JasperOpal (all varieties), Rhodochrosite, RubySunstone, Thulite, Topaz, Zoisite

Life, Meaning of: Chiastolite, Garnet (all varieties), Green Opal, MoldavitePicasso MarbleSardonyx, SunstoneTopaz

Life Force: AmberApatite (all colors), Blue SapphireEudialyte, Fire AgateMookaite Jasper, Morganite, Pink ChalcedonyRhodochrositeRuby, Zoisite

Light: Amber, Almandine Garnet, Amethyst, Apophyllite 

          *Activating: AmberHemimorphite

          *Embodiment: AstrophylliteRuby

          *Infusing Self with: Astrophyllite

          *Shield of Light: Sugilite

Light Body: Kyanite

          *Anchoring: ApophylliteSelenite

Lila (Divine Play): Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)

Love, Universal: Angelite, Apophyllite, Botswana Agate, Calcite (Green and Mangano), Chrysoprase, Emerald, Pink/Purple Kunzite, Pink Opal Prasiolite, Rhodochrosite, RhodoniteRose Quartz, Smithsonite

Luck, Good: Almandine Garnet, Amber, Ametrine, AventurineCelestite, Chrysanthemum StoneChrysoberylChrysoprase, Garnet, Green AventurineHiddeniteJade (all colors), Malachite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Opal (all colors), SardonyxSunstone, Topaz (all colors, Turquoise

*Bad Luck, Dissolving: Azurite, Green AventurineOpal (all colors), Picasso Marble

          *Right Timing:  Labradorite, Petrified Wood



Magic: Aquamarine, BloodstoneChrysoberylJet, Labradorite, Merlinite, Nuummite, Onyx, Opal Blue, PietersiteTourmaline (all colors)

          *Magical Presence: Stichtite

Manifestation: AmazoniteApatite (all colors), AquamarineBlack JadeBlue Chalcedony, ChrysoberylClear Calcite, Citrine, Emerald, Garnet ( (Grossularite, Spessartine and Uvarovite), Gray MoonstoneHematite, KyaniteMorganite, Moss Agate, Obsidian (Black and Golden SheenPetalite, PrehnitePyrite, Ruby, Ruby IoliteRutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye (all colors), Tiger Iron, Topaz (all colors), Yellow Sapphire

Mastery: Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)

Maturity, Spiritual: Gray AgateRuby Iolite

Meaning, Finding: Rhodonite, Topaz (all colors)

           *See also Purpose of Life

Meditation: Amethyst, Apophyllite, Apricot AgateAragonite (all colors), Black ObsidianBlue SapphireCitrineClear Quartz, Danburite, Ganesha DiamondGreen Calcite, KyaniteLepidolite, Merlinite, Mookaite JasperMoonstone (all colors), Petalite, Rose QuartzRutilated Quartz, SerpentineShiva LingamSodalite, Tigers Eye (all colors)

          *Attuning to Higher Plane: Aquamarine, CelestiteChrysocollaGanesha DiamondGold Calcite, MagnesiteSmithsoniteSmoky Quartz

          *Deepening/Grounding: Apatite, Chrysoprase, KyanitePrehnite, TanzaniteTree AgateUnakite

          *Empty Mind: Aquamarine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Gold Calcite, Green TourmalineLabradorite, Selenite, SmithsoniteSmoky Quartz, Selenite, SodaliteVanadinite

          *Enhancing (General): Ametrine, Fire Agate, Fuchsite, Green Opal, Infinite, Jasper (Red and Picture), Kyanite, Lodestone, Obsidian (Mahogany, Red Sheen, Rainbow and Silver Sheen), Petalite, Topaz, Turquoise

          *Fire Walking: Apophyllite

          *Guidance: AmethystDanburite, Snow QuartzSodalite

          *Inducing: Aragonite (all colors), Azurite,Kunzite, Larimar

          *Kundalini: Blue SapphireSerpentine, Shiva Lingam

          *Moving/Walking Meditation Practices: Pietersite

          *Loving-Kindness: Green Jade, Pink Kunzite, PetaliteRhodonite, Rose Quartz

          *Self-Healing: Seraphinite

          *Visualization: Jasper (Ocean, Rainforest and Leopardskin)

Meridians: Moldavite, Topaz (all colors), Tourmaline (all colors)

          *Blocks, Dissolving: Angelite, ApatiteKyanite, LarimarLodestoneTurquoise

          *Flow of Energy, Maintaining: Blue Quartz, Hematite, Muscovite Pyrite, Topaz (all colors) Tourmaline (Black and Green), Turquoise

Muse: Ametrine, Iolite

Mystery, Sacred: Chiastolite, Moonstone (all colors)

Mysticism: Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)Labradorite, Moonstone (all colors), MuscoviteOpal (any color)

          *Initiation: Labradorite

          *Visions: Opal (any color)

Mythic Realms: Amethyst, AtlantasiteMerlinite


Namaste: Blue Lace Agate, DioptaseGanesha DiamondsPrasiolite, RhodoniteShiva Lingam, Stilbite

Nature Spirits: Agate (Moss and Tree), Apache Tears Obsidian, Apophyllite, Chlorite Quartz, Green Apatite, Green Tourmaline, HemimorphiteRainforest JasperWatermelon Tourmaline

          *See also Deva, Fairy

Nature, Spiritual Connection: Amber, Amethyst, Clear QuartzDendritic AgateGreen JadeLarimar, Malachite, MoldavitePrehniteRainforest JasperSerpentineSunstone

          *See also Earth Energy

Navel Chakra: Amber, CitrineMalachite

New Age: Angelite, Celestite, Honey CalciteMoldavite, PetaliteRose Quartz



Oneness with the All: RhodoniteRose QuartzShiva Lingam

Oracles: Pietersite, Shattuckite, Sodalite

           *See also Clair Senses, Divination, Prophecy 

Orientation, Spiritual Alignment: Blue SapphireGreen OpalWatermelon TourmalineZoisite

Out-of-Body Experience: Astrophyllite



Path of Love: RhodoniteRose Quartz

Path of Knowledge: Blue Sapphire, Obsidian (Black and Golden Sheen)

Path of Service: Charoite, Ocean Jasper

Path of Meditation: AmethystKyanite

Past, General: InfiniteMuscovite, Peridot

          *Confronting: Infinite

          *Healing: Gold CalciteInfinite, Kyanite, Mookaite Jasper Rhodonite, Unakite

          *Learning From: Muscovite, Peridot

          *Letting Go: Blue Calcite , Citrine, Danburite, Galena, Green Opal, Peridot, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz

Past Life, General: Amber, Angelite, Apatite (all colors), ApophylliteClear QuartzDioptase, Gray AgateIolite, Jet, Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Merlinite, Nuummite, etrified WoodSnowflake Obsidian

          *Accessing: Apatite (all colors), Almandine GarnetApophyllite, Aragonite, Charoite, Dioptase, Garnet, Golden Sheen Obsidian, Infinite, Jasper (Red and Picture), Merlinite, Opal (all colors), Turquoise, Variscite

          *Between Lives State: InfiniteSeleniteSugilite

          *Blocks, Dissolving Lepidolite, Turquoise

          *Identifying/Understanding Trauma: Hawks Eye, SugiliteUnakite, Variscite

          *Relationships, Continuing: Infinite, Larimar

          *Relationships, Releasing Ties: Apophyllite, Clear Quartz, Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Kunzite, Tangerine Quartz, Tanzanite

Past Life Trauma, Healing: Black Obsidian, Jasper (Ocean, Rainforest and Leopardskin), Labradorite, Malachite,, Merlinite, Obsidian (all varieties), Opal (Blue and Pink), Tangerine Quartz, Red Tourmaline Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Ruby Zoisite, Shattuckite, Smithsonite

          *Betrayal: Rhodonite

          *Deprivation: Prehnite

          *Imprisonment: Idocrase

          *Injuries: Onyx

          *Grief: Apace Tear Obsidian, Green Opal

          *Retrieval of Lost Soul Parts: Clear Quartz

          *Sexual Assault: Malachite, Rhodochrosite

          *Violent Death: Smithsonite

Peace: Cavansite, Celestite, Petrified Wood, Prehnite, Stilbite, Tree AgateVariscite

Personal Power, Claiming: LepidoliteOnyxPetalitePyriteRubyYellow Sapphire

          *Correct Use Of: Black ObsidianOpal (all colors), Ruby IoliteTigers Eye (all colors),

          *Maximizing: AquamarineOrange CalciteRhodonite

Personal Work: ApophylliteBlack Jade, Blue OpalBlue SapphireDendritic AgateDumortierite, Labradorite, LepidoliteLodestonePurple JadeRed Aragonite, Ruby IoliteRutilated Quartz

          *Child: ChrysopraseDioptaseSmithsonite

          *Insight: AmethystApophylliteBlack ObsidianBlue Calcite Clear QuartzHiddeniteIolite, Lapis Lazuli, Magnesite, MoonstoneRuby Iolite

          *Integrating/Processing: Amethyst, ApophylliteFluorite, Mookaite, Pietersite, PrehniteRuby Iolite

          *Journey: LodestonePicture Jasper

          *Processing: Amethyst, Fluorite, Mookaite, Pietersite, Prehnite

          *Negativity, Releasing: Mahogany ObsidianRuby Iolite

Practicality/Pragmatism, Spiritual: ApophylliteApricot AgateCarnelian, Crop Circle StoneFuchsite, OnyxPreseli, Smoky Quartz, Tiger Iron

Prana Energy: Crop Circle Stone, Red Tourmaline, Shiva Lingam, Tiger Iron

          *PranaYama: Blue Aragonite

Prenatal Lives: Gray Agate

Prophecy / Prophetic Vision: Apophyllite ,Black ObsidianCelestite, Chrysoberyl, Clear Quartz, DumortieritePrehnitePietersite

Prosperity: Chrysanthemum Stone, Chrysoprase, CitrineClear Quartz, Dioptase, Emerald, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Garnet (Grossularite and Uvarovite), Green AventurineGreen Jade, Gold Tigers EyeMoss AgatePeridot, Ruby, Ruby ZoisiteSunstone, Variscite, Yellow Sapphire

           *See also Abundance

Protection, Energetic: Amber, Amethyst, AngeliteBlack Tourmaline, Bloodstone, CarnelianChiastoliteChrysoberylDendritic Agate, Green Jade, Jet, Kunzite, LabradoriteLepidolite, Malachite, Obsidian (all varieties), Petalite, Prehnite, PyriteRed Jasper, SardonyxSmoky Quartz, Serpentine, Tigers Eye (all colors), Turquoise, Watermelon TourmalineTurquoise

          *At Work: Black Tourmaline, Fire Agate

          *For Home: Black Tourmaline, CarnelianChrysocollaSelenite

          *From Crime: Sardonyx

          *From Physical Danger: Green Opal

Psychic Abilities: Amethyst, Blue Aragonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Sapphire, Blue TopazChrysoberyl, Cat’s Eye, Dumortierite, Fluorite, Iolite, Jade (Blue and Purple), Kunzite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, MoldaviteMoonstone (all colors), Nuummite, Rutilated Quartz, TektiteTopaz (all colors)

          *Accepting: Moonstone (all colors)

          *Attuning to Someone/Something: Angelite, Apache Tears Obsidian, Blue Apatite, Blue AventurineEudialyteIoliteMagnesiteMerliniteMoonstone (all colors) Purple Jade

          *Enhancing: Azurite, Blue ApatiteBumblebee JasperClear Quartz, Emerald, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Hawks EyeKyanite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone (all colors), Shattuckite, Smithsonite, Tigers Eye,

          *Grounding: Unakite

          *Opening: Almandine GarnetBlue Apatite, Infinite, Jet

          *See also Clair Senses, Reiki

Psychic Attack, Protection: Almandine GarnetAmethyst, Black TourmalineBlue Opal, Chlorite Quartz, Fluorite (all colors), LabradoriteMuscovite, Obsidian (Apache TearsBlack Obsidian and Mahogany), Ruby Zoisite, Rutilated Quartz

          *Curses/Enchantment/Ill Wishes: AstrophylliteChiastoliteEmeraldTigers Eye (all colors), Tourmaline (Black and Watermelon)

          *Neutralizing: Ametrine, Watermelon Tourmaline

          *Returning to Source: Fire AgateLapis Lazuli

          *Vampirism: Aventurine (all colors), BloodstoneFire AgateInfinite

Psychokinesis: Cavansite, Dumortierite, Lapis Lazuli

Purification: Amethyst, Black JadeBloodstone, Jet, Lepidolite, Opal Pink, Selenite, Shungite (Black and NobleSugilite,

Purpose of Life: Fire Agate, Golden LabradoriteSugilite

          *Lack of Purpose: Lapis Lazuli

          *See also Meaning



Qi: Kyanite, Lodestone, Thulite

Quest, Spirit: Jasper (Leopardskin and Mookaite), Lodestone, Moonstone (all colors) Petalite, PietersiteSugilite

            *See also Journey


Reality, Understanding: Apricot AgateChrysoprase, Hawks Eye, Jade (all colors), Larimar, Moldavite, Tigers Eye (all colors)

            *See also Pragmatism/Practicality

Re-birth: Angelite, Chrysoberyl, Chiastolite, Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Malachite, Smithsonite, Unakite

Reiki: AmethystApophyllite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Lace Agate, Clear Quartz, Danburite (all colors), Golden Sheen Obsidian, InfiniteMangano Calcite, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Scolecite, Selenite,

Reverence/Awe: Lapis Lazuli, Pink Chalcedony

Rituals, General: AmetrineMerlinite

          *See also Druid, Shaman, Wiccan, Words

Root Chakra (1st Chakra):

          *Activating/Opening:  Carnelian, Hawks Eye, Obsidian (all varieties), Red Jasper, Red Tourmaline, Ruby

          *Aligning/Balancing: Almandine Garnet, Black TourmalineHawks Eye, Jet, Rhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz,

          *Block, Dissolving: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Black Jade, Opal (Blue and Pink)

          *Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Carnelian, Copper, Fire Agate, Jasper (BrecciatedBumblebeePicassoRainforest, and Red), Lodestone, Moonstone (Black and Gray), Obsidian (all varieties), Orange Aventurine, Red CoralSand Dollar Fossil, Vanadinite

          *Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Almandine Garnet, Bronzite, ChalocopyriteCrazy Lace AgateGold Rutilated Quartz, Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Tigers Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Lodestone, Mookaite Jasper, Nuummite, Onyx, Red Aragonite, Red Tigers EyeSeptarian NoduleYellow Aventurine

          *Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Almandine Garnet, Apache Tear Obsidian, Apricot AgateBlack Jade, Eudialyte, FuchsiteRed Aventurine, Rhodonite, Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon), Zoistite

          *Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Blue CoralChinese Writing Stone, ChrysocollaCrop Circle Stone, Dragonstone, Lodestone

          *Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), Lodestone, Muscovite, Petrified WoodRuby Iolite, Ruby Kyanite

          *Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Atlantasite, Black Moonstone, CharoiteChiastolite, DragonstoneMoonstone Tourmaline, SeraphiniteSerpentine, StichtiteTektite

          *Protecting: Almandine GarnetBlack Obsidian



Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra):

          *Activating/Opening: CarnelianChrysoprase, Fire AgateOrange AventurineRed Sedona JasperRed TourmalineRubyVanadinite

          *Aligning/Balancing: Almandine Garnet, Obsidian (Mahogany, Red Sheen, Rainbow and Silver Sheen), Opal (Blue and Pink)

          *Block, Dissolving: Amethyst, Opal (Blue and Pink)

          *Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Carnelian, Copper, Fire Agate, Jasper (BrecciatedBumblebeePicassoRainforest, and Red), Lodestone, Moonstone (Black and Gray), Obsidian (all varieties), Orange Aventurine, Red CoralSand Dollar Fossil, Vanadinite

          *Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Amber, Bumblebee JasperCarnelian, Fire Agate, Gold Rutilated QuartzGold Tigers EyeGold Sheen ObsidianOrange Calcite, Septarian NoduleVanadinite

          *Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Apricot Agate, Cinabrite, Smithsonite, Strawberry Quartz, Thulite

          *Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat):  Blue CoralBotswana AgateDesert Jasper, Ocean JasperShiva Lingam

          *Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks EyeOrange Selenite, Peach Moonstone, Ruby KyaniteStilbite, Sunset SodaliteVanadinite

          *Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Orange Selenite, PhosphosideritePeach Moonstone, Purple Thulite, Seraphinite, Stilibite

          *Protecting: CarnelianFire Agate, Garnet (Almandine and Hessonite)

Scrying: Black Obsidian, Clear QuartzMerlinite, Onyx

Serenity: AmethystTree Agate

Shadow Side: Black JadeBlack ObsidianBlack TourmalinePyrite, Rutilated Quartz, Sodalite

          *Courage to Face Shadow Self: Black Jade

Shakti: Red Aventurine, Jet, Shiva Lingam

Shamanism: Ametrine, Clear Quartz, Gray MoonstoneMerlinite, Petalite

          *Ceremonies / Rituals: Ametrine, Black Obsidian, Blue Sapphire, Iolite

          *Invisibility: Opal (all colors)

          *Journey: AmberIolite, Jade (Black and Purple), Lepidolite, Nuummite,, Obsidian (Golden Sheen and RainbowPetalite, PietersiteSodalite

*Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra): 

          *Activating/Opening: Gold Kunzite,Larimar, Peridot, PyriteWatermelon Tourmaline, Yellow AventurineYellow Jasper, Yellow Sapphire

          *Aligning/Balancing: ChrysoberylCitrine, Gold KunzitePeridotRhodochrositeSmithsonite, Yellow Aragonite, Yellow Danburite, Yellow Fluorite

          *Block, Dissolving: Amber, Gold Calcite, Opal (Blue and Pink), Yellow Fluorite

          *Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Almandine Garnet, Bronzite, ChalocopyriteCrazy Lace AgateGold Rutilated Quartz, Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Tigers Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), Lodestone, Mookaite Jasper, Nuummite, Onyx, Red Aragonite, Red Tigers EyeSeptarian NoduleYellow Aventurine

          *Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Amber, Bumblebee JasperCarnelian, Fire Agate, Gold Rutilated QuartzGold Tigers EyeGold Sheen ObsidianOrange Calcite, Septarian NoduleVanadinite

          *Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Apricot AgateBytownite, Chrysoberyl, ChrysopraseGold Kunzite, Gold Rutilated QuartzGreen Aventurine, PrasiolitePrehnite, RhodocrositeVesuvianite, Yellow Aventurine, Yellow Danburite

          *Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Amazonite, Lapis LazuliOcean JasperPietersiteRutilated Quartz

          *Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks Eye, Indigo GabbroRutilated QuartzSunset SodaliteYellow Sapphire

          *Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Bytownite, CharoiteGold Calcite, Gold Himalayan QuartzGold Kunzite, Golden LabradoriteOrange SelenitePurple ThuliteSeraphiniteYellow Danburite

          *Protecting: Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

Soul: Bytownite, Clear Calcite, Clear Quartz, Jet, Kunzite (any color), Moss Agate, Ocean Jasper, Rutilated Quartz

          *Cleansing: Clear Quartz

          *Dark night of: ApophylliteBlue CalciteClear Calcite

          *Growth: Black Obsidian, Danburite, Fuchsite, Larimar, Moss AgateRutilated Quartz, Ruby Zoisite

          *Healing: Green Calcite, Obsidian (Mahogany, Red Sheen, Rainbow and Silver Sheen), Ruby Zoisite

          *Lost Soul, Retrieval:  Black JadeBlue CalciteIolite, Kunzite (all colors), NuummiteSmithsonite, Tangerine Quartz

          *Old Soul:  Cradle of HumankindJet

          *Protecting: Sugilite

          *Purpose: Chrysanthemum Stone

          *Young Soul: Emerald, Peridot

Soul Mate: EmeraldMorganite, Sardonyx

          *Attracting: Clear Quartz, Larimar, RhodochrositeRose Quartz

          *Soul Twin: Moss Agate

          *Spiritual Relationships: Garnet (Spessartine and Uvarovite)

          *See also Twin Flame

Sound, Healing: Blue AragoniteBlue Lace Agate

Spirit Guides:  Apophyllite, Clear CalciteKyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Mookaite Jasper, TanzaniteMoss

          *Communication, Enhancing: Blue Lace AgateMerlinite, Snowflake Obsidian, Shattuckite

           *See also Angels, Animal Totem, Divine Connection, Higher Self

Spiritual Awareness: Apricot Agate,Clear Quartz, Ganesha DiamondSerpentineTanzanite

          *Activation: Ganesha DiamondSelenite

          *Acceleration: MoldaviteRutilated Quartz

          *Growth: Ametrine, Atlantasite, SerpentineTurquoise

          *History: Serpentine

          *Insight: Angelite, Apophyllite, Blue Sapphire, Clear Quartz, Jade (Blue and Green), Jet

          *Maturity: Apricot Agate,Jet, Kyanite

*See also Enlightenment

Spirituality (General): Agate (Dendritic and Moss), Amethyst

Stability, Spiritual:  Blue AventurineBrown AragoniteNuummite, Onyx

Subtle Energies: Infinite

          *Aligning/Balancing: Azurite, Blue Quartz, CitrineKyanite, Lodestone, Iolite, Muscovite

          *Cleansing/Purifying:  Citrine, KyaniteOrange CalcitePeridot

          *Energizing: Green Calcite

          *Grounding into body: Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite)

          *Protecting: Pyrite

          *Unblocking: Black Obsidian

Synchronicity: Charoite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Clear Quartz, Eudialyte, Malachite, Merlinite, Moldavite, Moonstone (all colors), Nuummite, Opal (all colors), Ruby, Snowflake Obsidian

Success: Epidote, Hematite, Ruby, Tiger Iron



Taboos: Garnet (all varieties), Malachite

Tantric Practice: Ruby, Shiva Lingam

Tarot: Dumortierite, Iolite, Pietersite

Telepathy: Angelite, Apophyllite, Blue Calcite, Blue ChalcedonyChalcedony, Clear QuartzGolden Sheen Obsidian, Hemimorphite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Lodestone, Muscovite, Petalite, Pietersite, Rutilated QuartzSelenite, ShattuckiteTektite

Telekinesis: Onyx

Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra):

          *Activating/Opening: AmazoniteAmethystAmetrineAzurite, Blue Sapphire, Celestite, Danburite, Fluorite (Green, Rainbow and Yellow), Golden Sheen Obsidian, Iolite, KyaniteLapis LazuliLarimar, LepidoliteShattuckite, SodaliteTourmaline (all colors)

          *Aligning/Balancing: Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, DumortieriteKyanite, Tanzanite,

          *Block, Dissolving: Azurite, Kyanite Larimar, Opal (Blue and Pink), Red Tourmaline

          *Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Hawks Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), Lodestone, Muscovite, Petrified WoodRuby Iolite, Ruby Kyanite

          *Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Hawks EyeOrange Selenite, Peach Moonstone, Ruby KyaniteStilbite, Sunset SodaliteVanadinite

          *Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Hawks Eye, Indigo GabbroRutilated QuartzSunset SodaliteYellow Sapphire

          *Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Citron Chrysoprase, Ruby ZoisitePrasioliteRuby IoliteRuby Kyanite, Shattuckite, Tanzanite

          *Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Blue Aragonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Quartz, Blue SapphireCavansite, HemimorphiteLapis Lazuli, Shattuckite, Sodalite

          *Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AmethystAngelite, AzuriteCelestite, Charoite, Lepidolite, Magnesite, Purple Jade, Scolecite, Selenite, Tanzanite

          *Protecting: Lapis LazuliLarimar

Throat Chakra (5th Chakra):

          *Activating/Opening: AmazoniteAmethyst, Blue ApatiteBlue Lace Agate, Blue QuartzBlue SapphireGolden Sheen ObsidianKyanite, Lepidolite, PetaliteTanzanite

          *Aligning/Balancing: Blue SapphireKyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarTurquoise

          *Block, Dissolving: AquamarineBlue Lace AgateCelestite, Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), Golden Sheen Obsidian, Opal (Blue and Pink), Turquoise

          *Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Blue CoralChinese Writing Stone, ChrysocollaCrop Circle Stone, Dragonstone, Lodestone

          *Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Blue CoralBotswana AgateDesert Jasper, Ocean JasperShiva Lingam

          *Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Amazonite, Lapis LazuliOcean JasperPietersiteRutilated Quartz

          *Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Blue Lace AgateChrysocollaGreen TurquoiseHemimorphiteKunzite (all colors), LarimarSmithsonite, Thulite

          *Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Blue Aragonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Quartz, Blue SapphireCavansite, HemimorphiteLapis Lazuli, Shattuckite, Sodalite

          *Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Angelite, HemimorphitePurple Thulite, Seraphinite

          *Protecting: Lapis LazuliLarimar

Time Travel: Chrysanthemum Stone

Trance States: Golden Labradorite, Golden Sheen ObsidianSodalite

Transformation: Ametrine, BloodStone, Charoite, Labradorite, Malachite, Moldavite,Muscovite, Opal (all colors), Picasso MarbleSerpentineZoisite

Transition: Chiastolite, Danburite, Green Opal, Kunzite (all colors), Kyanite, Lepidolite

Truth, Spiritual: Agate (ApricotBlue LaceBotswana AgateCrazy Lace), Kyanite, Obsidian (all varieties), Peridot

Twin Flame:  Hiddenite, Kunzite (all colors), Rhodochrosite, Selenite

*See also Soul Mate



UFOs: *See extraterrestrials

Universal, Connection: Agate (Dendritic and Tree)

Unrest, Spiritual: Brown Aragonite, Variscite



Violet Flame: Sugilite

Vision, Spiritual: Blue Sapphire, CharoiteDanburiteDumortieriteEmerald, IolitePetalite, Purple JadeRuby Iolite, Topaz (all colors), Tourmaline (all colors)

          *Unblocking:  Azurite

Vision Quest: LodestoneMookaite JasperPetalite, Pietersite

Visualization, Spiritual: Amethyst, Chrysoberyl, Golden Labradorite, Green Tourmaline, Lodestone, Iolite, Malachite, Magnesite, PrehniteRuby IoliteRuby Zoisite, Topaz (all colors)



Warrior, Spiritual: Bloodstone, Tree Agate, Red Jasper, Ruby

Wealth, Spiritual: Dioptase, Garnet (all varieties), Topaz (all colors)

Weather Magic: Bloodstone, Blue ChalcedonyDanburite,

Wiccan: MerliniteMoonstone (all colors)

Words, Holy: Blue AragoniteChrysocolla




Yang: Green AventurineMalachite, Sunstone

Yin: LarimarMoonstone (any color), Rose Quartz

Yin/Yang, Balance: Gray Agate, Hematite, Kyanite, Onyx, Rhodonite, Tigers Eye (all colors)