Crystals to Heal the Spirit

Healing Crystal Index for Spiritual Topics

Crystals are incredible tools for spiritual work. They can be used alongside any faith tradition. Crystals are physical anchors for invisible energies. May you always be blessed ♥

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Akashic Records

             Accessing and Understanding: Apatite (Blue), Cavansite, LabradoriteLapis Lazuli, Magnesite, Pietersite, Tanzanite

             Carriers: Apophyllite

Alchemy: Agate (Fire), BismuthGalenaMerlinite

Alignment, Spiritual

             Our beliefs with reality: Amazonite, Coral (Red), Infinite, Kyanite, Labradorite (Gold), Larvikite, Opal (Blue)Petrified Wood, Pyrite, Quartz

             Our beliefs with our actions: Azurite, Barite, Chalcedony (Chrome), Copper, Galena, Jasper (Bumblebee, Kambamba and Ocean), Labradorite (Gold),  PeridotPetrified Wood, Pyrite, Smoky Quartz

             Our beliefs with our words: Azurite, ChrysocollaKyanite, Labradorite (Gold), Rutilated Quartz

             Our body, mind, heart and spirit: Idocrase, Opal (Green), Petalite, Petrified Wood, Quartz (Tangerine), Shungite, Super 7, Tourmaline (any color)

             Ourselves with the Divine: Agate (Botswana), Amethyst, Auralite 23, Azurite, Calcite (Honey), Celestite, Charoite, Citrine, Citron Chrysoprase, Danburite, Dumortierite, Fluorite (all colors), Garnet (Grossular), Kunzite, Magnesite, Merlinite, Moldavite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Prasiolite, Prehnite, RhodochrositeRutilated Quartz, Selenite, Seraphinite, Sheelite LaceStilbite, Tourmaline (Pink)Variscite

             Ourselves with our Highest Self: AmberAzuriteBariteCinabriteDioptase, Jasper (Bumblebee), Kunzite, Opal (Pink), Sapphire (Blue), Scolecite, Selenite, Stichtite, Turquoise (Green)

             See also “Balance”, "Centering", “Chakra”


             Archangel Gabriel: AquamarineMoonstoneSelenite

             Archangel Michael: Amber, Jasper (BrecciatedPicasso, and Red), Sugilite

             Archangel Raphael: Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Gold)MalachitePrehnite

             Archangel Uriel: CelestiteRutilated Quartz, Tiger’s Eye (Gold)Topaz (Blue)

             Communicate with Angels: Angelite, Agate (Blue Lace), Celestite, Danburite, Petalite, Seraphinite

             Feel our Guardian Angels: Angelite, Agate (Tree), Celestite, Danburite, Opal (Pink), Petalite, Rutilated Quartz, Seraphinite


             Artist: Agate (Fire), Calcite (Blue), Idocrase, Jasper (Picasso), Quartz (Strawberry), Ruby-Zoisite, Super 7, Tiger IronTopaz, Zoisite

             Child (happy and innocent): Aventurine (all colors), Jasper (Ocean)Peridot, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

             Explorer: ChalcopyriteDiopside, Dioptase, Fuchsite, IoliteLodestone, Moonstone (Black), Opal (Pink), SunstoneSuper 7,

             Healer: Galena, Hematite, Prehnite, Quartz (Tangerine), Rose Quartz, Thulite, Tourmaline (Black and Pink), Turquoise (Green)

             Hero: Agate (Fire), Jasper (BrecciatedRed), Sand Dollar Fossil

             High Priest / High Priestess: Amethyst, Carnelian, Emerald, Moonstone (Black and White), Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire (Blue), Topaz

             Jester:  Agate (Crazy Lace), Aventurine (Yellow), Cinabrite, Jade (Purple), Stichtite,

             King / Queen: Amethyst, Calcite (Gold)Emerald, Jade (Green), Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Ruby, Sapphire (Blue and Yellow)         

             Lover: Agate (Fire), Chrysanthemum Stone, Chrysocolla, Emerald, Morganite, Opal (Pink), Quartz (Strawberry), Rose Quartz, RubySardonyx, Tourmaline (Pink)

             Rebel: AzuriteGalenaIdocrase, Jasper (Red), LepidoliteRutilated Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Vanadinite

             Warrior: Agate (Tree), Amazonite, BloodstoneEudialyte, Garnet (Andradite), Jasper (Red), RubySunstone

             Wise Sage:  Agate (Moss), AmethystAtlantasiteCelestiteKyanite, Larvikite, Merlinite, Moonstone (Black and White), Nuummite, Sapphire (Blue), Serpentine

Archtypes, Shadow healing

             Inner Child (abandoned or wounded): Agate (Blue Lace), Aventurine (Green), Angelite, ApophylliteBismuth, Calcite (Mangano), Carnelian, Chalcedony (all colors), Iolite, Jasper (Ocean), Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

             Martyr: Fuchsite, Jasper (Ocean), Quartz (Girasol), Ruby-Fuchsite,

             Prostitute: Agate (Dendritic)AmethystAventurine (all colors), BloodstoneCarnelian, Hawks Eye, Jasper (Red), Lapis LazuliMuscovitePreseli, Obsidian (Black), Opal (White), Pyrite, Sheelite Lace,

             Saboteur: Indigo Gabbro, Quartz (Rose Girasol), Ruby, Turquoise (all colors)

             Shadow archetypes (general): Hematite, Jade (Black), Jasper (Bumblebee), LodestoneMerlinite, Moonstone (Black), Obsidian (all varieties), Shiva Lingam, SodaliteSunset Sodalite, Super 7,

             Victim: Agate (Dendritic)Amazonite, Amethyst, Apatite (Green), Apatite (Green), Apophyllite, Cinabrite, Dioptase, Fuchsite, Garnet (Andradite), Indigo Gabbro, Jasper (Ocean and Red), Quartz (Clear, Girasol and Snow), Ruby, Ruby-Fuchsite, SunstoneSunset Sodalite

Ascended Masters

            Buddha: Aventurine (Yellow), Danburite

            Christ: Chiastolite, Rose Quartz

            Kwan Yin: Calcite (Mangano), Jade (Purple)Quartz

            Self-Mastery:  Agate (Crazy Lace), Chiastolite, Fuchsite, Jade (Purple), Merlinite, Onyx,

Astral Travel

             Enhancing: ApophylliteBarite, Copper, IoliteLarvikite, Muscovite, Obsidian (all varieties), Petalite, Septarian Nodule, Super 7, Turquoise (all colors)

             Grounding: Copper, Garnet (Andradite), Larvikite, Moonstone-Tourmaline, Obsidian (all varieties), Quartz (Whiskey), Sheelite Lace, Septarian Nodule,

             Protection during: Larvikite, Obsidian (all varieties), Petalite, Ruby Kyanite, Septarian Nodule

Astrology: AzuriteDumortierite, IoliteShattuckite


             Amplifying: Amazonite, Apatite (Green), CitrineQuartz, Tourmaline (Green)

             Cleansing: Amethyst, Calcite (Clear), Chalcopyrite, Citrine, Garnet (Andradite), Infinite, Jasper (Kambamba), Kyanite, Obsidian (Rainbow, Ruby Kyanite, Rutilated Quartz, Selenite

             Protecting:  Agate (Gray)Chrysanthemum Stone, Jade (Purple)

             Repairing: Chalcedony (Blue)Jet

Automatic Writing: Chalcedony (Blue)Shattuckite

Awakening: Agate (Fire), BloodstoneGalenaGanesha DiamondMoldaviteMuscovite, Opal (Pink), ScoleciteSodaliteVarisciteZoisite

Awareness, Expanding:  Agate (Moss), AngeliteSapphireLabradoriteMoldavite, MuscovitePetalite


Balance, Spiritual: 

             In our daily life: Agate (Gray), AmazoniteAragonite (Red), Auralite 23, Aventurine (Pink), Cat’s EyeCopper, Coral (Blue and Red), Diopside, HowliteJade (Blue), Jasper (Yellow)Kunzite, Ruby Iolite, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Zoisite, Stilbite, Vesuvianite

             Returning to balance: Chinese Writing Stone, Jasper (Desert and Yellow), Obsidian (Snowflake)

             With our body, mind, heart and spirit: Hematite, Idocrase, Opal (Green), Petalite, Petrified Wood, Quartz (Tangerine), Shungite, Smoky QuartzSuper 7, Tourmaline (any color)

             With our masculine and feminine energies: Ametrine, Lodestone, Moldavite, Moonstone-TourmalineRuby Kyanite, Shiva Lingam, Turquoise (all colors)

             With the world: Chrysocolla, Diopside, Fossilized Shell, Jasper (Picture)Kunzite

             See also “Alignment", "Centering", "Chakra”


             Cultivating healthy beliefs: Apophyllite (Green), Unakite, Variscite

             ApophylliteCalcite (Blue and Clear), Pyrite

             Exploring conflicting beliefs: Ametrine, Angelite, Fluorite (all colors), Jade (Black), KyaniteOnyxSeleniteSerpentineSodalite

             Living your beliefs: BariteGalena, Garnet (Andradite), Jasper (Leopardskin and Red), Moonstone (Black), MuscoviteOnyxQuartz (Snow), RubySapphire (all colors), SodaliteTanzanite, Tiger's Eye (Gold and Red)

             Releasing Negative False Beliefs:  Agate (Crazy Lace and Dendritic), Apophyllite (Green), Jade (Black), Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Rutilated Quartz, Unakite


             Find your bliss: Celestite, Citrine, Quartz (Strawberry), Thulite

             Follow your bliss: Agate (Fire), Amethyst (Chevron), Aquamarine, Citrine, Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby KyaniteTektite

Blocked Energy

             Opening energy lines: Aragonite (Red and Yellow), Calcite (Clear), Chalcopyrite, Citrine, Jasper (Bumblebee),  KyaniteRuby KyaniteScheelite Lace, Tektite

             Understanding the root cause of the block: Amethyst (Chevron), Aragonite (Brown), OnyxPrehnite, Unakite

             See also “Aura”, Chakra”


Centering: Apophyllite (Green), Aragonite (BrownRed and Yellow), Chalcedony (Blue)GalenaOnyx, Quartz (Blue)

             See also “Alignment”, “Balancing”


             Activating and Opening All: Aragonite (Red), Atlantasite, BismuthDragonstoneEpidoteIdocrase, Jasper (Desert), Kyanite, Labradorite (Golden and Regular), LodestoneMoldavite, Petalite, Quartz (Strawberry), Ruby Kyanite, Rutilated QuartzSerpentineSuper Seven, Thulite

             Aligning and Balancing: Agate (Dendritic), Cat’s Eye, Ruby Kyanite, Shiva Lingam, Super Seven, Tourmaline (all colors), Turquoise        

             Amplifying: Amethyst (Brandberg), Calcite (Clear), Quartz (Clear)

             Cleansing: Agate (Apricot)Amber, Aragonite (Red and Yellow), Calcite (Clear), Carnelian, Chalcopyrite, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Idocrase, InfiniteKyanite, Obsidian (Rainbow), Rutilated QuartzSeleniteSerpentine, Shungite

              Healing holes and rips: Chalcedony (Blue)Infinite, Jet

              Restoring Spin: Obsidian (MahoganySilverRed, and Rainbow)

              Reversing Spin: Tektite

             See also “Earth Star Chakra” “Root Chakra”, “Sacral Chakra”, “Solar Plexus Chakra”, “Heart Chakra” “Throat Chakra”, “Third Eye Chakra”, “Crown Chakra” and “Etheric-Chakras”


             Being receptive to messages: MerliniteMuscovite, Seraphinite, Vanadinite

             Hearing clearly: Angelite, Azurite (K2 and Regular), CelestiteDumortierite, Iolite, PetaliteRhodonite, Sapphire (Blue and Yellow)Shattuckite, Tanzanite

             Protection during: Agate (Fire), Cavansite, Garnet (Andradite), Hematite, Jet, Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Obsidian (Silver Sheen), PetaliteTourmaline (Black)Tanzanite

             See also ”Astral Travel,” and “Clair Sense”

Chi: Buddstone, CitrineKyanite, Opal (White), Tektite, Thulite, Topaz

              See also ”Chakras”, "Energy", "Meridians"

Clair Senses

             Clairaudience (Clear Hearing, Psychic): Amethyst, CavansiteCelestiteDumortieriteLapis LazuliMoldaviteMoonstone (all varieties), Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Prehnite, Quartz (Blue)

             Clairgustance (Clear Tasting, Psychic): Amethyst, BloodstoneCarnelian, Garnet (Almandine)Moonstone (all varieties), Obsidian (Golden Sheen), OnyxSardonyx

             Clairalience (Clear Smelling, Psychic): Amethyst, Bloodstone, Jasper (Leopardskin)Moonstone (all varieties), Obsidian (Golden Sheen),Tiger's Eye (Gold and Red), Vesuvianite

              Clairsentience (Clear Feeling, Psychic): Amethyst, CelestiteDumortieriteLapis LazuliMoonstone (all varieties), Nuummite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Onyx, Opal (Blue and Pink), Quartz (Blue), Topaz (Silver)Vesuvianite

             Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing, Psychic): Amethyst, AngeliteApophylliteAquamarine, Aragonite (Brown), Calcite (Blue and Clear), CavansiteCelestite, ChrysocollaDioptaseDumortieriteEmeraldHawks EyeIdocrase,  Jade (Blue), Jasper (Bumblebee), JetLabradoriteLapis LazuliMalachiteMerliniteMoldaviteMoonstone, (all varieties), MuscoviteNuummite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen and Silver Sheen), PetalitePietersite, Quartz (Blue and Clear)SapphireShattuckiteSodaliteTektite, TopazUnakiteVanadinite

Cleansing Energy

             In your environment: Agate (Apricot)AmberCarnelian, CitrineKyaniteMoldavite, Quartz, SeleniteSugilite

             Self-Cleansing Crystals: CitrineKyanite


             With the Divine:  Celestite, Moldavite, Seraphinite, Tanzanite

             With Higher Beings: Atlantasite, KyanitePrehnite, Seraphinite

             With Other Worlds: AtlantasiteLarimarMalachite, MoldavitePreseli, Tektite

             See also “Angels,” “Automatic Writing,” “Devas,” “Divine,” and “Extraterrestrials”


             Be your Higher Self: AmberAtlantasiteAzuriteBariteCinabriteDioptase, Jasper (Bumblebee), Jade (Purple), Kunzite, Opal (Pink), Sapphire (Blue), ScoleciteSeleniteStichtite, Turquoise (Green)

             Know our thoughts create our reality: Apatite (Blue and Green)Amber, Auralite 23,  Aventurine (Red)Chrysanthemum StoneCelestite, CitrineDragonstone, Epidote, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Petalite, Quartz, RubyScheelite Lace, Shattuckite,

             Know we are all connected: Agate (Turritella), AngeliteAtlantasiteBariteDiopsideDioptase, Jasper (Picture), Opal (Pink), PrehniteRhodoniteScolecite    

             Realize you are a soul having a human experience: BismuthChiastolite, Jasper (Mookaite and Ocean), Preseli, Pyrite, Ruby Zoisite, Tektite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red)      

             Tap into Universal Consciousness: Agate (Tree), Amethyst, Fluorite (all colors), Petalite

Contemplation: Agate (Apricot, Gray and Turritella), Jasper (Desert), Labradorite (Golden and Regular)

Crown Chakra (7th Chakra)

             Activating/Opening: AmethystAquamarineChrysoberyl, CitrineDanburite, Fluorite (GreenRainbow, and Yellow), InfiniteLepidoliteRubyRuby-ZoisiteSapphireSeraphinite, Tourmaline (Green)

             Aligning/Balancing: CharoiteChrysoberyl

             Blocks, Dissolving: Opal (Blue and Pink), Selenite

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Apricot)AtlantasiteCharoiteChiastoliteDragonstone, Moonstone (Black), Moonstone-TourmalineSeraphiniteSerpentineStichtiteTektite

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Apricot), Moonstone (Peach)Phosphosiderite, Selenite (Orange)SeraphiniteStilbite, Thulite (Purple)

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Ametrine, Calcite (Gold)Charoite, Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Labradorite (Gold), Quartz (Gold), Thulite (Purple), Selenite (Orange)Seraphinite

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): AtlantasiteCharoite, Chrysoprase (Citron), Danburite (White)Epidote, Fluorite (Rainbow)InfiniteLepidolitePetalitePhosphosiderite, PrasiolitePrehnitePrehnite-Epidote, Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Thulite (Purple)

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): AngeliteSeraphinite, Thulite (Purple)

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Amethyst, AngeliteAzuriteCelestiteCharoiteLepidoliteMagnesite, Jade (Purple)Scolecite, Selenite, Tanzanite

             Protecting: AmethystAtlantasiteSelenite


             Breaking: Amazonite, ChiastoliteLarvikite, Shattuckite,

             Protection from: ChiastoliteTopaz (Blue), Turquoise  


Destiny: Chrysoberyl, Indigo Gabbro,  Lepidolite, Moldavite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen and Silver Sheen), Petalite, Tiger Iron,

Deva (Nature Spirit)

             Attracting: Agate (Moss and Tree), Apophyllite (Green), Aventurine (Green)ChrysopraseDiopside, Jasper (Rainforest), Tourmaline (Green)

             Communicating with: Agate (Dendritic and Tree), Apophyllite (Green), PrehniteSeraphinite

             Sensing: Chlorite QuartzInfinite, Larvikite

Development, Spiritual 

             Doing the work: Azurite, Howlite, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Red), Super Seven, Tektite

             Speeding up: Calcite (ClearGreen, and Orange), Ruby Zoisite

             Unlocking the next level: CavansiteScheelite Lace, Shattuckite

Dharma: Ganesha DiamondPetaliteShiva Lingam

Divination / Scrying: Aquamarine, Obsidian (Black, Golden Sheen and Silver Sheen), Quartz, Selenite (Orange and White), Unakite

             See also “Clair Senses,” “Oracle,” and “Prophecy”


             Accepting Divine Will: Agate (Dendritic)AmetrineChiastolite, Jasper (Yellow)Obsidian (Gold), Prasiolite, Topaz (Silver)          

             Asking for guidance: AmetrinePrehnite Epidote

             Being divinely inspired: DumortieriteLapis Lazuli

             Connecting with the Divine: Agate (Crazy Lace)AmethystAzuriteAzurite-Granite-(K2), Calcite (Mangano), CelestiteCharoite, Danburite (White and Yellow), Lepidolite, Quartz (Lavender and Rose), SeleniteShiva Lingam, Tourmaline (Red)Vatican Stone

             Connecting with the Divine Feminine: Aquamarine, Jade (Black), Jasper (Picture)LarimarMoldaviteMoonstoneSeraphinite

             Connecting with the Sacred Masculine: Labradorite (Gold)MoldaviteShiva LingamSunstoneTourmaline (Green)

             Dancing with the Beloved: Agate (Crazy Lace)Rose Quartz

             Feeling Divine Love: Agate (Crazy Lace), Calcite (Green and Mangano), ChrysopraseEmeraldKunziteMorganiteRose Quartz, Tourmaline (Green)

             Knowing the Divine: SapphireQuartzDumortierite

             Dancing with the Beloved: Agate (Crazy Lace)Rose Quartz

Dogma, Releasing: Agate (Crazy Lace)Aragonite (Red), Jasper (Yellow)

Dowsing: Infinite


         Gaining spiritual insights: Scolecite,

          Inducing a spiritual dream or trance: Barite, Jasper (Picture)RhodoniteStilbite

          Interpreting correctly: Chinese Writing Stone,

          Prophetic: DumortieriteMoonstone (all colors)

See also: "Dreams" in the Emotional/Mental Healing Index

Dreamtime (Australian Aboriginal): Jasper (Mookaite)

Druid: Agate (Tree)LabradoriteMerlinitePetrified WoodSerpentineVatican Stone



            Connect to Earth consciousness: Jade (Black), Jasper (Picture)Septarian Nodule

            Connect to Gaia / Mother Earth consciousness: Agate (Tree), Aragonite (Red), Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Diopside, Jasper (DesertMookaitePictureRainforest, and Yellow)

             Feel grounded in the Earth: Aragonite (Red), Jasper (Kambamba)

             Sensing vortexes and lay lines: Vanadinite

             See also “Deva”

             See also: “Earth Healing” in the World Healing index

Earth Star Chakra

             Activating/Opening: Aragonite (Red), Jasper (Picture and Red), Petrified


             Aligning/Balancing: Lodestone, Jasper (Picture), Obsidian (Apache Tears)

             Blocks, Dissolving: Shungite

             Linking With 1st Chakra (Root): Aragonite (Brown), Obsidian (all varieties)


             Accessing the super-ego: Jade (White), Petalite

             Releasing spiritual arrogance: Agate (Tree and Turritella), Citron Chrysoprase, Coral (Red), Septarian Nodule,

EMF (Electromagnetic Field)

             All-purpose: Fluorite (all colors), Galena,  Infinite, LepidoliteShungite, Smoky QuartzSodalite, Tourmaline (Black)

             Cell Phones: Amazonite, Tourmaline (Black)

             Computers: Vanadinite, Tourmaline (Black)

             Television: Amazonite


              Act with compassion: Amber, Aragonite (Blue), Aventurine (Pink), Charoite, Howlite, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Ocean), RhodoniteRose QuartzScolecite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

              Hold space for other people’s pain, without internalizing: Bronzite, MoldaviteRose QuartzSunstone, Turquoise (Blue)

              Encourage empathic gifts: Aragonite (Blue),Calcite (Mangano), Chalcedony (Pink)Idocrase, Jade (Purple), Muscovite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Thulite, Vanadinite

             Protection for Empaths: Jade (Purple), MuscoviteRose Quartz


             Amplifying: Calcite (Clear)Indigo Gabbro, Quartz

             Channeling: Apophyllite, Buddstone, Quartz (Chlorite), Sapphire (all colors), Tektite, Topaz (all colors),

             Cleansing: Agate (Apricot), Amber, Aragonite (Red), Carnelian, Chalcedony (Chrome), ChalcopyriteCharoite, Citrine, Danburite, Jasper (Kambamba), JetKyanite, Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Obsidian (Rainbow), Opal (White), PyriteRutilated Quartz, Selenite, Thulite

             Feminine: Chrysocolla, DiopsideLarimar, Moonstone (all varieties), Seraphinite, Turquoise (Green)

             Masculine: Garnet (Andradite), Jasper (Red), Labradorite (Gold), Turquoise (Blue)

            Protection from negative energy: Agate (Fire), Chalcedony (Pink), Jade (Black), Jasper (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold)Lapis LazuliLarvikite, Muscovite, Obsidian (Mahogany), Peacock Ore, Ruby, Ruby Fuchsite, Rutilated Quartz, Shungite, StichtiteSugilite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Tourmaline (Black), Turquoise


             Evolving spiritually: Apophyllite, Azurite (K2),  Dioptase, Shattuckite, Variscite

             Finding Enlightenment in the lifetime: Agate (Fire), Chalcopyrite, DanburiteGanesha Diamonds, Jet, Lapis LazuliOnyx, Pyrite, Tourmaline (Black), Unakite

             Maintaining Enlightenment: AzuriteOnyx,

Extraterrestrials: Apatite, ApophylliteMoldavitePrehnite, Tektite


Fairy Realm: Apatite, Apophyllite (Green), Chalcedony (Chrome), DiopsideInfiniteMerlinite, PeridotSeraphiniteTourmaline (Green),


             During challenging times: Agate (Crazy Lace), Apophyllite, AtlantasiteAventurine (Pink), BloodstoneDumortierite, Jasper (Mookaite, Picasso and Red), Kunzite (Gold), Seraphinite,

             Live our faith: Bronzite, Pietersite


             Have free will: Amazonite, Calcite (Blue and Gold), Dragonstone, Epidote, KyaniteShattuckite, Turquoise

             Trust the Divine Plan: Agate (Dendritic)BloodstoneDumortieriteMerlinite, Moonstone (all colors)

Feng Shui: Jade (all colors), LodestonePrehnite

Freedom, Spiritual: Amethyst, Aventurine (Green), Calcite (Orange), Celestite, Garnet (all varieties) Jade (Black), LepidoliteMuscovite, Opal (Blue), SodaliteSugilite, SunstoneTurquoiseVesuvianite,  Zoisite

Future Lives: ApophylliteJasper (Mookaite), Nuummite, PreseliSerpentine


Gratitude: Agate (Dendritic), Angelite, Calcite (Honey)CelestiteCinabrite, Cradle of Humankind, Diopside, Garnet (Uvarovite), Hiddenite, Indigo Gabbro, Peridot, Ruby Zoisite, Seraphinite, Tourmaline (Green)


             During meditation: Agate (Apricot), ApophylliteAragonite (Blue, Brown and Yellow), ChiastoliteCopper, Infinite, Jasper (Picture), Prehnite EpidoteSerpentine, Shiva Lingam, Vanadinite

             During Spiritual Work: Galena, Hematite, Jade (Black), Preseli, Quartz (Tangerine), Scheelite Lace, Vanadinite,

Growth, Spiritual: AquamarineIndigo Gabbro, Jade (Black), PrehniteRuby Fuchsite, Zoisite


Harmony: AmazoniteAmetrine, Chalcedony (Blue), ChiastoliteChrysanthemum Stone, DanburiteEudialyteFuchsite, GalenaGanesha Diamond, Idocrase, Jade (Blue, GreenPurple and White), Jasper (Picture and Yellow)PrehniteQuartz, Ruby Fuchsite, Sapphire (Blue and Yellow)Seraphinite, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Tourmaline (Green and multicolored), Vesuvianite

Healing Energy

             Directing Energy: Amber, Quartz (Girasol), Selenite, Vanadinite

             Distance Healing: Cavansite

             Healing Rituals: Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Serpentine

             Resistance to healing: Aragonite (Blue), Charoite, Citron Chrysoprase, Danburite  Jasper (Yellow), Moonstone (Peach), Obsidian (Silver Sheen),

Heart Chakra (4th Chakra): 

             Activating/Opening: Agate (Apricot), AmazoniteAmethystApophyllite, Calcite (Mangano)EudialyteGarnet, Kunzite (GreenGold, and Pink/Purple), LarimarMagnesiteMalachite,  Muscovite, Obsidian (Gold)Peridot, Quartz (Blue)RhodoniteRose QuartzRubySapphireSeraphinite, Tourmaline (Green and Red)Variscite

             Aligning/Balancing: KunziteMalachite, Quartz(Blue), RhodochrositeRose Quartz

             Block, Dissolving: Chrysocolla, ChrysopraseEmeraldGarnet, Obsidian (Gold), Opal (Blue and Pink), PeridotRose QuartzSeraphinite, Tourmaline (Pink)

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Red)EudialyteFuchsite, Garnet (Almandine), Jade (Black), Obsidian (Apache Tears)RhodoniteRubyRuby-FuchsiteRuby-Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon), Zoisite

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Orange)Cinabrite, Quartz  (Strawberry)StilbiteThulite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Green and Yellow), Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Labradorite (Gold), PrasiolitePrehniteRhodocrosite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Vesuvianite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Agate (Blue Lace), ChrysocollaKunziteLarimarThulite, Turquoise (Green)

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Chrysoprase (Citron), PrasioliteRuby-IoliteRuby-KyaniteRuby-ZoisiteShattuckiteTanzanite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AtlantasiteCharoite, Chrysoprase (Citron), Danburite (White)Epidote, InfiniteLepidolitePetalitePhosphosiderite, PrasiolitePrehnitePrehnite-Epidote, Fluorite (Rainbow)Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Thulite (Purple)

             Protecting: Aventurine (Green)

High Heart Chakra: Danburite (White)DioptaseEmeraldSelenite

Higher Self

             Be guided by your Highest Self: Agate (Moss), Apophyllite, Howlite, Jade (Blue)Larvikite,

             Become your Highest Self: Aragonite (Yellow), Barite, Epidote, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Bumblebee), Moonstone-Tourmaline, Muscovite, Obsidian (Black), Petalite, PrasioliteSeptarian NoduleShiva Lingam, Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

             Linking your current self to a Higher Self:  AmberAtlantasite, AzuriteBismuth, Calcite (Mangano), Cinabrite, Idocrase, Opal (Green and Pink), QuartzScheelite Lace, Selenite

Highest Good

             Act for the Highest Good: Agate (Gray), AmberAmethystApophyllite, Aventurine (Pink), Bloodstone, Calcite (Blue, Gold, Honey, Mangano and Orange)CharoiteChrysoberyl, Coral (Red), Epidote, Fuchsite, Idocrase, Jasper (Ocean)Lepidolite, Petalite, Prasiolite, Quartz (Clear and Snow), RhodoniteRose Quartz, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Kyanite, Scolecite, SodaliteSunstone, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

             Act for your own Highest Good: Agate (Gray), Ametrine, Emerald, Garnet (Andradite and Uvarovite), Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Onyx, Peacock OreRose Quartz, Sapphire (Blue and Sapphire Yellow)Turquoise, Vesuvianite

             Discern if current beliefs and actions truly serve the Highest Good: Agatized Coral, Indigo Gabbro, Labradorite, Obsidian (Silver Sheen)


Immortality: Chiastolite,  Zoisite


             Activating: Atlantasite Jasper (Mookaite)Kyanite, Moonstone (Black),

             Strengthening: Amethyst, Angelite, Apatite (Blue), Aragonite (Blue), Calcite (Blue and Mangano), CavansiteCelestite, Fossilized Shell, Garnet (Hessonite), Hawks Eye, Jade (Purple), Labradorite (Golden and Regular), Moonstone (all colors), PrasioliteQuartz, Ruby Zoisite,

             Trusting: Agate (Gray), LodestoneTanzanite,

             Uniting it with logic: Agate (Botswana and Dendritic), AmazoniteAquamarine, Calcite (Clear), Fluorite (all colors), Iolite, KunziteMerlinite, Sodalite (Regular and Sunset), Turquoise (Blue and Green)




             Cultivate new/good karma: Topaz

             Releasing old/bad karma: BariteDanburite, Larvikite, Petalite

             Understanding our karma: Kyanite


             Awakening: AtlantasiteAuralite 23, Buddstone, Jasper (Brecciated and Red), Jet, Moonstone (all colors), PetaliteSerpentineStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

             Rising: Atlantasite Quartz (Strawberry and Tangerine), SerpentineShiva Lingam, Tanzanite (Prairie)


Life Force

             Activating our Life Force: Eudialyte, Tiger Iron

             Nourishing our Life Force: Stromatolite (Mary Ellen)

Lila (Divine Play): Agate (Crazy Lace), Jade (Purple), Quartz  (Strawberry)

Love, Universal:  AngeliteApophyllite, Aventurine (Pink), Barite, Calcite (Green), Chalcedony (Pink), Kunzite, Opal (Pink), RhodoniteRose QuartzScoleciteTanzanite


             Attracting good luck: Agate (Dendritic and Moss), Aventurine (Green and Pink), Carnelian, Jade (Green and White), Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Quartz (Whiskey), Sand Dollar Fossil, Sapphire (Yellow)SunstoneTektite

             Breaking bad luck: Amazonite

Make your own luck: Copper


Magic: Dragonstone, Jasper (Desert), LabradoriteMerlinite, Moonstone (Black), NuummitePetrified WoodPreseli, Ruby Fuchsite, Sugilite


             Best manifestation crystals (general): Agate (Moss), Amber, Apatite (Blue and Green)Auralite 23, Calcite (Clear), Celestite, Citrine, Chrysanthemum Stone, DragonstoneEpidote, Garnet (GrossularSpessartine, and Uvarovite), Labradorite (Gold), Obsidian (Golden Sheen), QuartzRuby, Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby Iolite, Sapphire (Yellow), Selenite (Orange)Scheelite Lace, Shattuckite

             Accurate wording: Topaz (Blue)

             Strengthening: Prehnite EpidoteQuartzRuby Kyanite, Rutilated Quartz

             Taking action to bring manifestation to life: Aventurine (Red), Septarian Nodule,

Mastery, Spiritual:  FuchsiteMerliniteOnyx

Maturity, Spiritual: Agate (Apricot, Gray and Moss), Azurite, Buddstone, Howlite, Jade (Black), Jasper (Picasso and Red), Lapis LazuliNuummite, Obsidian (Black)


             Allowing subconscious thoughts to surface: Emerald, Prehnite

             Concentrating on breath: Aragonite (Blue), Larvikite, Quartz (Blue)

             Concentrating on an image: Cavansite, Pietersite

             Concentrating on a word or mantra: Larvikite, Opal (Blue)

             Creating and maintaining a regular practice: ApophyllitePrehnite Epidote, Opal (Pink), Ruby Iolite

             Enhancing: Agate (Tree), Amethyst, Aragonite (Blue), CelestiteChalcopyriteChiastoliteDanburite, Howlite, Jasper (Picture)KunziteKyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian (Snowflake), Peacock Ore, RhodoniteScolecite, Selenite (Orange and White), SodaliteSerpentine, Vanadinite

             Feeling centered: Aragonite (Brown), Quartz (Strawberry)

             Feeling elevated: CelestiteCopper, Infinite, SerpentineTektite

             Feeling grounded: Agate (Tree), Copper, Infinite, Nuummite, Septarian NoduleSerpentine

             Loving Kindness Meditation: DanburiteKunziteMorganite, Quartz (Lavender), Rose Quartz

             Quiet the mind: Amethyst, Aragonite (Red), LarvikiteMagnesitePetaliteQuartz, Quartz (Snow),

             Settling into a meditative state with greater ease: AmetrineAzuriteCelestite, Iolite,

             Staying present: Aragonite (Red), Larvikite,

Mystery, Sacred: Moonstone (Black), Prasiolite, Preseli

Mysticism: Agate (Crazy Lace)Ametrine, Garnet (Andradite), LabradoritePreseli

Mythic Realms: AngeliteAmethystAtlantasiteChiastoliteLabradorite,

             Atlantis: Atlantasite, Jade (Black), Larimar, Sand Dollar Fossil              

             Camelot: IoliteMerlinitePreseli


Namaste: Dioptase

Nirvana (Accessing):  Quartz, Quartz (Lavender), Rose Quartz

Norse Gods: Amber, Calcite (Clear), Iolite, Jasper (Brecciated, Picasso and Red), Opal (all colors), Sunstone


Out-of-Body Experience: Angelite


Path, Spiritual

             Finding your path: CharoiteLodestone

             Path of Love: BariteRhodoniteRose Quartz

             Path of Knowledge: Obsidian (Black and Gold), Sapphire

             Path of Service: Charoite, Jasper (Ocean and Yellow)

             Path of Meditation: AmethystKyanite

Past Life

             Exploring past lives:  Agate (Gray)Apatite (all colors), AtlantasiteHawks Eye, Jasper (Picture)Petrified Wood, Ruby Zoisite, Selenite (all colors)

             Exploring prenatal life: Agate (Gray)

             Soul Friends: Scolecite

Past Life, Healing

             Betrayal: Rhodonite

             Deprivation: Prehnite

             Imprisonment: Idocrase

             Injuries: Onyx

             General: FuchsiteHawks EyeInfiniteLarvikite, Selenite (all colors)

             Grief: Obsidian (Apache Tears)Opal (Green)

             Sexual Assault: Malachite, Rhodochrosite

             Violent Death: Obsidian (Apache Tears)


             Be at peace with yourself: Agate (Gray), Cavansite, Chrysoprase, CinabriteGalena, Tanzanite

             Bring peace to others: Agate (Blue Lace), AngeliteBarite, Chalcedony (Chrome), Jade (Blue), Opal (Pink), Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Scolecite

             Cultivate peace: Agate (Apricot and Tree), Agatized Coral, Amethyst, Angelite, Aragonite (Brown and Red), Calcite (Blue), Danburite, Jade (Black and Purple)Moonstone-Tourmaline, Obsidian (Snowflake), Prehnite Epidote, Quartz (Lavender), Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Ruby Iolite, Ruby Kyanite, Rutilated QuartzSerpentine, StilbiteVariscite

             During times of sorrow: Carnelian, Obsidian (Apache Tears),Quartz (Whiskey)

             During times of transition: CharoiteVatican Stone

             Return to peace: Kyanite, Shungite (Black and Noble)

Personal Power

             Stepping into your power: AmethystChrysoberyl, Coral (Red)DragonstoneGalena, Jet, Obsidian (Golden Sheen)Preseli, Quartz, Quartz (Girasol), Shungite (Black and Noble), Super 7, Tanzanite, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

             Using it for good: HowliteSuper 7

Personal Work:

             Courage to do the work: Aragonite (Red)Buddstone, Charoite, Garnet (Hessonite), Onyx,

             Doing the work: Aragonite (Yellow), Citron Chrysoprase, Galena, IdocraseMagnesite, Obsidian (Rainbow), Onyx, PrasioliteQuartzSeptarian Nodule, Tiger’s Eye (Gold),

Prophecy: Larimar, Obsidian (Black), Vatican Stone

Psychic Abilities:

             Accepting: Moonstone (all varieties),

             Accessing: CharoiteKyanite, Moonstone (all varieties),

             Enhancing: Garnet (Hessonite), Hawks Eye, Moonstone (all varieties), Opal (White), QuartzSnow QuartzTopaz (Blue),

             (See also “Clair Senses,” and “Reiki”)

Purification:  Citrine, KyaniteSelenite, Shungite (Black and Noble)




             Changing reality: Agate (Crazy Lace), AmberBarite, Bronzite, Garnet (Spessartine), Jade (Black), Jasper (Brecciated), ScoleciteShattuckite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold)

             Seeing reality clearly:  Bronzite, Calcite (Blue) Chrysoberyl, Jade (White), Jasper (Desert), JetLarvikite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen, Rainbow, and Silver Sheen), Petrified WoodPrehnite Epidote, Scheelite Lace, Sodalite

Rebirth: Chiastolite

Reiki: Agate (Blue Lace), Amethyst (Chevron), Apophyllite (Green and White), Danburite, Fluorite (Rainbow)Indigo GabbroInfinite, Quartz (Girasol), Super 7

Reverence: Idocrase, Jade (Purple), Lapis Lazuli, Opal (Green),Scheelite Lace

Root Chakra (1st Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: CarnelianHawks Eye, Jasper (Red)ObsidianRuby, Tourmaline (Red)

             Aligning/Balancing: Garnet (Almandine)Hawks EyeJet, RhodochrositeSmoky Quartz, Tourmaline (Black)

             Block, Dissolving: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Jade (Black), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Fire), Aventurine (Orange)CarnelianCopper, Coral (Red), Jasper (BrecciatedBumblebeePicassoRainforest, and Red), Lodestone, Moonstone (Black and Gray), ObsidianSand Dollar FossilVanadinite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Agate (Crazy Lace), Aragonite (Red), Aventurine (Yellow)BronziteChalcopyrite, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), LodestoneNuummite, Obsidian (Gold)Onyx, Rutilated Quartz (Gold)Septarian Nodule, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Red)EudialyteFuchsite, Garnet (Almandine), Jade (Black), Obsidian (Apache Tears) RhodoniteRubyRuby-FuchsiteRuby-Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPinkRed, and Watermelon), Zoisite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat):  Chinese Writing Stone, Chrysocolla, Coral (Blue)Crop Circle StoneDragonstoneLodestone

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), LodestoneMuscovitePetrified WoodRuby-IoliteRuby-Kyanite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AtlantasiteCharoiteChiastoliteDragonstone, Moonstone (Black), Moonstone-TourmalineSeraphiniteSerpentineStichtiteTektite

             Protecting: Garnet (Almandine)ObsidianOnyx

Roots, Ancestral: Barite, Buddstone, Petrified WoodPreseli, Stromatolite

Runes: Azurite


Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: Agate (Fire), Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Jasper (Red Sedona)Ruby, Tourmaline (Red)Vanadinite

             Aligning/Balancing: Amber, Garnet (Almandine), Obsidian (MahoganyRedRainbow, and Silver), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Block, Dissolving: Amethyst, Jasper (Bumblebee), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Fire), CarnelianCopper, Coral (Red), Jasper (BrecciatedBumblebeePicassoRainforest, and Red), Lodestone, Moonstone (Black and Gray), ObsidianSand Dollar FossilVanadinite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Agate (Fire), Amber, Calcite (Orange)Carnelian, Jasper (Bumblebee), Obsidian (Gold), Rutilated Quartz (Gold), Septarian NoduleTigers Eye (Gold)Vanadinite

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Apricot)Cinabrite, Quartz (Strawberry)Thulite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Agate, Coral (Blue), Jasper (Desert and Ocean)Shiva Lingam

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Hawks Eye, Moonstone (Peach)Ruby-Kyanite, Selenite (Orange)Stilbite, Sodalite (Sunset)Vanadinite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Moonstone (Peach)Phosphosiderite, Thulite (Purple), Selenite (Orange)SeraphiniteStilbite

             Protecting: Agate (Fire), Carnelian, Garnet (Almandine and Hessonite)

Serenity: Agate (Blue Lace), Amethyst, Angelite, Aragonite (Red), Chalcedony (Blue), Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Citron Chrysoprase, Danburite, Garnet (Almandine), Jade (all colors), Petrified WoodRutilated QuartzSelenite

Shadow Side

             Accepting your shadow side: Jade (Black), Obsidian (Black), Shiva Lingam, Sodalite, Sodalite (Sunset)

             Face your shadow side: Hematite, Jasper (Bumblebee), Merlinite, Moonstone (Black), Obsidian (Black)

             Integrate your light and shadow sides: Galena, Jade (Black), LodestoneShiva Lingam            

Shakti: Jet, Quartz (Tangerine), Shiva Lingam

Shamanism: Larvikite, PetaliteSeptarian Nodule, Turquoise,

Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra): 

             Activating/Opening: Aventurine (Yellow), Jasper (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold)LarimarPeridot, Pyrite, Tourmaline (Watermelon)

             Aligning/Balancing: Amber, Aragonite (Red and Yellow), Chrysoberyl, Citrine, Danburite  (Yellow), Fluorite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold)Peridot, Rhodochrosite

             Block, Dissolving: Amber, Calcite (Gold), Fluorite (Yellow), Jasper (Bumblebee), Opal (Blue and Pink)

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Agate (Crazy Lace), Aragonite (Red), Aventurine (Yellow)CarnelianChalocopyrite, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow), LodestoneNuummite, Obsidian (Gold)Onyx, Rutilated Quartz (Gold)Septarian Nodule, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate (Fire), Amber, Calcite (Orange), Jasper (Bumblebee), Obsidian (Gold), Rutilated Quartz (Gold)Septarian NoduleTigers Eye (Gold)Vanadinite

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Apricot), Aventurine (Green and Yellow), Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Labradorite (Gold), PrasiolitePrehniteRhodocrosite, Rutilated Quartz (Gold)Vesuvianite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Amazonite, Jasper (Ocean)Lapis LazuliPietersiteRutilated Quartz

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Gabbro (Indigo)Hawks EyeRutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Yellow), Sodalite (Sunset)

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AmetrineCharoite, Calcite (Gold), Danburite (Yellow), Kunzite (Gold), Labradorite (Gold), Quartz (Gold), Selenite (Orange), Thulite (Purple)Seraphinite        

             Protecting: Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)


             Healing: Agate (Moss), Calcite (Clear), Hawks Eye

             Purpose: Chiastolite, Preseli

             Wisdom: Jasper (Ocean)Jet

Soul Mate: Kunzite, Rhodochrosite

Sound Healing: Aragonite (Blue), Agate (Blue Lace)Chrysocolla, Larimar, Preseli,

Spirit Guides

             Connecting with our Spirit Guides: Cavansite, Citron ChrysopraseDanburite, Jasper (Mookaite)KyaniteMagnesiteMoldavitePetalitePrehnite Epidote, Seraphinite,

             Hearing their messages: Agate (Blue Lace)Apophyllite, Celestite, Jade (Blue), MagnesiteMuscoviteSeleniteSeraphinite

Spiritual Awareness in our everyday life: Agate (Dendritic and Moss), Merlinite


Tantric Practice: Aventurine (Red), Garnet (Spessartine), Moonstone (Peach)Shiva Lingam, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

Tarot: Azurite, Dumortierite, Shattuckite

Telepathy: Calcite (Blue),  Chalcedony (Chrome), Muscovite, Super 7TektiteVatican Stone

Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: AmazoniteAmethystAmetrineAzuriteSapphireCelestiteDanburite, Fluorite (GreenRainbow and Yellow), IoliteKyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarLepidolite, Obsidian (Gold)ShattuckiteSodaliteTourmaline

             Aligning/Balancing: AmethystDumortieriteKyaniteSapphireTanzanite

             Block, Dissolving: AzuriteKyaniteLarimar, Opal (Blue and Pink), Tourmaline (Red),

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Hawks Eye, Jasper (Mookaite and Picture), LodestoneMuscovitePetrified WoodRuby-IoliteRuby-Kyanite

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Hawks Eye, Moonstone (Peach)Ruby-Kyanite, Selenite (Orange)Stilbite, Sodalite (Sunset)Vanadinite

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Gabbro (Indigo)Hawks EyeRutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Yellow), Sodalite (Sunset)

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Chrysoprase (Citron), PrasioliteRuby-IoliteRuby-KyaniteRuby-ZoisiteShattuckiteTanzanite

             Linking to 5th Chakra (Throat): Aragonite (Blue), Calcite (Blue), Cavansite, Chalcedony (Blue)Lapis Lazuli, Quartz (Blue)SapphireShattuckiteSodalite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): Amethyst, AngeliteAzuriteCelestiteCharoite, Jade (Purple)LepidoliteMagnesiteScoleciteSelenite, Tanzanite

             Protecting: Lapis LazuliLarimar

Throat Chakra (5th Chakra):

             Activating/Opening: Agate (Blue Lace)AmazoniteAmethystApatite (Blue)KyaniteLepidolite, Obsidian (Gold)Petalite, Quartz (Blue)SapphireTanzanite

             Aligning/Balancing: KyaniteLapis LazuliLarimarSapphireTurquoise

             Block, Dissolving: Agate (Blue Lace)AquamarineCelestite, Garnet (Grossular and Hessonite), Obsidian (Gold), Opal (Blue and Pink), Turquoise

             Linking to 1st Chakra (Root): Chinese Writing Stone, Chrysocolla, Coral (Blue)Crop Circle StoneDragonstoneLodestone

             Linking to 2nd Chakra (Sacral): Agate, Coral (Blue), Jasper (Desert and Ocean)Shiva Lingam

             Linking to 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): Amazonite, Jasper (Ocean)Lapis LazuliPietersiteRutilated Quartz

             Linking to 4th Chakra (Heart): Agate (Blue Lace), ChrysocollaKunziteLarimarThulite, Turquoise (Green)

             Linking to 6th Chakra (Third Eye): Aragonite (Blue)Calcite (Blue), Cavansite, Chalcedony (Blue)Lapis Lazuli, Quartz (Blue)SapphireShattuckiteSodalite

             Linking to 7th Chakra (Crown): AngeliteSeraphinite, Thulite (Purple)

             Protecting: Lapis LazuliLarimar

Totem: Jasper (Mookaite), Merlinite

Tranquility: Ametrine, Chrysocolla, Jasper (Desert), Petalite



Visualization: Cavansite, Unakite



Wealth, Spiritual: Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Peridot

Weather Magic: Vanadinite

Wiccan: MerliniteMoonstone (all colors)

Writing, Spiritual: Aragonite (Blue), Chalcedony (Blue)



Yang: Aventurine (Green), Garnet (Andradite), Tourmaline (Green), Sunstone

Yin: LarimarMoonstone (all colors), Rose Quartz

Yin/Yang, Balance: Agate (Gray), Petalite,  Ruby Kyanite

Yoga: Aragonite (Blue)Pietersite, Quartz (Blue)