Custom Crystal Collections

Each customized crystal collection is absolutely one-of-a-kind and designed with YOU in mind. Healing crystals make incredible talismans and offer support as we journey to become happier, healthier and more inspired in our daily lives.

Crystals for LOVE to attract the qualities of your perfect mate

Crystals for PROSPERITY designed specifically around your business or job

Crystals for HEALING tailored to fit the needs of your mind, heart and body

Crystals for GRIEVING to bring solace and comfort to ease your pain

Crystals for BALANCE to better align your life or priorities

Every healing stone has numerous properties which speak to our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects. This means that every crystal can be used for multiple purposes. It also means, that there may be dozens of stones that could potentially offer support for a specific purpose. So how do you choose the right one?

You can always browse around and see which stones attract you. Or,  you could call upon an expert Crystal Intuitive to choose the perfect stones for you and provide you with unique designs and rituals to activate their full potential.

The 5 Types of Custom Collections

Simple Crystal Medicine Bags

A simple medicine bag designed for fertility

This simple Crystal Medicine Bag was designed for fertility.

This is a collection of stones chosen to work together for a specific purpose.  The crystals are often carried around in a small bag or they may be set somewhere special, where they can be seen/touched often.  There are no rituals that specifically goes along with these simple Crystal Medicine Bags.  Instead, you simply get to enjoy the energy of the crystals themselves and let them guide you.

If you want to make your own, I’d be glad to give you free recommendations.  Just email me and ask!

If you’d like me to make one for you, I’ll need a budget to work with (see below for details about pricing).  Each medicine bag  is 100% unique and tailored to you.

Crystal Medicine Bags are suitable for people who are new to crystals as well as more experienced energy workers who prefer to use their own rituals.  Simple Custom Medicine Bags also make very special gifts.  ♥

Crystal Spells

A Crystal Spell to help a woman pass a complicated test and get her dream job.

A Crystal Spell to help study for a complicated test, interview well and get the dream job.

My most popular and interesting custom collections!

A Crystal Spell is a collection of stones chosen to work for a specific purpose and activated with a spell or ritual.  Like the more simple Crystal Medicine Bags these Crystal Spells may be carried with you or placed somewhere special. The difference is that with these crystals you will invited to actively working with them on a regular basis.

My Crystal Spells always combine practical common sense with a touch of magic.  I really do want you to succeed and reach your dreams, and I’m dedicated to helping you do that. Each spell is 100% unique and tailored to you.

Crystal Spells are suitable for people who are new to crystal energy as well as experienced energy workers.

Laying on of Stones

This Laying On Of Stones was designed to help a man who suffers from crippling headaches, following a traumatic head injury

This Laying On Of Stones was designed to reduce crippling headaches, following a traumatic head injury.

This is a very specific type of custom collection in which crystals are placed on the body in a pattern for healing or other purposes.  When not in use, the crystals are typically placed in a bag/bowl and set aside until they are needed again.  Generally speaking, Laying on of Stones is most often request by people who want to use healing crystals to treat physical problems.

It is NOT intended to be a replacement for regular healthcare, but rather a supplemental tool.

Each Laying on of Stone design is 100% unique and tailored to your unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Laying on of Stones is typically recommended for more experienced energy workers. However, they can be designed for someone completely new to crystal healing.

Crystal Mandalas

Medicine Wheel 3

The Crystal Mandala incorporates Christian, Buddhist, and Cherokee spiritual traditions.

This is a very specific type of  collection designed to be used during prayer, meditation, or other forms of spiritual work. The crystals are set up in a specific pattern – typically on the ground or at a table, while you are actively engaged in spiritual work. When it’s time to move on to more earthy affairs, the crystals are put away until the next time.  They may also be left in place if you have a designated alter space).

The purpose of these Crystal Mandalas is to guide your thoughts, prayers and spiritual energies in a specific direction. For example “world peace” or “oneness with God.”  It is possible to combine several different spiritual traditions into each mandala or to good deeper into a single spiritual tradition, for example a mandala for chakra work or a mandala for connection to Archangels. Each Crystal Mandala is 100% unique and takes into account your own spiritual beliefs and hopes.

Crystal Mandalas are typically used by more experienced energy workers.  However, they can be designed for someone who is new to crystal healing.  

This Crystal Grid was designed to protect a client's home and make it her own sanctuary.

This Crystal Grid was designed to protect a home and make it a peaceful sanctuary.

Crystal Grids

A collection of stones that are placed in a pattern around a space for a specific purpose. These stones are left in place, and may even be buried underground for safekeeping.  A large grid can encompass an entire house, building, or large garden. While a small grid might fit into a single room or small garden.  

Grids can be very complex or simple, depending on the situation and budget. Regardless of the size, grids are amazing and highly recommended for anyone who is sensitive to crystal energy!

Crystal Grids are typically used by more experienced energy workers.  However, they can be designed for someone who is new to crystal healing.

How Much Does It Cost? 


Every custom job will involve several stones and may include rare crystals.  Since each one is unique, it’s impossible to give a flat price.  Instead, I ask my clients to give me a budget to work with and I choose the stones accordingly. Depending on your budget, I might pick a simple Rose Quartz or I might choose a rare Star Ruby. A smaller budget requires me to make more careful choices, since I need to stay within your price range. A larger budget gives me more freedom to pick whatever stone is the best fit overall. A larger budget also means that I can choose more stones!

While the budget itself is ultimately up to you, here’s a baseline to work from:

Simple Crystal Medicine Bags: Typically starts at $125.  The most common budget is between $125-$200

All Other Custom Collections: Typically starts at $175.  Most Crystal Spells, Laying on of Stones, and Mandalas are given a budget between $200-$300.  A small Crystal Grid may be as low as $175, while a larger grid can easily be $1000+

The Final Price is determined by the regular price of the stones + $5 per stone.  Simple Crystal Medicine Bags have an additional fee of $35 for my time and expertise.  All other collections have an additional fee of $100, since they each require a unique design and instructions.    

With every Custom job, I truly give it my full attention, wanting it to be as deep, meaningful, accurate and helpful as possible. Even the simplest Crystal Medicine Bag takes at least two hours of mentally-intensive work to complete.  The larger and more complex the job, the longer it takes for me to design.  Most custom projects take between 1/2 a day to a full day of work to complete.

Can I see an example?

Custom collections tend to be very personal and so I keep them private.  However, if you want to get a sense of my choices and the care I take, please go to my Facebook page.  Every month, I hold a “Feel Loved” Crystal Giveaway.  The winners are showcased during the middle of each month, usually three at a time.  Each one comes with a story and a photo.  Go read a few of those and it should give you a good sense of me and the type of energy I bring to my custom jobs.

The Crystal Intuitive Behind These Custom Collections

Julie 2My name is Julie and I’ve been a practicing crystal intuitive and reader for over a decade. One of my gifts is to feel how the energies of each individual stone interacts with other stones, and to select the right stones for a specific situation.  Your situation can be as vague as “financial abundance” or as specific as anything that starts with, “Its a long story, but it all started when…”

I personally put each collection together and examine each and every stone so that only the most beautiful are used for these custom crystal collections. .

When choosing stones, I focus on proactive energies. I don’t believe that simply buying a rock will solve your problems. Instead, I know that consciously choosing a new reality, and having a physical talisman to reflect that choice is an incredibly powerful statement. Its a way of standing in your own power and asking the entire universe to support you.

I’d be delighted to help create something special just for you!

Let’s Get Started!

Send me a message and tell me what you what’s going on in your world and what kind of a custom collection you’re interested in. Simple as that! I’ll be in touch within a day or two and we’ll work out the details together.

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