Dragon’s Blood Jasper Spiritual Healing Properties

Dragon’s Blood Jasper has a distinctly mature vibration that deftly balances sensibility with bravery.  It helps us to quickly understand complex situations and respond to them appropriately.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper invites us to be strong as well as gentle and it pushes us to act with deliberate intent in all aspects of our lives.  In particular, it encourages us to be more conscious of our true impact.  It reminds us that when we channel our energy and time appropriately, we are immensely powerful beings.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper helps us to “grow up” in our spiritual and earthly lives and be capable of taking on more personal responsibility.  Likewise, it encourage us to give other people the freedom to walk their own paths without interference.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper asks us to focus on what’s truly important for our happiness and growth.  It helps us to put our knowledge into action and to live our faith in our everyday lives.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper is attuned to the Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.  It is connected to the Element of Earth and vibrates to the number 6 and 9.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper Emotional Healing Properties

Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a wonderful stone to work with when we are trying to understand and change our relationships with other people.  It is especially useful when working through parent and adult-children dynamics.  It helps us to release old beliefs and habits that may have worked or been true at one time, but are no longer applicable.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper is also great for exploring patterns in our romantic relationships.  It helps us to analyze behavioral patterns and determine whether or not they are healthy.  It encourages us to be logical and capable of change.  It also helps us to to avoid over-personalizing and getting trapped in our own emotional loops.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper helps us to release unnecessary guilt and shame as well as any tendencies towards either avoiding responsibility or taking on too much responsibility.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper shows us the correct balance and pushes us to create healthy boundaries. Dragon’s Blood Jasper reminds us that real love magnifies what is good and allows us space to grow.  Real love doesn’t reduce us or leave us feeling stuck.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper Mental Healing Properties

Dragon’s Blood Jasper encourages us to live with honor and integrity.  It pushes us to “walk the talk” and to closely examine our habits and routines to ensure we are living the way we wish to.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper encourages us to have high standards while at the same time releasing perfectionism.  It reminds us that there is no need to punish ourselves for being human, rather than a perfect robot or divine being.  We will have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad, and that’s normal.  Likewise, not every moment in life will be exciting and it’s important to value the practical mundane moments too, because they keep our life running smoothly.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper helps us to stay in balance and keep a good perspective.  It helps us feel grounded and at peace in our mind.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper encourages us to be diligent and finish the tasks that we set out to do.  It release both fears of failure and fears of success, replacing them with a steady journey towards excellence.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper Physical Healing Properties

Dragon’s Blood Jasper is recommended when we need to look at our physical and mental routines and healthcare needs pragmatically and courageously.  It encourages us to have good habits, to follow sensible advice and to be willing to change when needed.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper reminds us to look at healing holistically and not to sacrifice one aspect of ourselves in favor of another.  Our physical and mental health are both equally important and deserving of proper care.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper is an excellent talisman for primary care physicians and alternative healers who need to look at the entire patient, rather than narrowing down on one aspect and ignoring the rest.