Dravite Tourmaline Spiritual Healing Properties

Dravite Tourmaline has a wise and kind energy that can inspire deep personal healing as well as profound community healing. Dravite Tourmaline connects us to the peace of the Earth. It gives us strength, stamina, persistence and courage so we can do great work. Dravite Tourmaline invites us to become our Higher Self and to grow up into the Light. It helps us to explore our shadows sides and to come to terms with any pain or shame we may be hiding from. As we heal our own heart, it also invites us to care more about our community and the world. Dravite Tourmaline shows us how we can be a Helper that other people can look to during times of trouble. Dravite Tourmaline is also wonderful crystal to add to gardens to help plants grow and thrive. Dravite Tourmaline is attuned to the Root and Heart Chakras, and linked to Aries. It is connected to the element Earth and Storm and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 9

Dravite Tourmaline Emotional Healing Properties

Dravite Tourmaline strengthens empathy and encourages us to do the hard work to solve our own problems. It is an excellent stone to work with when fighting with family or suffering during a family estrangement. Dravite Tourmaline helps us to see other people’s perspectives without compromising our own boundaries and integrity. It also helps us to face the parts of ourselves or our past which seem unlovable or unforgiveable. Dravite Tourmaline gently nurtures self-compassion and healing after trauma. If we have become emotionally numb, Dravite Tourmaline helps us to feel again. It calmly grounds us if we have the urge to deny, panic, or run away. It reminds us that healing is possible, but it requires us to accept reality, take on the correct responsibility, and do what needs to be done. Thankfully, Dravite Tourmaline energy can also help us to see the humor in terrible moments and to stay hopeful and heart-centered when all seems lost. It is an ally in the dark times that leads us back to the Light.

Dravite Tourmaline Mental Healing Properties

Dravite Tourmaline is a wonderful teacher for pragmaticism and compassion. It helps us to recognize negative patterns and issues and to find simple and creative solutions. Dravite Tourmaline helps us to calmly review the situation, without fear or denial. It pushes us to ask ourselves what needs to be released or resolved so that everyone can move forward and new growth can occur. Dravite Tourmaline helps us to make tough choices and do difficult things when it is necessary. It releases anxiety and helps us to feel competent and capable. It is a powerful crystal for community-minded individuals who want to improve or save the world.

Dravite Tourmaline Physical Healing Properties

Dravite Tourmaline is recommended for anyone who needs to release addictions or stop self-harming. It encourages us to face the emotions and situations which are driving the negative behaviors. Dravite Tourmaline encourages us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and to face our fears rather than run away or numb ourselves. Dravite Tourmaline is a wonderful talisman for problems associated with the intestines and elimination system, including Chrone’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is also a good reminder that no matter the situation, laughter is good medicine.