Earth to Pocket

Moonrise Crystals’ Earth to Pocket mission is about knowing where your crystals came from and caring about the social and environmental impact of their trade. Those of us who love healing crystals typically profess high ideals associated with Peace, Love, Freedom, Truth, and Justice. Yet all too often we buy from businesses that do not care about the environmental and social impacts of the mining industry. Instead we buy with our eyes closed and use running water, sage, and reiki to “cleanse the energy” of our crystals.

What if you could buy crystals that already had clean energy?    

Inspired by the “Seed to Plate” and “Farm to Table” organic/locavore food movements, the Earth To Pocket mission seeks to bring a great consciousness to the link between the mining industry and the consumer public. All tumbled crystals sold here were bought directly from mine owners and gemstone tumblers who can verify the origin of their products and provide some details about the conditions under which they were mined.

In the healing crystal world there is no equivalent to the Fair Trade or Organic seals which help consumers shop wisely. In fact, as a whole the gemstone and mineral industry is remarkably vague about stone origins and mining conditions.  Moonrise Crystals is actively seeking business relationships with mines who conduct their operations with integrity and sensitivity. 

The principal buyer for Moonrise Crystals, is owner and crystal intuitive, Julie. Initial purchases are typically made at major gem shows – most notably the annual Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show, which is the largest and most important gem expo on the planet.  At large gem shows,  buyers can meet the mine owners and tumblers in person.  Very few mines/tumblers have an online presence, so usually the only way to discover them and build relationships is by shaking hands and asking questions in person.

Whenever possible Julie personally hand-selects individual stones. However, most tumbled stones can only be purchased in prepackaged one pound/kilo bags, which are sorted by the tumbler according to grade. At such times, the highest grade offered is always purchased – and each bag is thoroughly scrutinized before being chosen! Later on, the bulk bags are sorted by Julie so that Moonrise Crystals’ customers received the very best and most beautiful ones.  Any stones that don’t meet standards, are set aside completely.

Moonrise Crystals currently has direct relationships with phenomenal mines in Madagascar, Peru, South Africa, and the United States whose practices are in alignment with our Earth to Pocket mission. Moonrise Crystals also has direct relationships with fantastic gemstone tumblers in Germany, Hong Kong, India, and the United States.  This website currently provides the provenance for each crystal, including country of origin and occasionally the specific mine. You can find this information under the “Earth to Pocket” tab on each product page.

When you purchase healing stones from Moonrise Crystals, you can buy with confidence, knowing that your desire for a happier, healthier and more inspired life is not bought at the expense of someone else. Together we can build a more beautiful and conscious world. Together, let’s take care of our Mother Earth and treat her treasures and children with respect and love.