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Are your healing stones harming others?

When you buy a healing crystal, you are the final link in a mysterious global supply chain.

Clean energy requires clean sourcing.

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Ethical Sourcing Matters

Healing Crystals are beautiful gifts from Mother Nature. They are also products of the mining industry. Not all mines are created equal.


Most healing crystal stores don't know where their crystals come from.

A few healing crystal stores claim to be ethical because they have "trusted sources".

Only one healing crystal store is taking ethical sourcing seriously.


Tracking healing crystals Earth to Pocket requires deep research, hard conversations, and the courage to challenge the status quo of a multi-billion dollar industry.


It would be much easier to sell energy healing without giving it much thought.


It would be easier for you to buy healing crystals without giving it much thought.


But take a moment and think about it.


Is smudging a crystal really enough to "clean the energy"?  Does a little sage and a prayer magically erase the reality of poisoned rivers, black lung, and child labor?

Authentic Spiritual Alignment requires a deep grounding in Reality


Moonrise Crystals tracks every stone

Earth to Pocket

Learn about the mining and factory conditions.

Discover how many times the crystal changed hands.

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