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You may have heard of EMFs and been told that crystals can protect you.  But what is an EMF and should we be worried about it?  Is this a case of pseudoscience and conspiracy theory?  Or is EMF protection something real that we might want to consider?

As the owner of Moonrise Crystals, I’ve received many emails over the years asking for advice about which crystal should be placed on a microwave, TV or cellphone and about how to use crystals to guard against EMFs at home or at work.  Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of misinformation on the topic which in turn generates confusion and fear.  Crystal sellers have a vested interest in promoting their products and there are logical reasons for why many people jump to specific conclusions.  EMFs are invisible scientifically-measured energies while crystals have invisible spiritually-felt energies.  The conclusion is that surely the latter can combat the former.  Before we delve into the spiritual side of the question, let’s first take a deep dive into the science.  If we understand what an EMF actually is, we can then decide whether or not we want to use crystals as protection.

What is an EMF?

EMF is the acronym for Electromagnetic Fields.  These are the invisible energy fields that are more often known as radiation.  They can be natural, for example, lightning creates an awe-inspiring EMF.  Or they can be man-made, from any object that uses electricity.  In each case, the radiation is created at a source, travels through a medium such as air, and then is absorbed by matter.  Literally everything can absorb radiation.  However, usually when the topic comes up, we are concerned about the affect of radiation on humans, our animal companions, and in our daily environment.

Prior to the 20th century, the only time most humans noticed EMFs was during lightning storms.  But EMFs have always been are all around us, beneath our feet in the soil, above our heads from cosmic rays, and inside of us too in the form of Potassium 40, Carbon 14, and Radium 226.[1]  The majority of natural radiation that is absorbed into our bodies comes from breathing and eating.  Amusingly, scientists literally use a banana as a unit of measurement for radiation, one banana = 0.01 mrems.[2]  In the modern world, we are also surrounded by man-made EMFs from countless machines.  While we rely heavily on these machines for own comfort, few of us have more than a rudimentary understanding of how they work.  It’s a holy miracle – flip a switch on a wall – LET THERE BE LIGHT! There is truth to the sentiment that the science we don’t understand looks a whole lot like magic.

Lightning crystals and emf Protection

In the 21st century, many of us routinely walk around with a cellphone in our pocket containing all the knowledge (and misinformation) in the world and we live in rooms filled with electronic devices.  Words like “5G” are proudly announced by cellphone companies to promote their products, while skeptics swear that all this connectivity is causing cancer.[3]  It can feel very confusing, and sometimes when we aren’t sure about what is fact and what is fiction, we get scared.  We want to know do we need EMF protection or not?

The idea that we can just protect ourselves by buying a pretty crystal can be appealing.  It’s easy.  It’s undeniably natural.  Plus – it doesn’t require much thought.  The “good energy” of crystals will protect us from the “bad energy” of EMFs.  We don’t have to make any sacrifices, like giving up our technology.  For only a few dollars, we can buy EMF protection and peace-of-mind.  At Moonrise Crystals, I strongly advocate for deep thinking.  It’s good for us.  It’s good for our world.  Before we move on to the pretty crystals, let’s continue to look at the science a little bit closer.

How is EMF exposure measured?

EMFs are divided into two main categories based on whether or not the radiation level is high enough to ionize atoms.  To ionize means to literally move electrons around.  An electron is a sub-atomic particle that is the primary carrier of electricity in solid objects.  When an atom is exposed to ionic radiation, it can lose its electrons or receive new ones.  Based on how many electrons an atom has, it can have an enormous impact on chemical and physical properties.

For example, sodium chloride (table salt) will safely dissolve when put into water.  By contrast, if pure sodium (a metal) is put into water, it bursts into flames.  This is because there is a chemical reaction happening on a subatomic level.  An electron is being taken from the sodium atoms and given to the hydrogen atoms in the water.  The hydrogen with the new electron is now lighter and changes from a liquid to a gas and begins to rise into the air.  When the hydrogen gas touches the oxygen in the air – BOOM![4]  This is a natural ionic reaction.

When humans purposefully manipulate matter on an atomic level, it can have enormous impact. What makes an atomic bomb so different from a conventional bomb is not just its blast radius, but also that the atomic explosion releases large amounts of radioactive elements and ionizing radiation into everything in the surrounding area.  Too much radiation can cause cancer.  Yet, targeted radiation (chemotherapy) can also cure cancer.  Manipulating atomic energies is a strange new discovery and we are still learning how to use it properly.

But, not all EMFs are capable of manipulating atomic energies.  The various man-made devices that create EMFs are not equally dangerous.[5]

Ionic High Frequency EMFs include X-rays and gamma rays used in hospitals and factories. These fall within the ionized radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  With enough exposure, this type of EMF will damage the body.  That’s why the dentist puts that heavy lead apron on you and then hides behind a wall, before taking x-rays of your teeth.  Most of us don’t get exposed to High Frequency EMFs very often.

  • High Frequency EMFs are measured by exohertz.  If a single hertz is compared to $1, than an exohertz is the equivalent of 1 quintillion or $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.  There’s a lot of power in a high frequency EMF!
Dental Xray crystals and emf protection

Non-ionic Low-Frequency EMFs include powerlines, radios, microwaves, cellphones, and other electronic devices you might have in your home.  They constantly surround us, but luckily they are part of the non-ionized radiation spectrum.  This means that it is physically impossible for the radiation to mess with us on an atomic level.

  • Low Frequency EMFs are measured from hertz to gigahertz.  To compare that to money, $1 to $1 billion.  A billion is a lot, but it’s not nearly as outrageously large as a quintillion.
  • The lowest EMF levels are emitted by powerlines.  They are measured just in hertz.
  • The mid-range devices include TVs, computers, and radios.  They measure in megahertz, a measurement similar to $1 million.
  • The high-range devices are Wi-Fi towers, microwaves, and electronic devices that aren’t plugged into anything: cellphones and cordless phones, laptops, tablets, and remote controls.  They are measured in gigahertz, similar to $1 billion.
    • Take a moment and reflect on the fact that the remote control has more EMFs than the TV.  Press a button, the moving picture changes.  It’s practically magic and we barely even notice!

Microwaves and cellphones tend to be the two devices that people are most likely to ask about for EMF protection.  It’s true that both of them are on the higher end of the non-ionized radiation spectrum.  Microwaves are machines that are meant to produce radiation – they literally heat food and liquid by making water molecules vibrate.  This is still a non-ionized form of radiation.  Moreover, the highest level of radiation is happening INSIDE the microwave.  These machines are shielded so that on the outside of the microwave, the radiation levels are much lower.[6]  As for cellphones, the concern isn’t so much the level of radiation, but rather how close it is to our body.  When talking on a phone, it’s right next to our brain.  When carrying a phone around, it’s often kept close to our reproductive organs.  The head and genitals are two areas of the body that people tend to be more protective of and sometimes get weird about.

EMF Pollution and Sensitivity

Since the 1970s, scientists have been studying the possible medical effects of EMF pollution from all our electronic devices.  Studies showed a weak association between EMFs and childhood Leukemia.[7] For scientists, even a weak association is still notable and requires further study before any conclusive decisions can be made.  The idea that we need EMF protection is something that scientists have been considering seriously for decades.

One of the more recent studies focused on the possible danger from cellphones.  The National Toxicology Program, a subdivision of the US National Institute of Health, conducted toxicology studies of the effects of cellphone radiation on rats and mice to help clarify potential risks.[8]  Like any scientific test, the results must be studied in context.  Let’s examine the recent test:

  • Did some of the male rats in the test develop tumors? Yes.
  • Were the rats exposed to cellphone radiation for 9 hours a day, in 10 minute intervals, for 18 straight hours, in a reverberation chamber? Also yes.
  • Does this kind of test provide valuable scientific information? Yes.
  • Does this test mimic the normal cellphone use of the average person and prove that phones will give us cancer? No. 

Science is a constantly evolving study that rarely gives simple answers.

It is true however that some of us have Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMH).  This is a medical condition in which being around electronic devices too much causes a variety of symptoms such as sleep disorders, mood disorders, memory loss, headaches, tinnitus, or burning muscle pain.[9]  Most people who have EMH are self-diagnosed so it remains a contested diagnosis in the scientific community.  It is complicated by the fact that people report so many different symptoms and that the devices that are blamed don’t emit similar radiation levels.  As seen above, there’s a big difference between a powerline and a microwave.  Treatments for EMH typically focus on treating the symptoms, limiting exposure to electronic devices, and encouraging the patient to spend more time in nature .  In the most serious cases, people with EMH have be forced to flee modern society and live in a rural area without electricity.  In a few cases, people have even successfully sued for disability or other compensations due to EMH.[10, 11]  Having to endure debilitating pain is bad enough, but it is made worse when the pain is ridiculed as a phobia.  Bear in mind, EMH is recognized by the World Health Organization.[12]

A Spiritual Perspective on EMFs

It is fair to say that some of us are more sensitive to energies in general, be they physical or spiritual.

We sensitive folk tend to do better if we are in nature regularly rather than cooped up in civilization.  We also do better when we bring nature into our daily environment, such as potted plants, flowers, wooden furniture and floors, as well as rocks and crystals.  Some crystal healers recommend placing crystals by devices that produce EMFs to protect us from even low-level frequencies. Phones, tablets, laptops, and remote controls tend to wander so the usual method is to tape a crystal to them or place a crystal by their power source.  Other devices like microwaves and Wi-Fi towers stay in one place and a crystal can be placed on top of them.  There is no scientific proof that crystals are effective EMF protection.  There is plenty of scientific evidence, however, in the power of belief.  If it makes you feel better, then there’s no harm in doing it.

As the owner of Moonrise Crystals, what do I do for EMF protection?  Honestly, not too much.  Personally, I thrill to lightning storms and I love the way the EMF crackles against my skin.  I’m thankful that my sensitivity allows me to enjoy electricity, without being overwhelmed by it.  I make it a priority to spend time in nature each day and I love to run around barefoot on the good earth.  I do keep a beautiful Rainbow Fluorite sculpture next to my computer.  Fluorite is one of the healing crystals that is often recommended to protect us from EMFs.  However, my reasoning for keeping it nearby is that it’s my talisman for staying focused and organized!

Crystals for EMF protection

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