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Feel Loved Crystals

Feel Loved Crystals are healing stones that have been given away, rather than purchased. These gorgeous tumbled stones are carefully selected from Moonrise Crystals’ regular stock and sent worldwide as random acts of kindness. Feel Loved Crystals are also a fun way to learn more about healing stones!

Customers and visitors just like you nominate their loved ones to receive these stones. They arrive as a small unexpected gift, wrapped in kind words and the knowledge that other people see and support us. Because when people feel loved, every good thing becomes more possible.

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Do you want to nominate someone for a Feel Loved Crystal?  The only rule is that you can't nominate yourself - it has to be someone you care about.  They can be struggling and need support or they can be someone who's awesome that you'd like to celebrate.


She's not hiding anymore.  She's taking a stand, making some changes and speaking up about it.  She's showing other people that they can do the same. For years she suffered from depression and bipolar disorder.  She hid it, downplayed it, pretended it wasn't a real problem, and believed life couldn't be any different.  Until one...

Pink Aventurine

She's determined to thrive and succeed no matter what happens.  So what if she's got cancer, she's a warrior and she knows she'll beat it.  So what if her hair falls out, it will grow back stronger and prettier than before.  She refuses to let the illness affect her ability to work, her relationships or...


Her mom works hard to manage their finances, keep their medical insurance active and make sure they both have the medication they need to survive.  Sometimes it's a hard life, but she's got three dogs for company and sings with the church choir.  It's enough to keep her going, day after day.  She's making do. ...


Her family describes her as an angel on earth.  She simply shines with love.  People suffering from terrible afflictions like depression and addiction, lean in towards her, finding relief and healing in her presence. How many friends has she met in that way? How many lives has she changed for the better?  She simply helps...
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