Feel Loved Crystals



Stories and Random Acts of Kindness

Healing Crystals to support and celebrate real people around the globe

Feel Loved Crystals are given away weekly.  Get a glimpse into someone's else life.  See them through the eyes of someone who loves them.        

This is a unique way to learn about healing crystal energy and cultivate compassion.  May you always feel loved. ♥

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love letter

Red Coral

The Story Behind Today’s Gift Jessica is an army medic veteran who joined ranks with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock this…

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Mary Ellen Stromatolite

The Story Behind Today’s Gift James happily retired this past fall. He was looking forward to finally having time to do all…

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Nominate Someone You Love

Nominate someone who deserves to be celebrated or who needs extra support. Everyone nomiated will receieve a special healing crystal chosen just for them.

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