Feel Loved Crystals



True Stories & Random Acts of Kindness

Feel Loved Crystals are gifts from Julie to strangers around the world.

Each person was nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Sometimes real life is messy.  Compassion and Healing Crystals can help.

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This Week's Feel Loved Crystal:

Jaguar Stone

She has a loving heart, especially when it comes to animals. Her home is filled with dogs and cats as well as a snake, a bearded lizard, two frogs and six chickens. Like many teenage girls, she also loves horses. But while other girls can only dream, she actually gets to ride them, groom them and care for them on a regular basis. Her heart is lucky. She’s surrounded by love and gets to love so freely. Sometimes animals are easier than people. They are pure in their love and affection. If they don’t like someone or something, they’re upfront about it. If they need something, they communicate as clearly as they can. With animals, there’s no need for the guessing games that…

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She’s 13 years old and her Dad got engaged last year.  She’s glad her Dad is happy and thank goodness the fiancée…

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Indigo Gabbro

He’s trying so hard.  Money was tight, but they were getting by.  Then he lost his job unexpectedly. He’s middle-aged, high-school educated,…

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They’re in couples counseling right now.  They have a lot of battle scars that need to be healed.  She wants to save…

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She chose “compassion” as her 2019 word of the year.  It’s an interesting choice for someone who already gives so much compassion…

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He stopped drinking two years ago.  They had to do an intervention to make him see how bad it had gotten.  But…

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She knows how to love.  She loves as generously and as kindly as the sun, shining down on all beings without exception. …

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Ruby Zoisite

She could barely breath and thought she was having a severe asthma attack.  But when she arrived at the hospital, the doctors…

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Orange Calcite

She’s a genuinely lovely woman to be around!  She’s soft and caring, with an angelic presence.   She’s also silly and creative, always…

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She’s become curious about healing crystals.  Her daughter has a beautiful collection and often shares stories about all these amazing sensations and…

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Every night she meditates, trying to center herself more solidly and hoping to dissolve the stress that lurks inside her mind.  She…

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She works the night shift and she loves bats and crows, astrology and magic.  Her favorite color is black and she loves…

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Yellow Danburite

At first the shock and the noise of people kept the grief at bay.  Only a few weeks ago, on their 7th…

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Petrified Wood

He offered to watch his baby grand-nephew, so that both parents could work and make ends meet.  It seems like the right…

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Green Calcite

In a few days, she’ll be 23 years old.  She’s in nursing school and mother to a darling toddler.  She’s a natural-born…

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Chevron Amethyst

Everyone loves her and wants to support her.  But no one knows quite what to say or how to approach her. How…

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Red Tigers Eye

He’s just gotten used to going to school and now he’s moving.  He liked his kindergarten teacher! She’s really nice! What if…

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Bumblebee Jasper

At their lowest point, the family found themselves battling twin evils, domestic abuse and breast cancer.  So they moved into a domestic…

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Rhodonite Quartz

She’s a Mom for life, not just for 18 years.  She loves deeply and intensely, she’s the type of woman who always…

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She’s a Highland Princess and the earth sings her Heart Song.  She’s an empath who feels the pain of the planet itself,…

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Yellow Aventurine

Imagine what it’s like to be an empath, someone who is highly sensitive to the world around them and who picks up…

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Yellow Fluorite

He’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Everyday he wakes up, works hard, and tries to keep fear at bay. …

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Sedona Red Jasper

She’s finally pregnant! After years of struggling with fertility, hoping and trying, fearing and praying, she’s finally pregnant.  Modern medicine for the…

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She put everyone else first.  She works with women and children that have been sexually and physically abused.  She hates to see…

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Dendritic Agate

He’s working on his dreams.  He’s a full-time student studying sustainable agriculture and landscape design.  He’s also got a full-time job, with…

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She’s not feeling very easy in her mind, body or heart right now.  Her body is struggling with Leukemia.  She won the…

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They are raising the cutest little kiddo that Germany has ever seen.  Their baby is one year old and every day is…

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Ruby Iolite

She’s engaged to a wonderful man!  But unfortunately, her little boy does not approve.  He’s 5 years old and he wants his…

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She doesn’t show the world that she’s scared and sick with grief.  She works hard to appear happy and pretends it’s all…

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Pink Petrified Wood

She takes her children into the forest everyday so they can play in the dappled sunlight.  Nature is their teacher, she is…

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Tiger Iron

He has always tried to be a dutiful son, as well as a good husband and father.  His heart is in the…

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Her spirit is thirsty for more depth and breadth of meaning.  So she’s sought out new spiritual teachers who can guide her…

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Whiskey Quartz

They’ve always had a special bond, she’s her daddy’s wild child.  Unlike her five siblings, she could drink a beer and get…

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Peach Moonstone

She’s 21 and ready for a fresh start.  She’s moved to a new state and gotten a new job.  She’s hoping to…

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