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Feel Loved Crystals



True Stories & Random Acts of Kindness

Feel Loved Crystals are gifts from Julie to strangers around the world.

Each person was nominated by someone who loves them very much.

Sometimes real life is messy.  Compassion and Healing Crystals can help.

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This Weeks Feel Loved Crystal:

Hawks Eye

They been in love for over 15 years.  They’ve spent that time chasing dreams, exploring their passions and pushing themselves in their schooling and work.  They’ve built themselves up and they’ve done everything right, as best they know how.  They are all grown-up and want to get married.  Their greatest wish is to spend their lives together, heart-to-heart forever and always.  Together they can do so much good for themselves and for the world. But it’s not that simple. They come from a culture that values arranged marriages, rather than love matches.  They want their love to be seen as worthy and to receive their families’ blessings.  They want to feel the warmth of their families’ pride and support.  They don’t know what…

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Nominate Someone You Love

Nominate someone who deserves to be celebrated or who needs extra support. Everyone nomiated will receive a special healing crystal chosen just for them.

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She’s a Highland Princess and the earth sings her Heart Song.  She’s an empath who feels the pain of the planet itself,…

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Yellow Aventurine

Imagine what it’s like to be an empath, someone who is highly sensitive to the world around them and who picks up…

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Yellow Fluorite

He’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Everyday he wakes up, works hard, and tries to keep fear at bay. …

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Sedona Red Jasper

She’s finally pregnant! After years of struggling with fertility, hoping and trying, fearing and praying, she’s finally pregnant.  Modern medicine for the…

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She put everyone else first.  She works with women and children that have been sexually and physically abused.  She hates to see…

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Dendritic Agate

He’s working on his dreams.  He’s a full-time student studying sustainable agriculture and landscape design.  He’s also got a full-time job, with…

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She’s not feeling very easy in her mind, body or heart right now.  Her body is struggling with Leukemia.  She won the…

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They are raising the cutest little kiddo that Germany has ever seen.  Their baby is one year old and every day is…

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Ruby Iolite

She’s engaged to a wonderful man!  But unfortunately, her little boy does not approve.  He’s 5 years old and he wants his…

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She doesn’t show the world that she’s scared and sick with grief.  She works hard to appear happy and pretends it’s all…

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Pink Petrified Wood

She takes her children into the forest everyday so they can play in the dappled sunlight.  Nature is their teacher, she is…

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Tiger Iron

He has always tried to be a dutiful son, as well as a good husband and father.  His heart is in the…

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Her spirit is thirsty for more depth and breadth of meaning.  So she’s sought out new spiritual teachers who can guide her…

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Whiskey Quartz

They’ve always had a special bond, she’s her daddy’s wild child.  Unlike her five siblings, she could drink a beer and get…

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Peach Moonstone

She’s 21 and ready for a fresh start.  She’s moved to a new state and gotten a new job.  She’s hoping to…

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Black Obsidian

The Story Behind Today’s Gift Her family told her to stay small.  She was “too much” for them, so they kept asking…

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The Story Behind Today’s Gift A friend called her up and told her what’s been happening.  Is there any sound sadder than…

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Green Turquoise

The Story Behind Today’s Gift She’s the best kind of grandma!  She’s sweet and supportive, and always ready for fun.  She loves…

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The Story Behind Today’s Gift She’s a talent herbalist and a heart-based online entrepreneur.  She’s a member of Herbalists Without Borders and…

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Rainforest Jasper

The Story Behind Today’s Gift Agent Little Joe and his sister Big Jesse are good dogs!  They have their very own Facebook…

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She’s got boundless curiosity and enjoys helping others.  So when someone crosses her path with a question or problem, she indulges in…

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Her name means “Bright Light” and she knows how to love unconditionally.  She’s patient and sweet, but also strong and unconquerable.  She’s…

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She’s turning 30 next month and her self-esteem has been taking a hit.  She’s not in the place she’d thought she’d be…

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Apricot Agate

She makes the universe a better place on a daily basis.  She’s like a big bright ray of pure sunshine.  Her vibrant…

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Tree Agate

She’s a sweet soul burdened by a hard past.  Her immune system isn’t very strong so she’s often sick and worried about…

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She bounced into his life like a bright ray of sunshine after a lifetime of cloudy days.  She has this amazing smile…

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She’s remarkably resilient.  She can handle stress longer and more gracefully than most people can.  When she was growing up, they told her…

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Pink Opal

Every day they are become more true to themselves. They are finding the right language to express who they are and the…

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She’s a healer, a reiki master and a reader of the Akashic records. She’s a champion of Light and constantly giving good…

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More than anything in the world, they want a child. The nursery is painted and they’ve stockpiled homemade blankets, clothes and toys.…

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Golden Calcite

She’s always smiling, always radiating Light out into the world. She’s one of those people who seems to have endless amounts of…

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Hessonite Garnet

She’s asking herself some hard questions. She’s been told that families are forever and that she’s suppose to love, honor and be…

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She’s a channel between this world and the next one. She doesn’t talk about it very much, since people aren’t always accepting…

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